My Thanksgiving Relapse

On Thanksgiving I went to my moms house and I have to tell you I was a little concerned. It had been quite a while since I had been to her house, she comes to our house more often. She has pets and I know that is not a good mix for me and had a bad experience the last time I was there. Well, we were there for 4 hours or so and I felt nothing the whole time we were there. When I came home I immediately took a shower (made the kids all change their into their PJ’s) and we settled in for the evening. We always watch the Wizard of Oz on Thanksgiving night, it’s a family tradition.

After a few hours had passed, I felt the stinging in my skin, the biting and some itching. By the time I had looked at my stomach I was broke out in those red bite marks and hives like crazy. My skin looked terrible. It felt more like an allergic reaction more than mites, but it could have been either and I really suspect it’s pet related. I know many of you know my thoughts on pets, I believe they play a big role in this mess. In fact, on LymeBusters I once asked how many worked at veterinarians offices and there were a huge number that did.

For a brief moment panic swept over me, but I said, nope, I’m not doing that. After the kids went to bed I sat with my far infrared pad on for a few hours (the one I purchased through Dr. Staninger). And then before bed I used some of Trisha’s skin care suite, specifically the green bar that is kind of greasy, not the one you use in the shower. I covered my stomach in it and other areas that were effected and went to bed. By morning I looked better but to be honest it took about a week for my skin to look normal again. I think the green greasy bar from Trisha’s suite helped a lot and so did the FIR pad.

Now, my moms house did have mold issues which were fixed recently, but I have experienced this same thing when riding in a car of a co-worker that has pets and the pet wasn’t even in the car at the time. However, pet hair was everywhere. Now I never ride in anybodies car but my own.

I called somebody and explained my predicament to them and said what do you think it could be, mites, the mold, what? Nobody else experienced this and many people were there, including all of my children and wife. He explained it like this. Sometimes a person dies from a bee sting, but it’s not the bee sting itself that kills them, it’s the bodies reaction to it that actually kills them. For some reason, a Morgellons patient’s body is out of kilter, and my body reacted to something, perhaps the mold, pet dander, or mites that live on pets in an inappropriate manner.

Anyway, it was a very unpleasant week for me. And my four day weekend which I was longing for turned out to be an ugly reminder that Morgellons is crouching at my door wishing to devour me, even still. At one point everyday was like the above but even worse, the crawling and biting were terrible, at times I felt what felt like big movement under my skin, that was horrible, at one point I had it really bad in my testicles, but the heating pad seemed to rid me of that, good thing we’ve had all our kids already 😉

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that even though for the most part my symptoms are very slight if noticeable at all there are times when I have a major bout. I know the above probably sounds like a minor reaction but it was really like a pretty major relapse if only for a week.

Now, my problem is we are supposed to go there for Christmas, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I think I’m going to call my mom and explain it to her (I’ve told her I have this) and to be honest, I’m still not as well off as I was before I went there for Thanksgiving and it’s just very unhealthy for me to go there.


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  1. Don’t go. I just had a houseful Thanksgiving weekend and they were all scratching and itching by the time they left. One has multiple myeloma, he should be dead for all intents and purposes. This person whom I love and adore got down on the floor with my dog. I can barely control my fear and anxiety regarding his health.

    Stay away from CATS in particular, don’t go near any dogs at all (I am a dog owner). There is a mite called cheylettellia which supposedly comes from cats and rabbits. I just had my dog immunized with Ivermectin, if this doesn’t do it..the dog goes away..
    permanently. I doubt it’s the cheyletellia, that would be too simple. I do think pets are over vaccinated, over “frontlined” etc. etc. etc.

    Cats in particular have some funky propensities and I pray that I never see another one.

    No offense to Cat Lovers.

    • lamb, I totally agree, and get this. My mom only bought this house about two years ago, the previous owner almost completely ruined the back yard by dumping the kitty litter boxes all around, so the previous owner was a real loser type. Who knows how many cats they had.

  2. Just another thought MCS. The other thing that freaked me out was that we had a full on Beaver moon Thanksgiving week ending on Tuesday 12/1. My onset was last year at this time and I remember being suicidal at that point. The moons, the seasons, it’s all inter connected because whether we like it or not folks, we’re talking parasites and they follow the cycles of the moon as do most creatures. Wish I could give some advice or help. These are my thoughts and how they pertain to my paradigm,
    God Bless us all.

  3. I agree – don’t go! I’m sure your mother will understand especially since you had such a bad reaction. It’s very upsetting to have a set back, but the fear can make it worse. I’m glad you’re seeing this for what it is and not letting it get you down. Your positive attitude helps us all expecially when things are looking bleak.
    We inherited an indoor cat from my son when he moved, but she tends to stay away from me. She’ll come and smell my hand and then walk away. I guess she doesn’t want to get what I have! She’s been to the vet and shows no signs of having any parasites so we’re keeping her for now.
    Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

  4. Sorry for your recent ‘relapse’ of sorts, but glad for your improvement. One suggestion, if you did not already, is to start taking an antihistamine to calm down whatever this is. It should help to decrease the “system-overload” that occurs, the inflammatory response, to certain exposures, and minimize the cascade of symptoms.
    Once again, thank you for your openness, and level-headedness.

  5. Mr. Common Sense: I’m disappointed in your relapse. I have the same version of this thing as you. My mother has sores but I am “lucky” enough to not have them. Thank you for all your suggestions. My mother is on the full Commonsense protocol. She seems to be doing better. I encorporate your the poor mans with other stuff which I know you don’t take (ie. silver, MMS, AB,) but I just wanted to say thanks and keep plugging – I want to say to hell with mrg. but it is hard when I’m getting crawled all over. I like the way you think though.

  6. sistertocommonsense said:

    I would have Mom over to my House at Christmas without the animals. Stay calm, keep with the program and I truly realize that many of the people I speak to with this are very sensitive people to begin with.
    One more question, did you eat anything that you do not usually eat????
    Sister to Common Sense

  7. Mr. CS,
    Hope you are feeling better, we all know you are a trooper. I’ve wondered this before, but is there any chance that what sets you off around pets is actually their pesticides (like if they are treated monthly with Advantage or whatever.) Also, I’m wondering about that mold work your mother had done. Mold is really suspicious, you know Dr. Amin says that once a person with NCS is successfully treated, they are still susceptible around mold.
    I was wondering this weekend if your wife has lots of dental work or any mercury since she has never developed Morg. Also, pertaining to Sister’s above remark about very sensitive people: anybody else notice this about themselves? I for sure am a sensitive type–downright highstrung, in fact. Mr. CS, I wonder how you would rate yourself and wife on the “sensitive” scale. Sorry if I seem to be prying, but in the absence of a true study with controls, we take what we can get, and this topic of “sensitivity” keeps coming back.

    • My wife has a lot of Mercury fillings in her mouth but she has zero signs of Morgellons, none whatsoever. Whatever effected me was like an allergic reaction, you know people can become extremely allergic to mites, even every day carpet mites. It could be just the pet dander, or it could be the mold, however, I have this reaction (it seems) whenever I am in a place where pets live (house or car) whether they are present or not. And yes, I don’t discount the mold here at all …

  8. Another thought because I’m hung up on mercury today: you mentioned somewhere that there lots of vet techs who have this. Yet somebody who frequents this blog (I think it’s herehoping/Nancy) has like seven dogs or something and is vastly improved. I am wondering if there is a source of mercury in a vets office, in fact in the monthly flea treatments or something.
    I also am just so suspicious of the role pesticides play in the developement of Morg symptoms since we know so many people really dose themselves with all kinds, esp in the beginning it seems. It makes sense to me that the body of such a person might panic when once again in the presence of pesticides–like on a dog’s hair. I don’t know, these are just fragments of ideas.
    Can you tell I’m pretty reluctant to think the pets themselves are a problem?

    • herehoping is the one you are talking about, she sleeps with all her pets in her bed 😉 you’d have to put a gun to my head to get me to do that, but she is better now and seems to be doing fine. Maybe her pets didn’t get it, I think she had this a short time, a few months before she got right on it and became symptom free (I could be mistaken, maybe she’ll comment)

      • herehoping said:


        You are right about me being a symptom short-timer. Thanks to this website!!!!

        BUT….. there is now doubt in my mind that this did not come from my dogs. However,
        my dogs did show symptoms several weeks after my HELL had began.

        I really believe that my dogs contribute to my good health. They are a big part of my world. (i will post pics of us sometime soon)

  9. Hi Mr. Common Sense,
    Sorry about your relapse and best wishes for continued improvement. I have had this condition for 7 years now. It is worse at full moons and new moons. I take Garlic capsules every day (New Chapter Garlicforce seems the strongest but more expensive).
    Through a naturopath I did a heavy metal urine test through
    after using DMSA once. My mercury level was below toxic range, my lead was somewhat high but still below toxic range. I had my last mercury fillings removed last year. It appears that mercury is not my problem.

    I struggle with brain fog and focus problems and ear ringing. If anyone has suggestions for that please let me know.

    Does anyone know when the CDC report on Morgellons is coming out?

  10. Thank you for sharing your triumphs and disappointments. It makes this disease much more tolerable knowing that I’m not the only one.

    You and many others have been a great help in my learning to live with this disease.

  11. Dear Mr. CS,

    Pammie mae here 😦 sad too.
    Please have the testing done at Great Plains.
    It is painless,comes in the mail,and your insurance pays well.
    It will pin point the tiny tiny bit left and tell you what natural agent,or anti fungal
    will kick it .
    Pamela Mae

  12. Hi Mr C

    Thank you for sharing about re-infection.In my seven years with this disease i have had the same symptoms re-occur when entering certain homes or having direct contact with people that were exposed to this disease.
    This has caused the most loss and isolation for me. I could never even put it into words.It has taken away people i loved either because i got so hyper-reactive after being around them or they thought i was delusional. Either way it makes it difficult to move forward. I have infected people through casual contact. It is nothing short of a nightmare when i get itchy around someone that i never was itchy around before-I know that they are now affected by this scourge.Whether they are asymptomatic or showing symptoms-I still have an acute reaction. The only way i can live is to isolate myself to a certain extent, I pray that answers will come.
    I have not seen my sister in one year-because when i am near her my symptoms(and my kids) become as severe as at the onset of this disease.-it took me several months to get my symptoms back to what i call livable.She was not supportive and i won’t go in to any more details than that. I am just really sad .
    It makes it more complicated because the cdc has not validated this disease.So many people haven’t even heard of it, and those that have only heard crazy hype.
    I wanted to mention i have one friend left that does not have or carry this .Whatever morgellons is-it has not affected 1 in about 15 people in my life . I wanted to share this with all of long term symptoms – brain fog,confusion, depression, anxiety, crawling skin sensation, loss of vision,dramatic aging, hair loss ,severe pain and weakness in my wrists,morg migraines, cardio chonditis and chronic stomach issues-and oh and financial devastation! A re-infection for me is burning, crawling skin sensations,pin pricks, biting sensations.Red bumps(indicate a heavy re-exposure), Hot red areas that itch unbearably,suddenly appearing(covering a large area like thigh ,chest, stomach, or back)then disappearing, severe itching on the scalp and in the ears,nose and eyes.And a general toxic feeling lasting for two months or more-depending how heavy the re-exposure was.
    This holiday season is not gonna be easy, but i will focus on the things i need to be thankful for. Like this support network.One friend i talk to daily, who is also a sufferer-who reminds me to be grateful. He is on disability because of morgellons.My kids and I are recovering from swine flu, strep throat and bronchitis-all in two weeks.Life is never dull!
    It’s all what i do with this in my head. As time passes, i think this may be the most important adjustment. Gratitude in my attitude.
    love and well-wishes through this holiday season,

    • Mel, exatlly, there are certain people I cannot even touch nor be around, the effect is devestating if I am even though I may be feeling 100% free of Morgellons at the time. This really negates the parasite theory to a large extent and points to more of a histamine response.

      I’ve stated this many times but I’ll restate it again in order to make a point. The first time a person has scabies it could take a month or even longer for them to even begin to notice it, once rid of them if a year later a single scabie mite were to get on their skin they would notice it immediatly, we are talking within minutes of contact. The body remembers and responds.

      This is what I think is going on here, whatever Morgellons actually is, there are places with heavy residue and people carrying it that are symptomless. Will they ever show symptoms? Maybe not.

      This really makes me think at the core, Morgellons is either a Mold or Fungus that once bad enough invites secondary opportunistic feeders upon it.

      Mel, I’m sorry for you, but I want you to know I’m in the same boat. I am not going to my moms for Christmas and will mostly likely just tell her I’m sick. I just cannot go into her home, the price I pay is not worth it.

      There might be some hope coming, Ruth, Sidney, and others are having professional skin scrapings done by practioners and those are being sent to very good top knotch labs, some have already come back with very invasive molds, more results are due back soon, if there is a correlation between patients they might be onto something, amazing that we have to figure it out on our own, and that might be happening, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I will report more in the form of a blog post when I learn more.

      God Bless us all

  13. Oh Mel,
    Though I don’t know you, my heart aches for you after reading your post. I am praying for you and your kids. I think you are right with the gratitude attitude. Hang in there and I hope you have a beautiful Christmas.

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