I received this letter and agreed to publish it. Three plus years ago Trisha was one of the very few people who was willing to help me and those were very dark days indeed, I am forever thankful to Trisha and many others.

I am not making treatment recommendations by publishing this letter. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice.

Dear Mr Common Sense,

If you would post this I would be most grateful.  I live in Florida and Trisha Springstead is one of the only people  who has helped me along with my Dr who is in Citrus County Florida, his name is Dr Peterson. I had this for 6 months before I found Trisha.  I went to Dr Wartell, Dr Fialco, Dr Connie Gilligan, Dr Pham, Dr Sastry, Dr Saba, Dr Singh all of them treated me as if I was a Drug Addict, Delusional. I was tested for SARS, Lyme, Scabies, Drug Addiction, Herpes and ever known disease in the Pharmacopia, all tests were negative. They looked at me from across the room and told me I picked myself, they were dismissive and so cruel to me.  I had lesions all over my body. My face was rotted off, my entire body had eruptions from head to toe.

My Boss and Co-Workers treated me like a leper and would not come near me. These Doctors treated me from across the room and if Trisha would not have threatened one of my Doctors with “her license on a platter” she would have never signed my disability.

If it wasn’t for this I would be broke and I got disability with a diagnosis of “Morgellons”.  Did you know she is one of the few to get anyone disability on this diagnosis????  Yet people don’t think it exists.

I have lost my home, a $200,000.00 a year job and nearly lost my life. I am on a path towards wellness due to the hope that has been given to me by Trisha and Very Few Others.

I am still brain fogged but my skin has improved incredibly and I use only Trisha’s products, Anu water, and her help has changed my life.  I continue to see improvement daily.  She just gave me some cell food and iodine last month and it is incredible.

All the drugs in the world haven’t done anything.  It is through a positive attitude, prayer, good food, good skin care, the water and cell foods that have saved my life.

I have a bit of a way to go but I can tell you that the outside is healing and I have my skin and face intact due to Trisha.  I owe her and very few others for my life, if it hadn’t been for two people I would be dead.  Anyone who says anything negative about her is so wrong, she has been an angel to us. She has sat with me for hours, come to my home and spent time with me during the worst years of my life.

Please post this, people need to know that her time is valuable and that she is working with so many for us.
I exercise, pray, eat well and have found hope in the midst of the darkest days of my life.  I still have some joint pain, fatigue and a couple of lesions on my hands but that is all I am getting well.

God sent her to me and she has been my dearest friend ever since.




Comments on: "A Letter I was Asked to Publish" (4)

  1. I also think Trisha is a God sent. I will her and her family all the best. Her good deeds will not be forgotten. God Bless. Thank you for everything Trisha.

  2. Trisha has been a ROCK to so many. She’s kind, loving, generous, and has helped so many people in so many ways. She’s saved lives, no doubt about it. Thank you for acknowledging Trisha’s big heart in such a public way.

  3. I love this song and the beautiful message it brings. I received it from our friend, “Bananny” at Lymebusters.

    Seems very appropriate to have it posted in this thread.

    I hope you will enjoy it too. If the link doesn’t work, please Google it. This should put a smile on your face.

    Angel Knocking at the Door…Copyright © Hideaway Fun Pages

  4. I was lucky to find the ESP Botanical products at a very dark time in my life, but more important was finding Trish. She is one the the most kind a caring persons you will ever come across in your life. She has helped me through many a day when I felt totally overwhelmed, always coming up with a new creative idea to help and to make my life better. Her New Hope 2 line is one of the best product lines there is for problem skin. And the Anu water, which I have been on for months, has really helped how I feel in many ways, and I believe helped to stop “things” from coming out of my skin.

    One of the things I love most about Trish is that she is not afraid to stand up for us, no matter what the cost is to her. Many people do not understand how hard and long she has fought, and I mean fought, for us and at what cost. I can’t ever thank Trish enough for just being so strong and enduring for me – and all of us she has helped. I’m just lucky enough to have a lifelong friend in her.

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