Mel, from How I Cured Morgellons hosts a conference call once a month, last month was the first call. It was pretty cool I must say. Mel has been kind of enough to ask me to be an official guest on the call so I will be speaking until he shuts the microphone off on me 😉 he he. I will be on at the start of the call and am preparing even now regarding what I want to say. I am honored Mel has asked me to be a guest. I will post a reminder as well.

The call will be Thursday, November 19th and will start @ 9:45 AM pacific; 12:45 PM eastern and run for about two and a half hours. It will give all of you a chance to ask questions of myself and all guest speakers, and of course Mel will be there too and he is very knowledgeable.

1) Dial 1 712 432-3100
2) Enter the code; 388191
3) To asked a question hit 5*
4) To mute out after your questions is answered 4*

Mr. Common Sense


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