Forgive this selfish request

I know many of you are sick and need prayers too, so forgive this selfish post. I encourage you to also post your prayer needs on this thread, it’s perfectly ok, and then I and many others will pray for you.

Do you see that little boy at the top of the trail head? He’s my “little guy” and his name is Benjamin, he’s 8 years old and pretty sick right now, 9 days of fever and now pneumonia. The doctor said it’s only touch of pneumonia but he’s been so sick and I’m shaken to the core. He is on antibiotics now and he’s home with us, he hasn’t been to school in 6 school days. I’ve been reeling of late from his illness. If you think about it during the day and over this weekend please say and prayer for him. Feel free to post your prayer needs on this post and many, including myself, will pray for you as well.

God bless us all.


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  1. Joe Keleher said:

    Benjamin and family are in my prayers. I’ll add to the list my Mom (who is waiting on test results related to various cancers) and my brother-in-law Jeff who has just been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. Thanks-Joe

    • Prayers up for Benjamin and your family. I pray for all of us each and every day, Joe’s mom and your baby will be included. God Bless.

  2. herehoping said:

    Thank you MCS for starting this blog.
    My father asked me tonight to light a candle (catholic) and say prayers for my step-mom who is suffering from an infection post triple bypass. Her name is Dee. Please pray for her healing in you prayers.
    I love you all

  3. MSC–
    Wow–I’m so sorry to hear about Benjamin. It’s very scary to watch little ones with such high fevers. I’ll keep you and yours in my thoughts.
    Hugs and prayers,

  4. Prayers for brave little Benjamin and his worried family.

  5. It’s scary enough dealing w/ Morgellons but when your child is sick that’s extremely tough. I know, I’ve been there. I will pray for Benjamin, hope he gets well soon. Please keep us updated.

  6. MCS

    Heavenly intervention is always the best! I will be thinking of Benjamin this week-end and praying for him and your family. Also Joe’s mom, brother-in-law, and Dee and all of our loved ones who are ill right now. Please include my 16 year old daughter, Loni, in your prayers. She has been hit hard from morgellons, she can no longer attend school,visit with friends, and struggles at times just to get out of bed.
    I pray the Lord will touch our lives, renew our strength, and bring peace and healing.
    I also pray for all of those who are suffering with morgellons, that the Lord will provide what we need on a daily basis to survive.
    Thank-you for this blog.

  7. Prayers are so very powerful. Will keep Benjamin and your family in my prayers as well as all those requested here.

  8. There is nothing in my mind that is selfish about asking for prayers. I will pray and picture Benjamin and your family whole, perfect and well.
    Then I will give it to God and let him work his magic.

  9. Thank you everyone, Benjamin went to school today thank God and you for all your prayers. It turns out I have what he had (some kind of bacteria infection?). I’m on Zithromax but not getting better, these things that keep happening in my life seem so planned, one crushing blow after another, forgive me for feeling sorry for myself, there is something obviously wrong with me, God is trying to get my attention but for some reason I will not turn and be healed.

    I just sat out in my car crying before I came into work today, I have my wife’s car and it has a CD recorded that I like, I was listening to this song and this is exactly how I feel and I just began to cry uncontrollably. I’m sure some of you feel the same way.

    I’ve been left so far out from the shore that I can’t find my way back, my way anymore …

    I feel the incredible need to escape but there is no where to run

    I won’t be told anymore
    That I’ve been brought down in this storm
    And left so far out from the shore
    That I can’t find my way back, my way anymore

    No I won’t be told anymore
    That I’ve been brought back in this storm
    And left so far out from the shore
    That I can’t find my way back, my way anymore

    Forgive that they teared down my soul
    Bless them that they might grow old
    And free them that they may know
    That it’s never too late

    So many times that I’ve seen life before me
    I searched and found the way to choose to the end
    I found a way, to know, why it had to be
    Mired in denial and saw all the rain

    If we ever find it true
    Love will have its way to choose
    Three more to tame
    We can be ever

    I won’t be told anymore
    That I’ve been brought down in this storm
    And left so far out from the shore
    And I can’t find my way back, my way anymore

    No I won’t be told anymore
    That I’ve been brought back in this storm
    And left so far out from the shore
    That I can’t find my way back, my way anymore

  10. Hang in there MCS! One foot in front of the other.
    If ever there were a group of people who deserved a pity party, it is us. All of us who are affected by this horrible nightmare that we cannot wake up from
    Losing it is a part of this disease and somehow I think it helps on occasion, none of us is Atlas although it seems as if we have to be that strong just to get through our days.
    Thank God your boy is on the mend, we will all pray for your speedy recovery.
    Know that you are loved and appreciated by many.
    God Bless you and yours, brother.

  11. I pray and send healing energy to you and your son Benjamin and your family.
    Good health and courage to you. Find a way to keep your spiritual balance (whatever works for you, a meditation book, sitting meditation, music, yoga breathing, healing music, nature, family, love). I know this is hard because Morgellons hits the brain, but it waxes and wanes. You are not alone. Your site has inspired many of us. Thank you and love and healing to you. Hang in there, try to go past the illness and feel the present moment. Take raw garlic, garlic capsules, black walnut tincture. Here is a link to Adam Dreamhealer who teaches visualization for healing
    Alot of us have health challenges and other challenges now. Is this part of the 6th night period that the Mayans predicted for 2009?
    Light and love to you

  12. Heart blessing to you and yours.

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