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coconutsThere is no doubt that using coconut oil internally and externally, coconut milk, meat and water have played a major role in our family’s healing path.

Within the first few days of using coconut during the worst of brain fogs (I was actually blacking out and having episodes of missing time along with struggling to communicate clearly)  my personal experience was that the brain fog immediately lifted, skin symptoms began to ease, my ability to communicate and stay awake improved and my “old energy” started to pick back up again. I was able to to THINK again, for the first time in months.

It’s important to remember that because coconut is so close to our own blood plasma, in emergency situations like Malaria where limited medical facilities/ help is available, Dr.’s have used coconut water as a blood replacement for transfusion.  Coconut seems in our case and those we have worked with, to play a major role in detoxing or cleansing the blood and body, both of the mycoplasm and biofilms associated with Morgellons and related symptoms.

I am finding the NanoTransformation site a treasure trove of information. I am going to study all of the information on their  page regarding Coconuts. I am so happy there are more people out there looking into natural, safe, inexpensive ways of getting better.  At this point, I think NanoTransformation is going to become the premier site for Morgellons information and healing.

Please click HERE for an incredible amount of information, just wonderful


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  1. One of the things that the Environmental Dentist revealed was that a chelation tool to rid of heavy metals is to gargle with coconut oil every morning after brushing. Having a huge toxic load of lead and mercury according to their tests, (blood and urine) I went out and got the oil and bought coconut oil pills. Didn’t gargle as you have to keep the oil warm or at room temp ( not possible where I live) but I have to tell you it makes me feel like demodex mites are floating all over me! I tried it twice and every hair follicle is like it’s own living breathing entity. I haven’t had the itchy crawly bites except occasionally, until the coconut. Maybe it’s just me and my toxic overload, I don’t know. Maybe I can’t hang long enough to “herx” with it but the coconut and the MMS have been setbacks every time I’ve tried. Like I said, it could be just me. They did recommend eating cilantro which I do as a heavy metal detox.
    I appreciate what these folks have gone through and I saw his video on u tube at my onset…a shortened version which made little sense at the time.
    Anybody mentions cedarcide and Hawaii… color me more than skeptical.

    From an old Beatles favorite.. “everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey”

  2. Hi Mr. Common Sense and all,
    I use shredded dry shredded coconut (1/2 cup), 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 capsules caprylic acid ( with a little stevia and erythritol (sugar alcohol sweetener which does not raise blood sugar) Make sure to add a little water to make it into a porrige like consistancy. I also add 1 Tbsp of lecithin which is good for the brain and skin. I have used this concoction off and on for about 9 months and my experience is very good.
    I have no more intestinal pain and come to think of it my mind is much clearer from last year. My skin is healthier and my hair especially is less dry and brittle and back to normal.
    The oil is very benificial when used for oil pulling, see Just scoop out a tablespoon even if it is hard it will melt in your mouth, it becomes liquid at about 70 degrees F. I use only organic food, here is where I get my coconut -fresh, high quality, fast service.
    Everyone is so different, it is best to be discriminating and use what works, forget the rest. So far, for me it has been only the natural remedies that “first do no harm” that are effective.
    Thank you everyone for participating in this blog- I have recieved much comfort and “common sense” from this fantastic site.

    • Cat, quick question, look at this link …

      I have been VERY cautious about using uncooked products from foreign countries, people are buying and drinking all kinds of liquids from foreign countries that aren’t pasturized.

      Scroll down and look at the people making it from the phillipines and they work with oxens and carts, and we know the parasites that are in animals. What do you think? I’m sure the Coconut is excellent quality, but what about disease/parasites.

      I would love to try this but have my reservations …

      • Thank you! Didn’t think of it. I’ve been eating it raw. Just checked the label: product of the Philippines…

        • Ya, I’m not doing any coconut because of that, I suppose you could heat it enough be the site that sells the coconut has pictures of the natives dragging the carts pulled by oxen and I thought, na, not going there. Until is is proven to me that coconut oil is safe I’m not taking it. It’s created and made under the worst condition and hauled in often times filthy trucks.

          Even raw herbs like Cat’s Claw and so on are gathered in rainforests where many forms of parasitical worms are a real problem, and eggs could easily be in them, I stopped taking most things that come from foreign country’s, even things like curry and stuff that people take that are good for you from india, could be laced with parasitical egg larva.

          I hate to make people nervous, but you can even get pinworms from children by merely breathing in their microscopic eggs as they float through the air, it’s true.

          Coconut Harvesting

          My question is, where does this guy break open these coconuts, does he do it after stepping in oxen dung all day having no hand washing facilities, I just don’t know … I’m sure I’m being overly paranoid, but after Morgellons, I can’t help it.

      • Hi, I agree with you about uncooked products coming from other countries. I just bought Virgin Coconut Oil from Thailand and it has morgs in it at the bottom, the fuzz kind.

        Love your sane approach to Morgs. I am still in shock with black fibers, biting and being up all night. It’s only been a couple of weeks for me and have had a few meltdowns already. I plan to concur this and get my life back. Ruth

  3. MCS, sorry to get off track here, but I’ve been searching for your post on menthyl crystals and haven’t been able to find it. I ordered them last month, but haven’t used them yet. My son and daughter-in-law, who just found out she’s pregnant, will be staying with us for 4 days over Thanksgiving and I’m trying to get the house as bug free as possible. I read on another site that menthol crystals can be harmful to cats, which we acquired when my son moved. Also, other than using a candle how else can they be used in the car? What effect does it have on clothing in closets some of which are in plastic bags as well as anything else stored in closets, and how are multiple open rooms treated?
    I have few external signs, except for head bumps and hair loss which no one else notices so my family has a difficult time believing there’s anything wrong. I do not know of anyone whom I’ve come in contact with getting this from me or my house, but because of the pregnancy, I’m considering telling them to stay somewhere else, although they won’t see the need for it.
    Have you heard anything about these things being attracted by estrogen, which I saw on the NanoTransformation site?
    Any suggestions you or you readers could give would be very helpful.

  4. sistertocommonsense said:

    Coconut oil is really amazing stuff but this is what I do. I buy bulk Coconut Oil and heat it so that any organisams in the oil will be heated out of it. Then I take the oil and I filter it through sterile gauze wraps into a container. I add Grapeseed oil and put it only in glass due to the leeching of Endocrine Disruptors in Glass. I do not understand why it is sold in plastic. I am working on putting it in a Glass Jar and have ordered miron glass to use this in. I do this with all formulations to decrease the contaminants into any oil.
    The number one question to ask is how is it filtered, in hexane, and other chemicals. It is a good oil but most of it is put in plastic
    There are good ways to formulate and chemical ways to formulate as putting essential oils in plastic which is dangerous.
    Coconut should be heated to kill bacteria, filtered with heat to kill bacteris and shipped in Glass and not plastics.
    I believe that if you use essential oils with PURE coconut such as grapefruit seed, rosemary and other essential oils you will get a better product, It should always be packaged in glass or non leeching plastic.
    God Bless,
    sister to common sense

  5. — lauric acid — monolaurin — is one of the active ingredients in Coconut. Some LLMD’s are prescribing this to their lyme patients with HHV6/7/8 which IMHO is one of the major causative factors behind morgellons (and AIDS, cancer and all other “chronic disease”) along with Lyme disease. IMHO, you don’t get Morgellons (or AIDS or cancer or chronic disease) unless you have an underlying infection that is damaging your immune system.,_LIA.pdf

  6. zara cybele said:

    I too read about the wonders of coconut at and now use it for cooking, eating raw, topically and do coconut pulling with it.
    I’ve seen an increase in my energy and stamina which I am contributing to the coconut.
    I’d suggest reading up on it as it is a magnificent food (for years I stayed away from it thinking it was high cholesterol only to find out now that that conclusion was based on testing hydrogenated oil)

  7. zara cybele said:

    You can get coconut oil from the U.S. Artisana is a brand out of California. It’s in a glass jar. I get it from the health food store.

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