I debated whether or not to share this but did my initial impression thus far is this is a site to watch. Please, if you find theories about Morgellons scary then don’t watch the video. By sharing this information I am not saying I agree with their theory and I don’t know what they recommend as treatment either. They are also selling a book which I might decide to buy. I think the name of the site probably does more harm than good to their cause however.



Like I said this site is new to me, I was looking it over today and after some consideration decided to to share it with our readers. In the Morgellons world it’s always good to be skeptical.

The Site is http://nanotransformation.com/

NOTE:  The one thing I don’t like about this site is that they charge $95 dollar for sessions. Still, people have a right to be rewarded for their work, and perhaps they are working with researchers that are giving part of their intellectual property away. So let’s not write them off, I think the video above is well worth watching.


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  1. When I was at the beach for 9 days back in Oct, laying out REALLY helped, more than spending hours and hours in the ocean (salt water). I with I had an extra week b/c I was feeling better. I think UV really helps… but then again, I have extreme reservations about going to the tanning salon for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for posting this. I think this is very interesting. The fact that they’re selling this info is matter of another discussion. And what also does not help is the fact that this guy looks and is dressed like a Hawaiian surfer dude LOL. But what’s coming out of his mouth is another matter. He’s very clearly spoken and at least from ears of the M community, he sounds legit. I think to us “seasoned morg veterans”, what he’s saying doesn’t really shock us – by now, we’re all familiar with the topic of mites, collembola, agrobacteria/gmo, and biofilm; instead, we just want them to be correct. I wonder if this book spells out a cure…

    The other thing I kept thinking was, is this person someone who’s once had M and gotten over it or he’s a very understanding fella that despite what the rest of the medical field thinks of us, he and his colleagues are researching… or is he another Tampa Paul (hope not)?


    • Hi,

      i will take the surfer-dude thing as a compliment. A change of lifestyle has done wonders for me. ; -) I am a person recovered from a serious morgs issue. Please see the article on our site called “our vector point.” My whole staff and family got these things. Do we dish out a cure with the book? We provide protocols that worked for us, as well as our contacts with professionals (including Staninger) that we found useful while cutting through the heaps of useless stuff.

  2. I get the feeling he is one that had it and is now better. I have to say, what he presents in the Video is really in-tune with what is going on in the Morgellons condition. Now, based on what he said, I think I need to talk more about the Sun (which I always try to get out in) and the FIR (Far Infrared Pad) I bought from Dr. Hildegard Staninger. I was using it quite a bit when I got better (but discounted it). Maybe there is more too it. These guys talk about FIR and sunlight as being fundamental to recovery. But please everybody, dont jump to conclusions and run out and buy a ton of stuff just yet.

    I agree, the video is good, he could have presented himself a little more professional but who cares about that, the medical community does that all the time and speaks in double tongue’s. I did like what he said about bird mites, if you lump all these groups out there chasing their tails there’s a heck of a lot of sufferers. I promise you all if I get the cure just right it will be free and posted right here.

    I’m going to re-double my FIR treatments and do a few other things and see if I can reach total cure, more to come.

  3. sistertocommonsense said:

    People seem to also get better swimming in Salt water pools and getting outside. The biggest problem is people isolating.
    We have a family of 3 African Americans in Texas with this, they say that they always feel better when they get out of the house with friends, into the sunshine and fresh air.
    That’s why it is crucial not to isolate. I have been around so many of these sufferers and I don’t have this, nor do I fear it.
    Many people seem to get better with after a good Far infared Sauna.
    I also think that since people don’t get enough touch in their lives, they need a good massage if they can afford it. It decreases the lactic acid stores in the body and being touched is very healing.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • The isolation can actually kill someone, because that isolation is usually coupled with a bad diet and worse . . . a lack of sunlight and UV exposure. the downward spiral begins with that. Many body workers are backing away from clients who have lesions and even red (or white) dots on their body, because word is getting out about this affliction. This does not stop all workers from touching Morgellons patients. Most avoid it. In fact, I have a friend (Dr. Brent) who owns Floralive.com. He will not allow a Morgellons patient into his office. I think this is because there is a great deal of confusion about how this mycoplasm-vifungeria is vectored. One does not have to pick up strongyloides or nematodes to get infected, and one does not have to have mites. Our belief is that it can be vectored from a single bite of any spider or hexapod, including no-seeums- which are impossible to avoid. An example of this is how the military used the “sand mite” as a vector for the Gulf War syndrome. This is of course a much larger topic. This is vector born through most creepy crawlies, in our opinion. the natural barriers and buffers have been broken. My point here is that the mycoplasma is not directly communicable so easily. (Like giving massage to an aids patient.) But during micro-myiasis, it is potentially contagious with a single bite. Once bitten, one will only display symptoms if there is a thresh-hold number of mycoplasma types in the blood. The “activators” of this mycoplasma may be slightly different for everyone. Once myiasis has been activated, the degenerative process has been triggered, and this process takes place “underneath” the immune system.

  4. Hi Mr CS and All,
    I’m really glad you posted this. It didn’t freak me out, it fascinated me! Just spent some time cruising around their site and am very curious about the book.

    So the other day I had spent some time formulating a response to something on Mundane Approach and I never did send it afterall. But some of what I just read on NanoT really echoed some of my own theories (though frankly my scientific understanding is zero, and my theories are always on a really uneducated level.) So I really thought they may have something. I need to read a lot more there, and also need to have a better understanding of some basics.
    I guess they are saying this is a hybrid bacteria-fungus-virus gmo thing delivered by nematodes, and they say it no longer is travelling vertically, but laterally. Don’t quite get that part.

    “It was not affecting anyone else in the other apartments, because our current theory is that it will only affect those who have sufficient mutated-microplasm (modified GMO agrobacterium) in the blood stream.”
    Interesting: I had written the other evening that I thought it possible that if this is a virus (back to the chicken pox idea or analogy), what if everyone has been exposed to it, but then we only come down with symtpoms after contact with something. Not exactly what they are saying above, but the thinking is similar somehow. Makes sense to me. To me this is the logical explanation for why some of us have experienced this as definitely contagious, some not sure and some say not contagious.

    Then they go on regarding pesticides:

    “This stuff did not work or do anything except toxify the environment. Of course NOW we know why. They were not any known pest. We believe that most bird mite sufferers are dealing with Super-Scabies or spring tails as well as Hexapods that most human beings are not supposed to know are present on the body. These super-mites and hair follicle mites become modified by the Agrobacterium infections and cause the body to become an “Insect Attractor” just like some fungus-bacteria combination in nature attracts and modifies the behaviors of insects to attract them.”

    Anyhow, the main guy, “R” I think, wrote at one point that this stuff no longer scares them, it’s simply what we have to know if we are going to survive in the world from now on. Yup. He also cites a book called the biology of belief. Don’t know what it’s about, but I’m intrigued.
    Thanks for bringing this to us, MCS! Now, who’s gonna get the book?

    By the way, they are hugely into cocunut oil and coconuts, and he says something about eating nuts/seeds. He says that if nuts have not been soaked, or even possibly some nuts which have been soaked, they shut down the thymus gland. Except for coconut, which is great for us inside and out. Now wouldn’t you know, just yesterday, I decided my family and i would all take a break from nuts for one week to see if it helps. Interesting when things confirm what you’re already thinking.

    • Susan, I agree. If you go to the “Morgellons TV” link on their site there are some excellent vide’s on their site. I can tell you after looking at some of the video’s I am even more pleased about finding their site (Also, you can see Nanotransformation has posted above). I think I am going to be sharing much more on my blog about the NanoTransformation site. I like that they are steering folks away from toxins and into more natural, healthy things. I am also intrigued with the sunlight/FIR aspects and am in agreement.

      It’s funny that they say there are no longer afraid of this, I reached that same point, and to be honest, it really helped my overall general health to lose that fear. I’ll be honest, I am full of optomism about the NanoTransformation site. And yes, I will definitely be purchasing the book.

  5. I feel optimism too. The psychological stuff we go through is major, of course, and I know there is a huge biochemical connection between our fear and our symptoms, and faith and health.
    Many times I have looked at those around me and felt self pity or envy because I know something they don’t know–something I don’t want to know! Now it seems we can move beyond the horror towards solutions. But I am sad for the many folks have yet to encounter this whole experience and will soon be in the midst of the horror and fear.
    Thanks to Mr CS and Nano Transformation for providing support to others!
    On another note, Did you see the pyramid “R” presented on how to return to health? He has a definite idea on the order of prioritization for attacking the problem at the level of skin, environment, etc. Not sure it agrees with what I was doing with regards to the environment. May be some answers there for some of the questions Kixx brought up the other day.

    • sistertocommonsense said:

      “The Biology of Belief” was written by a USC professor named Bruce Lipton. It speaks of how your thoughts and fears ect. can change your body. Positive emotions, thinking ect can promote wellness. The Illustruious AMA would have us believe that everything is Genetic, this includes Cancer and other diseases. Thus, perpetuating the use of Dangerous Chemotherapies and chemicals for over all health.
      I just spoke to a woman in Scotland with this over the weekend. In many countries there are no where near as many over the counter drugs, as seen in the US.
      Could it be that there is a very good reason for that.
      For every drug we take there are so many side effects and the US and FDA have allowed this to perpetuate. We are brain washed, take this pill, take that pill and you will get better.
      The side effects of many drugs in this country that are approved IMHO, are worse than the drugs that are perscribed every day all over the US.
      Personally when we made Penicillin a Chemical is where the problems started.
      Sister to Common Sense

      • siser, of course you are right about this pill-popping, fix me Dr.! mentality we have here.

        Ok, so I just read the newspaper article Mr. CS linked to about the woman in napa/sonoma area with Morg. The article and following comments are enough to make a person insane if they weren’t already!!! The most tragic aspect is that people aren’t taking responsibility for their own health. I’m not trying to blame the woman in the article–no doubt, she has been given the same run around as most. But here’s the quote that killed me:

        “They can’t help you if they don’t know what it is,” said Swanson, whose symptoms have puzzled a string of doctors since April 2008. “Most doctors just think you’re crazy, because that’s the closest thing.”

        It’s true! They can’t help you! Stop looking for help from them, please!
        I want this woman to find what she needs. But she’s looking in the wrong place.

  6. Thank u MR CS I really liked this website/ The only problem I am having is that I cant seem to log in to be thei member and purchase that book. Any help ? Thanks.

  7. I too believe that fear and self loathing is a detriment, see how I do tomorrow. There is life beyond the crawlies and biting (not without fighting!) Getting our heads wrapped around that is the biggest challenge of all.
    Swarming through the muck like every other sufferer brings hope.
    Hope is all we have beside each other and our faith.
    God Bless us all.

  8. Lamb, I like your point, “There is life beyond the crawlies and biting.. Getting our heads wrapped aorund that is the biggest challenge of all.” So True. Have you all noticed that this whole thing can make a person so self-absorbed? I mean, inspecting every freckle with the jewelers loop all day, staring at lint from the hair comb–how much more self-absorbed can a person be! But it seems that the people who say they have gotten better always say they reached a place of non-fear, or decided they weren’t contagious, or disassociated from the idea of Morgellons. The folks who have sort of gotten mostly beyond symptoms, Mr. CS, Mel, NanoTransformation, they are at a place of helping others now and are better because they did a good protocol , but also because I think they shifted their thinking fundamentally. I’m thinking that the switch from total self-absorption to the “life beyond the crawlies and biting” is major–that the effort to wrap one’s head around it (or pull one’s thoughts out of crazyness) is really the fundamental first step to healing. It’s a mental shift, a choice to see differently, that has to happen before healing can really begin.
    Another way to put it, is actually summed up in your last sentence, Lamb, and it’s biblical–what does Paul say about Faith, hope and love are all we have and the greatest of these is love? And when you are doing the faith, hope, love thing, you cannot do the fear thing at the same time.

    • Lamb and Susan, excellent comments. You know there was a point where I stopped being afraid, and I wasn’t better at that time, I was mad that Morgellons was consuming my life though. Turning the corner is a decision one makes in his/her mind like the song goes “I can’t stop loving him, I’ve made up my mind” (not I still feel it in my heart). I think both your comments above will provide comfort and open the possibilites to all those who read it (and they did me as well)

  9. Nanotransformation – on your site, there’s the home environmental defense video – I actually found this on youtube a long time ago (probably over a year ago) when I was searching. Since you don’t believe this to be mites/scabies anymore, do the products you’ve used for the environment still apply, such as the enzyme cleaners, fab detergent, living out of totes, etc?

  10. sistertocommonsense said:

    Nanos in Skin Care check this article out. Skin Deep EWG


    Sister to Common Sense

  11. zara cybele said:

    I came down with symptoms of itching, biting over my entire body after being bit by a fruit fly or gnat (I had an infestation in my apt). I found nanotransformation.com right off the bat and have begun integrating some of their protocols and the symptoms seem to be lessening daily.

    I’m taking the sunlight directives they speak about very seriously. Because it is cold where I live and bundling up is necessary, I’ve figured out a way to get sun on my entire body. When the sun comes in my window, I strip to undies, and lay out in the patch of light as it moves over the bed. I’ve done this for about 5-6 days (for about an hour each time) and notice that I always feel better afterwards. The first few times I did it, when the sun hit my skin, the crawling sensations were initially intensified, then they would go away (as if the critters were running off the front of my body towards my back. When I turned so that my back was towards the sun, I again felt them trying to shift). Things would then quiet down on my skin. The sun feels right to me.

    I bought the book from them and have struggled with the online format (I hate that I can’t copy it and print it out—it’s hard to read that many pages online), but they’ve been responsive to my complaint. Point being, that they reacted and interacted. My gut feeling about them is that they more than anyone, have a clear sense of what the big picture is—of what we are up against and how to approach it. I also feel they are good people who really want to help. Plus, they went through this, spent a lot of $ trying to find out what works, what doesn’t and are sharing it. This is very helpful.

    Another thing I really like is the videos they share. It’s a nice touch when you are sitting alone feeling isolated to have these two smart, very likable people seemingly talking to you. They are like “Virtual” friends. We may never meet, but I feel they are helping me get through this. So bravo to them!

    That said, I still feel it is important to question their advice and do what feels right to you. Move slowly into something that could be questionable—like nutrasilver. I took it 3x’s at a lower dosage then the company suggests and woke with kidney pain the next day. Much to their credit, they shared how “E” had 2 blood vessels break in her leg from using it. So again, they put that information out there right up front.

    Another thing, they put the book up even though it is still being finessed—which is fine with me. When I really needed help, help arrived. That’s big in my book.

  12. Future is bright said:

    I enjoyed this blog, thank you. Nice to see the replies from the author. I wonder if anyone has had experience with pharmaceuticals against margellons. I am in the sea of it, just starting to see beyond the fear – while at the same time wanting to shout out to the entire town, beware! – and I have been critically injured by this thing in only 6 weeks. It started with three bites on my leg, still don’t know if it was my boyfriend or the dog/cats or the horses that became incredibly sick from boarding at an old ostrich farm. It could have been in the home I moved in.

    So far, I have been through the weakened immune response, have delicate skin and a real allergy to these things and they infested my entire body including the eyes for three days I thought I was going to go blind. The more lavender oil or saline soaks I did the more they bit – and they really hated the salt water. Holy crap.

    For remedies I used 10% pyrethrin pesticide with mineral oil on my body (freaked out) and it had little effect to kill them, 2.5% – shower in a hot bathroom, soap and wash, shut water off apply selenium and leave for 10 minutes or more, keep rubbing, soap off and dry and apply olive oil with tea tree mixed in, rub and they come out suffocating (oil alone never worked this good) and you get to see just how many you had. Now that is freak-out.

    Noxema helps the skin and it slows them down from jumping;
    DON”T EVER PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR FACE TO TREAT THEM WITHOUT SHUTTING YOUR EYES FOR 30 MINUTES or they may well jump in your eyes to get away from your treatment;
    sage smoke the home through the intake until you can hardly see – it helps;
    use ammonia in the wash – 2-3 cups and I wash everything right after I use it – bleach does not seem to work to kill them;
    wash the floor with ammonia and let it soak through the floor boards;
    the idea of tape came on the net by some educated sounding folks – tried that last night and was utterly relieved;
    benadryl helps me sleep but I don’t take drugs and this is awful stuff;
    taking colloidal gold and now 500ppm silver as today,
    using 750 mg flagil daily as of Monday;
    used a steroid cream that is not O.K. too much drug,
    amped up the green supps. and probiotics;
    used a variety of creams on the horses for the things we thought were ‘chigger’ that now I think are this thing I have… went riding and was reinfected badly… DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO TREAT THE HORSES? Ivermectin the vet says…should I try MMS?
    the dogs and cats treated with chemicals as lavender and tea tree oil was not working… ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM?
    the house gets vacuumed, the bag is treated with lavender and now pyrethrin too…
    my son and boyfriend have it and show different symptoms – can’t sleep and have moods and brain fog… they are getting on flagil…MMS, and high doses of MSM – I read someone had a good result with high doses (3,000mg +) of that…

    I am in trouble. Deteriorating rapidly. I was a sensitive, healthy woman riding my horses, massaging clientele and training for EMT.
    I have been in full quarantine for 6 weeks. Cannot stand the bugs, very sensitive, knew I had them right away, heart is affected, tired and weak.

    Last night doing the oil ritual saw all the veins in my left upper torso pop through in the color green. When I rubbed them they receded and came right back – green. The feeling was a a shutting off of circulation… Guess it’s in my blood – ?! I am a pretty brave girl but this was almost a 911 call.

    Please write me to tell me if I can get any help from anywhere. I need it.

    Love and Blessings and especially to those who are truly alone in this without a computer or the knowledge of what they are dealing with.

  13. Future is bright said:

    I’m sorry that letter should say in paragraph three:

    “For remedies I used 10% pyrethrin pesticide with mineral oil on my body (I freaked out so I used farm grade to kill them fast – I thought) and it had little effect to kill them,

    the best remedy is “selenium sulfide shampoo” 2.5% – I shower in a hot bathroom, soap and wash, shut water off apply selenium and leave for 10 minutes or more, keep rubbing, soap off and dry and apply olive oil with tea tree mixed in, keep up the massage rub and they come out suffocating (oil alone never worked this good) and you get to see just how many you had. Now that is freak-out.

    • I would go to my “All Articles” page and read the pages in red. It looks like you caught this early. I would avoid toxic things, see my “Poor Mans Protocol” page for soap that works and is non-toxic, I would stop using ammonia. Also, you say “pyrethrin” and assume you mean “Permethrin” which is scabies medicine. I would stop using that unless you doctor is telling you to use it because you definitely have scabies, that stuff is a very strong pesticide. I have found the natural way to be a better way for healing, that is, avoid toxins.

      If you own horses I would think you would be talking to your Vet about what to do for them. Make sure your horses are being treated per vet’s advice, they carry parasites as do all animals so it’s important that they be treated properly.

      Stick around, if you want to read the posts on my “All Articles” page that are in “red.

  14. I wish their site was still up. I read somewhere that they were being sued because they were getting too close to the cause of this disease so they were forced to take down the site.

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