Mel, from How I Cured Morgellons hosts a conference call once a month, last month was the first call. It was pretty cool I must say. Mel has been kind of enough to ask me to be an official guest on the call so I will be speaking until he shuts the microphone off on me 😉 he he. I am honored Mel has asked me to be a guest. I will post a reminder as well.

The call will be Thursday, November 19th and will start @ 9:45 AM Pacific; 12:45 PM Eastern and run for about two and a half hours. It will give all of you a chance to ask questions of myself and all guest speakers, and of course Mel will be there too and he is very knowledgeable.

1) Dial 1 712 432-3100
2) Enter the code; 388191
3) To asked a question hit 5*
4) To mute out after your questions is answered 4*

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Reminder on the Conference Call Tomorrow (19th)" (7)

  1. Don’t be nervous. We love you !

  2. sistertocommonsense said:

    You will do fine.
    Sister to Common Sense

  3. I’m on the call, but they can’t here me ….

  4. Yay, the Call is fixed, get back on if you left …

  5. I’m horrified that I sounded like a rambling idiot, but I did learn some things from that call I’ll share soon …. There were technical problems on the call, we lost some time and I wish more questions by Morgellons sufferers could have been asked.

  6. Thank you, MCS – I think what you said made a lot of sense. In fact what you said had a huge impact on me. I’m dealing with this and really don’t talk about it much, but I do have my moments of intense fear. My son & pregnant daughter-in-law will be staying with us over Thanksgiving. They’ve stayed here before and never had any problems. But I heard on one of the nano transformation videos about these things being attacted by estrogen and that sent me into a panic. And when you’re in panic mode you don’t think very rationally. It turns out that information from indicates it’s is more related to lower levels of estrogen. So after lots of arguing I’m taking to heart your suggestion to keep things to myself. I’ve voiced my concerns and no one seems to be worried so I’m going to have lots of family here and enjoy every minute of our Thanksgiving together. I am so grateful for all the blessings I have and will be praying for all who are suffering. I hope everyone has a wondeful Thanksgiving.

    • Sandy, I’m glad you benefited from what I had to say. Rather than focus on any protocol the message I tried to get across is the human tragedy behind this disease, I almost wrecked my family and I have read about so many families seperating over this.

      This is my advice to anyone suffering this desease, especially those who are married and or have children. Do everything you can to protect them but do it in silence, go about your Morgellons prevention tactics as if they are as normal as dusting and nobody will notice. Just protect them the best you can but don’t go overboard and don’t use all kinds of toxic things and never use bug bombs and junk like that. It’s a rare sitatution that a loved one of a sufferer believes this is real, and to try to convince them or warn them appears as “crazy talk” to them (no fault of thier own, more to be said on an upcoming post on this subject). Push hard enough and you can drive a wedge between your loved ones.

      And remember Sandy, one sites says they attracted by estrogen, another says just the opposite, nobody really knows. When I had this really bad my parents would come over and they would scratch like crazy, I would crawl even further out of my skin in terror (if that could have been possible) and they never got this. We covered all guest beds in mite proof mattress covers (visitors can never even tell these are on the beds).

      If you see somebody itch or scratch just relax, remember, it’s pretty common and in no way does it mean they are getting infected. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, I’m sure everybody is going to fine.

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