When it sweeps over you remember we are all there fighting the same fear. It is trying to sweep over me even now. I am praying for many of you and I receive emails from people who say they’re praying for all of us. To those who are suffering or whose lives are being torn apart by this my heart truly goes out to you. There are people praying for you that you are not aware of.  I feel burdened today for a few I’ve heard from lately via email.

You are stronger than you know. Take a break from Morgellons this weekend if you can. Don’t isolate, get out, commit to doing something if even only a walk around the block.

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Hello Darkness My Old Friend …" (1)

  1. Love Simon and Garfunkel and especially love this song. Thanks.

    I agree if it is possible, take a break from the misery of Morgellons. Unfortunately, those words are easier said than done.

    Sometimes just ignoring the comuter for a day and curling up with a good book or movies is helpful, or if you have children and no way of escaping motherly duties try enlisting the help of anyone you trust to look after them for a few hours.

    Best therapy for me was always gardening during spring and summer, but since my life has changed somewhat just spending half a day with a close friend of many years is wonderfully therapeutic. At times we simply must look after ourselves and forget wifely and motherly duties.

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