Four Months Ago Today ….

This letter was published on 7/21/2009 (found HERE) where this information was relayed … (just a snippet)

As is often the case in science, things take much longer than an educated guess might expect.  It had been hoped that preliminary results from the microscopy and spectroscopy analyses would have been done 2‐3 months ago.  Unexpected difficulty has arisen with the processing, handling and shipping of the fibers.  Even the commercial laboratories have been less than successful at helping us work through these problems.  Simply put, the fibers have to be ‘preprocessed’ for much of the testing, and even for those tests not needing preprocessing, the labs want either dozens of identical copies of the material, or a single sample that is immobilized for shipping and yet accessible for analysis.  These have proven to be unexpectedly challenging tasks.  Still, progress is being made.  When a suspect cause has been determined this information will be disseminated to physicians, public health officials and the Morgellons community as quickly as possible.

They had hoped that 2 or 3 months before the above statement itself was published that they would have the results, and now it’s been another 4 months. I’m grateful for anyone doing research on this but this is either an awful long to get what should be a simple analysis of fibers or perhaps the results have come back and they were inconclusive or found to be natural in origin, we just don’t know. I am perplexed on the lack of information coming out of all private research organizations working on this menace.

Other than Dr. Amin, who appropriately reported his findings regarding NCS there seems to be little, if any information being made available? I realized I’ll probably get hammered for such a post but this has been on my mind …


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  1. The Morgellons Research foundation has no breaking news except Louise Mandrell joined back in June 2009. We are approaching 2010- months turns into years and nothing happens -I just don’t get it.
    Thank you Mr. C for joining the conference call the other day, and sharing your experience, strength and hope. It gave me a sense of comfort. Sometimes that’s all we have.
    I’m going to see a movie with my kids tonight and try to forget that we all have Morgellons.


  2. Really, how long does it take to get some answers regarding these fibers. Nothing really seems to be happening. Doesn’t seem like we are going to get much help anytime soon.

    MCS, thanks for the post and your blog.

  3. Certainly not the first person to consider this, but it struck me the other day after reading your blog, then following links/surfing for a short while, then re-reading about GMO’s, that perhaps one part of the association to morgellons may go like this:
    Suppose that some people who eat GMO food/or become infected with a GMO via a vector/insect, incorporate some changes into their own DNA (which we know the altered food does to the lining of the gut). Then, when the agricultural industry performs the required arial spraying to “activate” that seed, some people get exposed to that activating agent as well, and become “activated” too?
    Just as the links to the videos on espbotanicals keep getting removed by an unknown source, perhaps specimens to labs from CDC are getting compromised too.
    In any case, it would be surprising if there were any answers soon.
    If you have not seen the videos, you may want to start–or at least read the captions for a short version.

  4. sistertocommonsense said:

    I think the only help we will get is right here. I have boxes of these fibers, bugs ect.
    I have no access to a lab here due to the Universities not wanting to share a lab with anyone but their own illustrious, paying students and Professors.
    I have contacted: Florida Dept of Health, Calif Dept of Health, Georgia Dept of Health, the CDC, Doctors, Hospitals, Universities, Med Schools you name it.
    They want nothing to do with what I have to offer. I have requested that we do a formal study in the State of Florida, my congresswoman has been a waste and her assistant is no longer with her, so there went that connection.
    I have contacted Press People, Editors, News Papers on a daily basis. No interest.
    Someday, somebody from somewhere is going to approach me.
    I have called and emailed the Presidents office, Senator Mel Martinez, Morgan and Morgan Law Firm, Senator Bill Nelson, my County Comissioners.
    I have had Doctors contact me and not ask me but tell me “you need to get a study together and find the Doctors to help you.”
    I ask with what???? If there is someone in this God forsaken mess that has a lab, that can do tissue samples, I sure wish they would come forward because I believe we need an independent lab, not affiliated with the NMO, CEHF ect in order to get to the bottom of this.
    It took 15 years and an independent panel of experts to proclaim Gulf War Syndrome was real and that we (our government) created the Gulf War Syndrome by giving our soldiers non FDA approved medications and blasting them with Pesticides and God knows what else.
    One attorney told me “I believe you” and that this is real “but until the powers that be proclaim it as real there is really nothing I can do for your patients.”
    I said, “in other words there is no money in it for you and I don’t have 15 years it has gone on for far too long. These people are suffering and your advertisements say, “FOR THE PEOPLE.” I would presume to say….”FOR THE MONEY.”
    Meanwhile the organizations who are supposed to be studying this just collect data from all over the world and the US. I feel very sorry for the people who have not found this board and are just waiting for something to happen and all they are is a bunch of STATs with some of these Foundations.
    I sometimes wonder if these people even read the stories like we do, there is never a person who reports to me that I don’t answer an email or get on the phone, I am trying as hard as I can but I can not seem to keep up on a daily basis.
    I have begged the players in this to get in the same room and talk but so many of the egos in this and the need to be right, won’t talk to each other. Every researcher has a piece of this pie, why can they not, out of the love for humanity, speak with each other.
    I say we scrap it all, find an independent panel of scientists, nurses and doctors and get er done and begin our own Foundation. Bring in the willing to participate and the clinicians who can think out of a box and do a formal study. I also believe we need to bring in the FBI Foresensics People to help.
    I would be the first person to volunteer to oversee extractions and lab work, this would be a great place to start.
    Someone has suggested I write a Grant, I don’t have the funds nor the time to write a grant and who is going to fund a disease that supposedly “doesn’t exist”.
    I know there are people out there with this who are wealthy but don’t want to get involved and share a bit of their monies to fund this.
    If you ever had to manuver in the University System Science Dept you will see that these depts don’t speak to each other, nor do they share their scopes and labs with each other.
    Every time I get someone interested, then they lay the load on me, offer no funds and end up doing nothing.
    Nothing surprises me any more, they want the knowledge and the Glory and think they can win something. Meanwhile, the patients and children suffer…it’s a pretty thick and sick system we have here.
    I have contacted the National Institute of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine numerous times and they say “write a grant” and I say ‘UNDER WHAT HEADING” and weeding through what you have to offer I can’t find anything that would remotely even qualify to write a grant.
    One lady said “times are tough and there is a lot of competition for Grant Monies and if you are not with a UNIVERSITY you might as well GET IN LINE.
    My smart ass retort, “If someone could tell me which line to get into I would really appreciate it.”
    Sister to Common Sense
    IMHO this is pretty messed up

    • Sister, I agree with your assesment. We have splintered groups out their working on this but no coordination. The case study that came out that was published by was a beginning, but we need to see more of that. Pamela, from wants a lot of us to get testing done through Great Plains labs and allow us to publish them anonymously. I think that is a good idea, perhaps a pattern will arise. I also personally wrote to Dr. Staninger, her patients had all that extensive toxicology testing done, I asked her to consider publishing a graph or set of statistical data regarding what toxins were found, no patients names, just what toxins were commonly found.

      Here is the solution.

      Dr. Amins model is the correct model. He is a doctor treating people with a certain condition and gathers statistics and publishes information regarding the condition he is treating. Our problem is none of these Morgellons Research groups are really treating patients, therefore, no data.

      I think Pamela might be onto something, but it’s a pain to get blood work done, stool samples and have it all sent in within 24 hours, and then there’s the cost, and on top of that how do you get treatment if the tests reveal you need antibiotics.

      When you consider all of the idiotic grants and studies that being done every day it’s a real bummer.

      I know the researchers are working on this, but when you’re out here twisting in the wind it sure feels like we’re on our own.

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