This was my child hood hero growing up and this is one of his best scenes … He was cool, tough, and never showed fear, it was early childhood Morgie training …

Have a nice weekend everybody … I’m going to look at some more information on the NanoTransformation site this weekend I think …


Comments on: "My Mule Don’t Like People Laughing …" (3)

  1. Janet Davis said:

    Thank you so very much for your research and findings! I have been battling Mor. for over 10 yrs., along with battling my husband, family, friends and MD’s, I have spent and untold amount of money on “stuff” to just get some relief! I have everything you talked about in your model. I have the lung and ear infections and have had a heart attac, congestive heart failure, acute renal failure, my kidneys create too much creatine and I am afraid that I am slowly dying. I can’t get anyone to seriously investigate what is going on in my lungs, esophagus, sinuses, ears, etc. I have read about strongyloideasis and I am sure I have the hyperinfection, along with a great colony of collembola, fungi, etc. I have the super scabies in my skin all over my body. I have infestations in my nose as well. I am almost at the point of giving up and just letting it take me over and get me out of my misery. At least from you and your site, I know “what it is!” that is killing me. My husband doesn’t believe me, so I “sorta” wish he would find me dead, then he would believe me! Thank you Mr. Common Sense!

  2. Janet,
    I know your pain, I was absolutely going to let myself die because I couldn’t take it anymore and no doctors would help ( I believe they actually made it worse) Go to and get a comprehensive stool test for youself. I will tell you exactly what you need for your body to address the bacteria, fungus/yeast and parasite. It gives you both natural and prescriptive suggestions. They will also give you (hopefully) a doctor in your areas that uses their lab and can read the test for you and make suggestions, I can not begin to tell you how much better I am today. My theory is that once you get on the right path, you will need approx 1 month per year that you have been sick to recover . However, know that u will go thru a big detox/dieoff which will make you worse before you start to get better.
    While you are waiting for the tests, get your self on some strong probiotics asap!
    Hope this helps

  3. Hi. I have been dealing with morgellons since October. Both my infectious disease doc and primary doc have diagnosed it as morgellons. They are from IU Med Center in Indianapolis. Its driving me nuts. I take hydroxyzine for the itching and that works. But all I have to do is wet an area anywhere on my body and rub with my fingers orhand and the white worms come off on my finger. Also fiber like stuff comes out. Its either black or blue or red and also white. I found a black one in my urine that had eggs all over it. They looked like brown pods. Also found the fibers hatching out of them. They are in my eyes too. I need to talk with someone who understands. My urine has bloody looking ones too and my right side hurts like when I have trouble with my kidneys.thanks for your time. Oh and I have skin lesions head to toe and I am on immuno suppression drugs

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