I was doing some Google searches and don’t even know what to make of this stuff. I suppose this clothing is in support of Morgellons and not mockery? I know your first reaction will probably be repulsion, but I don’t think that is the meaning of this clothing …



Dress your baby up with our stylish Morgellons baby bodysuits. Choose from a wide variety of  Morgellons designs. Our baby bodysuits come in a variety of colors and sizes. All baby bodysuits come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.








Or how about a nice shirt and hat for your husband as he heads out for a long day of GMO Cotton picking? He’ll be a hit among the guys ..





The Back of the Shirt is shown below …


However, once your Morgellons gets so bad you can always just call in sick. From http://www.nataliedee.com/index.php?date=100509



It’s getting more strange everyday, however, even this cartoon might cause some to lookup the word Morgellons and realize that there is something to describe what they are going through …


Comments on: "Morgellons Baby Bodysuits and More Crazy Things" (3)

  1. I would love to see sales of these items take off. I know that it seems like its just someone out to make a buck to some and it might be; however, if they are successful that only means we got people walking around advertising our cause at no cost to us. Would I like to see a portion donated to morgellons research? Yes, but like I said its free awareness to me. I certainly don’t have the funds start something like this.

  2. I think it’s a slap in the face to sufferers b/c no sufferer would ever wear them. If they did, it’d be some serious self deprecating joke. And even after we’re healed (one day), morgs is not the sort of thing where one could look back and laugh about it.

  3. I would if I had the dough, the baseball hat and matching shirt oh yes I would. If somebody asked me what that was about I’d direct them to some websites for more info. Its such a strange word to so many it might even cause people to search on thier own without even sayin anything to you.

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