From time to time I get letters from Manufacturers of products and I think I will post them from now on and tag them with a new category called "Products". This by no means I endorse or have used these products, I am merely bringing them to your attention because it might be that they can help you. I will never accept a dime from manufacturer’s and even now refuse free products that are offered so my judgment is never influenced.


I received a wonderful letter in my email box from a lady and her husband who seemed to have reached “the near symptom free state” of Morgellons as have I. The letter wasn’t in a format that I could easily post on my blog but I wanted to alert you to their products. They are the manufactures of the products that you see above based on Neem. I know many of you are familiar with Neem. I will write to her and ask her to post her story on this blog post as a comment. You can find the original letter Pamela sent to me HERE you might find it very interesting.

The site above can be found here They sell the products separately too.

I have never tried this product. Of course, I have had great luck with Trisha Springstead’s products from ESP Botanicals. But I thought the Besorah Seed Neem soap looks very interesting.


Comments on: "Neem Products by The Besorah Seed" (7)

  1. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Dear MRC and All,
    Trishas products contain Neem, Grapeseed Extract, Wormwood, Sulfur, a Menthol Mix of all the Mint Oils needed, Black Walnut, Organic Cedarwood, Rosewood, Shea, Mango, and all of the oils that are incorporated in many isolates on the market. New Hope 2 was formulated for patients with paraisitic problems, crawling and itching in mind.
    It is also incorporated in a US Patented organic base that was invented and used for psoriasis, eczema ect.
    There are other oils like Frankenscence, Myrrh and the Biblical oils in her formulations.
    Through the recommendation of a Korean Doctor and through input from suffers she has increased the volume of essential oils and healing carrier oils and worked one on one with patients.
    Neem is great, Calendula is great, Sulfur is great but you can get them all in one line of products and in the correct proportions to correct the problem and add the oils necessary to not strip the skin.
    Look at any labels and if propyl, ureas, ect is are the formulations they do not belong on the skin.
    You can not heal diseased skin by just using one element. The skin has to have nourishment and it takes a seasoned formulator to know what these patients need.
    One isolate is not going to get it. Just my opinion.
    Trisha is a small company that is evolving and she will immediately respond and is open to adding other elements to this evolving line. She responds quickly to the consumer wants and needs in her products based on response and suffers input.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • The ESP Botanicals shampoo has recently been revised with added menthols and organic flower of sulfur. This stuff rocks now and is kicking bug ass for me. You feel the menthol on your skin while using it and well afterwards. I love it and it’s really starting to help my scalp and my whole body, for I am using it as a body wash now. I’ve talked to Trish and she has told me she has added the increased menthols and sulphur to the whole New Hope II line. I’ve used many neem products from Neem Tree Farms, which I love, but they have not held up to the relief I have received from the New Hope II line. Now if someone could start posting on products that would help relieve my environmental problems for my active PEST infestation in my home that keeps reinfesting me, only in certain areas, I would be greatly appreciative. Bobby
      PS I have talked to many other people who are having the same environmental issues as I am, I feel this is NOT coming from my terrain, but the terrain that is surrounding me.

    • The Ulimate Touche cleansing bar formulated by Urchinsea Designs for Products of Tsiyon is way above the rest. When coming up with the formula we have those who suffer with Morgellons in mind. This deep cleansing bar presents itself as a soothing mint neem bark product but was formulated to be a natural “insectacide” to repel anything that might want your blood. There are many things that must feast on blood to reproduce. Neem is the kiss of death for some insects or parasites.
      If you study the ingredients (the oils) and know what you are looking for, you will see that each one has been chosen to team up with the other and provide a beautiful preventative shield of protection for the skin. The fourth cleansing bar was formulated to honor Dr. Hulda Clark. It uses cinnamon, honey and clove spice and extracts. There is also a free downloadable book to education anyone who would like to know more about neem and karanyah oils. All of the products of Tsiyon do not have synthetic or detergents in them and no animal content. All of our animals happen to love neem leaves and neem oil and cleaning products. This is a huge breakthrough in the health care industry. Paloma

  2. I fogged my home with cedarside at least five times. It did cut down the population but not destroy them. It’s expensive and makes one heck of an oily mess.
    Just my humble opinion.

  3. Be careful what you read.

    Vitamin D is not poison. It is a critical nutrient that most Americans don’t get enough of. Because it is fat soluble, it can build up to toxic levels if overdosed, but it is most certainly not a poison to be avoided.

    • I read that there are several types of vita D. The one that has been used for assasinations (documented political and social misfits) in Africa is the vita D 3. The “nice thing” 😦 about using this synthetic or chemical is when an autopsy is done… one will be able to pin point death on vita D3.
      These experiments are out there for the world to see. Until then, safe exposure to the sun never hurt anyone.

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