Crawling Sensations, Fibers and Other Noted Morgellons Syndrome Symptoms: Another Theory for Sufferers to Consider

by Joseph Keleher

I am not a medical professional. Let me repeat that. I am not, never have been and have no desire to ever become a medical professional. I might best be labeled a reluctant participant, as I suffered from Morgellons Syndrome Symptoms.

I have done my best to document what I went through (see Keleher 2008 “Hell and Back Again”). I wrote about connections to mercury and these horrific symptoms. I’ve angered medical professionals and sufferers. I’ve lost some old friends. I’ve found some new friends. I’ve written, emailed, and spoke on the phone with others who suffer. I’ve cried a bunch and still do (I don’t exactly know why).

I know it is possible to get well. I know what I suffered from and what I think most are suffering from is mercury as a neurotoxin. It is treatable with chelation and changes in lifestyle.

What I share are my thoughts. Yes, it is speculation. It is theory related to symptoms I had and you may still have. In reading be warned there are many “I think”s and “I believe”s. It’s all theory; it may be right or it may be wrong. Still, I feel compelled to share.

The Cause

I believe the recent growing numbers of those suffering from Morgellons symptoms is due to two ingredients- toluene and mercury.

Toluene is found in glues, methamphetamines and cocaine. I believe the toluene found in dental adhesives, and connected to symptoms by Dr. Omar Amin, correlate with a surge of sufferers of these symptoms (and possibly via prenatal passage the exponentially growing number of children with autism, ADD and ADHD).

I think toulene interacts with mercury to allow passage of this toxin into the nervous system. Toluene may dissipate after carrying mercury into the system leaving deposits of mercury. The primary source of mercury in the mouth (though there are other sources causing mercury increases including some skin creams, coal burning power plants, and historic mining activities) decreases as secondary deposits in the nerves increase.

The associated symptoms of this neurotoxin can be viewed as occurring in stages with new symptoms added as secondary deposits increase. The stages, based partly on my own experience, but also drawing from the experience of many others, might look like: 1) depression and panic attacks (typical symptoms of neurotransmitter blockage), 2) bloating, heart palpitations, and exhaustion, 3) crawling sensations, 4) fibers and skin lesions….and so on.

All of the symptoms noted with Morgellons, except crawling sensations and fibers, have been shown to be associated with mercury poisoning; because of this, I want to share how I think these two symptoms form.

Crawling Sensations

In the earliest onset of the “bugs”, I had faint flea-like zips across my scalp. I believe this was mercury pathways forming within the nerve cell network under my skin.

As the secondary levels of mercury increased, the sensations of crawling began. My crawling always started each night at the rear, right occipital area of my scalp (in journaling, at that time, I referred to the spot on my scalp as the “Mother Ship”); this area correlates with the low spot of my skull when resting (I have a preference for sleeping on my right with my head cocked back). The extreme density of mercury I believe was pooling.

Crawling typically began as the sun was setting and there was a change in temperature. Within weeks, the crawling expanded to my groin and bottom of my feet. Eventually my whole body had the sensations. It was during this time that I was diagnosed with sheet mites and scabies (and found out about something called Morgellons).

I believe as levels of mercury further increased, the crawling became more pronounced and expanded throughout my body. The sensation was especially disturbing when it began in my ear canals and nostrils.

I think the crawling is due to the expansion and contracting of mercury within the network of nerves. I picture it as one spider-shaped cell after another filling and twitching as mercury moves through (causing a kind of “cartoon effect” movement); one sufferer described this observed movement as certain proof of parasitic infestation. I still get a faint twitch occasionally at the base of my feet (but it feels different and I suspect it relates to nerve repairs and not mercurial movement).

If the Morgellons symptoms occur in stages related to increases in mercury, then I arrived at one of the middle stages. I never found fibers projecting from my skin or had any lesions. I’m thankful for this.


I think the fibers are the result of repeated cell damage repairs from mercury expansion and contrasting through the nerve system. A weak spot may have mercury break through and this will “scab” over. The fibers eventually poke through as they have nowhere else to go.

Final Words

I know there are many theories out there. Mine is one among many. Take it as such.

Morgellons is an especially cruel condition. In addition to the symptoms, the medical community has not been especially kind. The sensationalism of the media doesn’t help. Isolation and lose of connections to other people is difficult. There is one thing though that especially irritates me; I cannot stand that there are people taking advantage of the vulnerability of many sufferers. For those snake oil sales people making money off this condition, someday you will get yours; it is true what we do to others we do to ourselves.

For those suffering, be careful of the sharks, keep faith that answers will come soon, and always, always keep an “attitude of gratitude” for all you have. You are not alone and things will get better! I wish each and ever one of you a clear path towards health.

Thank you so much Joseph for another excellent and thought provoking article. Your thoughts really make me wonder if the NAC I take is a major player in my feeling better? Here are two other excellent articles written by Joseph that the reader might also want to examine.

Morgellons Disease – A Patient’s Perspective

Keleher 2008 “Hell and Back Again”


Comments on: "Another Theory for Sufferers to Consider" (9)

  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    Thanks Joe for your Bravery, Honesty and most of all you Compassion.
    Sister to Common Sense

  2. Hi MCS,

    Hmmmm… I’m having a tough time with this.
    Going back to your Matrix spoon analogy some months back, we seem to be going back and forth among what the cause(s) can be, whether some sort of bugs or bodily health (failure of immune system, the terrain) or related to toxicity (this post). I

    I’ve decided long time ago that I can’t be close-minded to anything regarding the cause of morgellons since disease is anything but ordinary. But I struggle with this post and the 2 articles mentioned b/c when the focus is on non-bug/organisms, some other things seem to be completely ignored. I think I posted these questions before but I’d like to see what others have to say:

    If these aren’t bugs or fungus (or whatever), why is it that:
    1 – symptoms go away after a shower/bath… until time sets in and the symptoms gradually return.
    2 – symptoms return when you’re in a “hot spot” or meet certain ppl.
    3 – ppl that come “within range” of me are affected – scratching exposed areas of the skin, like face, digging into eyes, or sniffling as if they suddenly got allergies.

    The biggest struggle for me is the notion of me being contagious, especially b/c of the physical evidence I see from point 3 above. If I had crawling and biting all day but I never saw anyone around me get affected, I’d have a far easier time dealing with this. The reactions I get from ppl that get near me is beyond, “well, maybe you’re just being hypersensitive… everyone scratches”. I wish Joe Keleher mentioned whether others around him seemed to be affected or not – since he believed to be contagious at one point, he must’ve monitored.

    And this brings up the point, well, is this contagious? Many of us believe so, as indicated by the poll you took a few weeks back. We all have our separate stories on how this started. Mine didn’t just start one day from an unexplained crawling sensation that eventually spread. I definitely seemed to have “picked” mine up from somewhere and others have too.

    Now if there’s a way where we can all link in these things that eventually leads to body toxicity, then I’d certainly have an easier time accepting… but then again, everytime where I get closer to accepting, I’m reminded by the stressful reality of point 3. Bear with me here… I’m trying.

    Anyway, I’m still doing PMP (althought I should be more strict about it). I ran out of NAC so it looks like another trip back to Whoe Foods.

    “and always, always keep an “attitude of gratitude” for all you have.”
    Thanks for the important reminder of being thankful, even amidst this awful disease. It’s very difficult but then I could be in a lot worse situation.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.


  3. Also wish to thank you for speaking out so eloquently about your experience. The mercury/dental toxin connection seems hard to deny, and obviously most important in regard to increase in neuro illnesses (autism, ADHD included). Especially interesting is the in-utero connection. Wondering:
    What lab tests are done, and what is the cost of treatment for removal of dental toxins.
    Also, did you experience fibers/strange material in your body fluids (saliva, mucous, urine), or use magnification at all.
    Based on those know to me with MD, it appears that this is a perfect storm with layers of involvement, of which toxicity is one (perhaps the base cause). However, many people have had onset of symptoms after direct physical contact others with active MD, which would indicate infectious agent(s) as well.

  4. Joe Keleher said:

    I do not believe this is contageous. Dr. Amin has interacted with hundreds of sufferers and not gotten symptoms. I was certainly concerned when I first had the symptoms…in fact I went through several months without touching anyone else. As the symtoms faded, I became less and less concerned that I had anything contageous. I didn’t have any fibers/ materials at all that I noticed (never looked with a magnifying glass). I haven’t had the crawling sensations for almost three years. The twitches I get sometimes at the base of my feet are visible…and, given the location, further my belief this is neurologic.

    Hope that better explains- Joe

    • Joe, I would have never seen the fibers had I not looked with a scope, so most people probably have them, however, I don’t believe they hold a major significance in Morgellons, though others do …

  5. Interesting. The cost of the dental procedures is enormous. The contagion is questionable. The fibers in the air are visible as are the bugs on occasion.
    We are all different.
    I am a believer in the Bt theory since so many folks of a certain age seem to get this and sadly our offspring seem to be getting there as well. There is no doubt in my mind that insects are involved because I have seen them. There is a reason that fabric and laundry become so infested as well as other parts of our homes.
    We just don’t know.
    I have not seen the fibers nor do I want to.
    Women appear to be “inficted” more then men.
    This disease is man made.
    God Bless us all
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Joe Keleher said:

    The dental work was costly. The ongoing chelation cost are considerable (but not too bad). I plan to investigate new approaches to nerve repair soon. I don’t know how I would be if I didn’t take the approach I did. Whatever the costs….I figure life is worth it.

    As I said, this is one theory among many. Take it as such. Happy Thanksgiving- Joe

  7. lamb,
    Back to Bt as part of the infectious process/poisoned terrain:
    Problems began after we were using “nature-derived” aka “natural” lawn-care services/products, one of which was Bt.
    I recall being told that one application would kill grubs in the lawn for ten years.
    This GMO bacteria is WIDELY used in turfgrass management, everywhere, sold as “grub control,” by lawncare professionals, as well as homeowners. It is ubiquitous, as are mercury and dental amalgams, and EMFs.
    My guess is that the mercury/chemical toxicities and EMFs weaken our immune systems, making people more susceptible to these other biological contaminants and such.
    In any case, as MCS reiterates, cleaning up our personal terrains is one way to regain control of symptoms and our lives.

  8. I’m glad that you were able to pinpoint toluene (used in rubber, printing ink, adhesives, lacquers, leather tanners, disinfectants and the manufacture of polyurethane foam just to name a few everyday product uses) and mercury as what you most strongly suspect to be the primary causes of Morgellons. With so many pollutants in our foods, in products and packaging and in the electronic and other devices we rely upon daily it’s difficult to narrow down just exactly which of the toxins in Morgellons sufferers is triggering the main event – but even though Morgellons is a terrible disease, knowing or suspecting the cause as toluene and mercury helps those who have it understand that full detox is the only way back. Perhaps were it not for the toluene and mercury poisoning (and I’m definitely not saying that toluene and mercury poisoning is a good thing) those who suffer from Morgellons might never know just how many other toxins were building up in their bodies leading to further health catastrophes down the road.

    This planet is in seriously sick shape and it got this way fast.

    If you were to take the entire existence of humankind and compress that into a 24 hour period, as a planet we have managed to eliminate roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of all wildlife on this planet in the last 2 1/2 seconds of the 24 hour period.

    Governments need to slow big corporations like Monsanto and the oil companies (who knows how much toluene is used in Fracking), and also including the United States Government laboratories involved in Nano-Technology Synthetic Biology production, development and experimentation way down and look at the writing on the wall. People are dying and the government is looking the other way, stonewalling, and even denying that it is even real.

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