The Fruit Fly Company Live Springtails Feeder Insects

Internet Price: $29.99
By The Fruit Fly Company

  • Springtails or Collembola are very tiny bugs ready to feed your smaller herps
  • Easy to culture with the springtail food
  • Great supplemental food for your froglets, baby geckos or spiderlings

The information above was from this LINK on PETCO and as you see it says they no longer carry the product. However, see this cached page from PETCO … which shows they were selling these springtails only a few days ago? It’s strange that the cached page above is from November of this year and now PETCO no longer even carries the product? I wonder if someone opened up a jar and got more than they bargained for …

I can’t even find this product on the http://www.thefruitflycompany.com/ site either even though that is the website listed on the jar? Perhaps it was just to hard to cultivate them, we’ll probably never know.


Comments on: "The Case of the Disappearing Springtails (Collembola)" (8)

  1. Hell in a jar!

    It would be interesting to see the advice that the company gives to control a household springtail infestation. I wonder how they keep their facilities clean.

    Dang, and all this time I could have been selling these little buggars!

    Great research, thanks agian for your efforts,


  2. Hey Cat!

    Makes you wonder where we got them? Jumping off the shelf on Aisle 7? “Get ya springtails heayah!!”

    • brandicarlene said:

      Cat… Lamb… you are freaking hysterical! Cracking me up as I read through post (old & new)! Thanks for the humor!!! LOVE it!

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  4. Danser,
    Try this brand: Natural Path / Silver Wings it is excellent and equal to or better than Nutra Silver. It is 500 ppm it is much less expensive and works very well. It comes in a glass dropper bottle. http://www.naturalpathsilverwings.com/colloidal_silver.html
    Whole Foods has it or get it at Amazon.
    Health and Blessings,

    • Hi Cat,

      Just wondering if you used Natural Path/Silver Wings or NutraSilver with success?
      I do not have Morgellons per say, but do have what I believe to be a collembola infestation – I was somehow hosted when my mom, who has them, came to visit me. She hugged me for 30 minutes, and I felt 3 sharp pricks on my leg…and then 4 hours later it felt like hundreds of things were crawling all over my body.
      I have been using CedarCide in my home and car with success, but the collembola, springtails, or whatever, seem to keep coming out of my skin and re-infesting my environment. Do these silver products help clear my internal system of whatever’s crawling all over me, burrowing in my skin, and biting me? I am getting so stressed.

  5. Hell in a jar is right!!!!!
    What may have happened is the employees or owner innocently open a jar and became infested and infested their own workplace and yanked that product off the market. We may hear from them yet! You might want to update your tags so they can find this website and the topix scabies website as they search desperately for help.

  6. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe Petco is selling this stuff. Don’t they know this will cause a living nightmare? How crazy.

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