The following report is a case study submitted to the NREP, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, by Dr. Staninger in Oct 2009. Dr. Staninger’s approach to health, disease treatment, and disease prevention are based on her lifetime research on health effects of our exposure to environmental toxins.

The vector points of exposure can be obvious like contact with pesticides, poisons, and chemicals as well food based ones. For example, artificial sweeteners called aspartame aka phenylanaline, artificial additives within the glutamate family, and at the top of her list to stay away from are all modified food starches.

This report is based largely on the aerial spraying vector that we are constantly exposed to and for the most part, completely without our knowledge.

Dr. Staninger continues to research and map the correlation between diseases like MS (multiple sclerosis), Morgellons, Schizophrenia, Autism, Depression, ADD, ADHA, and Epilepsy and our growing exposure to the myriad of neurotoxins and toxins within our environment.

Dr. Staninger is quickly becoming one of the most valued toxicologists within the professional medical research community. The team at the Fountain of Wellness is forever grateful for her dedication to discovering these truths and the protocol treatments she has developed to counter disease and aging.

May the truth set you free!

Read her full article HERE


Comments on: "Understanding Disease With Staninger Toxicology" (2)

  1. The only downside to this is that it is based on 1 patient in AZ. What about Greemajean and others like the nano team? We know she’s seen alot patients, no one will ever believe this except us.

  2. I have the “Psuedo hair” or morphed hair, as i call it.There are so many symptoms of morgellons-i never even posted about this particular problem. Anyone else suffering from this, may want to try Wen Haircare.( i like fig cleansing conditioner and mint mixed together)i use the mint on my scalp and fig on the rest. I wanted to shave my head-my hair had gotten so bad. This product almost makes my hair feel normal again.
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