I’m working on something for 2010 that will give us a chance to communicate. I don’t know if you have ever used Skype but it’s a free way to speak to people over the internet just as if you were using a telephone, you can even conference many folks in at a time. We can just chat by typing or even better by voice. The one thing you need for voice is a head set or a microphone for your computer. I use it all the time but setup a special account for my blog. The cool thing is that there are no charges at all for the call. It’s just voice being carried over the internet.

My Skype name is “mr.common.sense” and you can download and install Skype (it’s free) here

I think it would be fun to get together and theorize on what is behind all of this, offer each other support, and maybe even laugh a little. This is still in the works, I just want to see if anyone is interested. Let me know if you think you would be.

Mel’s Conference Call, Thursday Dec 17th

Oh, and don’t forget about Mel’s conference call tomorrow, I’d love to listen in but it’s during my works hours and I have to drive home to do it which ends up causing me to miss nearly half a days work. Mel’s calls have been very good, I think this call will be done differently and give the callers more of a chance to talk. For those that call in report back on this thread and let us know how it goes.

@9:45am PACIFIC,12:45pm EASTERN

1)DIAL 1-712-432-3100
2)ENTER CODE: 388191



Comments on: "Communicate with Mr. Common Sense" (3)

  1. Janet Davis said:

    Hi, I have been fighting M. for about 10 yrs in various forms. Now at this moment, the worst things I’m dealing with is ears, throat, nose, lips , face, lower arms and hands (especially cuticles, nail bed, fingernails and fingertips. I am being treated by Dr. Susan Kolb and Dr. Brad Gould at Plastikos & Milliunneum H. C. in Atlanta. I live near Nashville, so it’s a drive of 5 hrs away. I have been reading you for a year or so. I am impressed by what you say. I have seen your video. I have been shaving my head for 2yrs. I have almost cured my scalp, at least everywhere except the crown and around my ears. I have a cough that is dry sometimes and sometimes it chokes me. My sputum is like a jelly ball, with stringy and gooey red, green brown and grayish globs. I believe it is strongyloides. I am also infested with collembola (I’ve seen the bigger bugs in house. I see white flying bugs? flies? spiders? on my body, flying off of me, flying in my house and car and even outside on my driveway. I can’t go outside or anywhere to get away from them. We also have a problem with mold. Many trees, cedar, etc. Mold in the trees falls on our roof, and in our crawl space are places where there were plumbing leaks, etc. We bought our home 10 yrs ago and about 6mo later is when I started with symptoms. I would be grateful for your input as to how I can get tested for all three. My dr’s in Atlanta know what their dealing with, I think, but have not done any skin scrapings, or sputum cultures. They say their labs don have equip. Thank you for anything you can help me with. Blessings, Janet Davis

  2. zara cybele said:

    I’d be interested in skyping. I’m all set up with a webcam although I don’t know that I can skype more than one person at a time (are you intending a bunch of people on one call?).
    I have questions about what the heck I’ve just been through. I am going on my second month of this and don’t know what to make of anything.

  3. Janet.
    Can you get a mycologist into your home? Over on lymebusters they have a microbiologist who is testing their bodily samples for mold, sorry I don’t know the name of the man but you can find the threads over there. There is Genova and Great Plains Laboratories who are doing extensive stool and urine tests, it is self pay.
    I hope you are dehumidifying, perhaps a far inrared heater will help?
    Just throwing it out there, sorry this is so bad for you.
    I did the exterior of my home with Orange Guard and we took out all mulch and replaced it with rock.
    Clean with enzymes and keep it dry.
    God Bless us all.

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