In our case,  we (my fiancé’ and I ) had the symptoms and  it seemed to have "spread"  to family, acquaintances and friends.  7 people in all.

1.  The acquaintance – must of "had it mild"?  By spraying with cedar, using the ESP Botanical samples you gave and getting rid of 1 couch, she was cured of her symptoms and itching in 1 1/2  months time.  (I also stopped making direct contact with her for 3 wks of that time to ensure she cleared up). 

2.  My fiancé’s friend at band practice – Must of also "had it mild". By spraying his house with cedar, sprayed the cat, used 1 of the ESP Botanical kits I bought and several of the samples you provided…He also became problem free & cured in about 3 months, 

3. My fiancé’s brother (lives with mother)  Finally admitted that he had it too  (he had lied and denied the itching for 8 months last year… then finally got honest)..  However, it is doubted that he "caught it after us and it is now thought that he had it before us and in fact spread it to us".  So,  it turns out he may have-  in fact- been the EPICENTER  and beginning of where all this came from! Sad that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the beginning of this year and he had recently died in Aug ’09.  We are wondering if having this condition played a part with him having cancer or the other way around -  The cancer made him susceptible to "catch" this in the first place? 

4. My fiancé’s mother. (Who’s house may have been the Epicenter)  She is elderly (84) and complained of some symptoms for several months last spring but with Cedar fogging the house and general ongoing spraying as well as using some of the ESP Botanical kits.  She says she doesn’t itch anymore. The carpets were recently ripped up and there was some mold in the walls and all this is currently being cleaned up and addressed.   

5. My brother.  Had it bad since November last year and throughout this year.   He was given ESP kits, samples and protocol advice.  Finally took the advice and started using protocols in April 09 – August 09 and experienced a wonderful 2 month reprieve (Sept & Oct) but then after visiting me at my house in November got some bites and is experiencing symptoms again?   So – he is starting the VAXA over again and ESP kits… to try to eradicate it once more.   He also dusts his carpets with diatomaceous earth (which he thinks is what made a difference when he got rid of it in Sept).  More to be revealed on his progress  -  but its sad cause we wont be able to visit properly over the holidays like normal people because I don’t want to spread it to him anymore!

6. Me and fiancé’.  We have never gotten rid of it entirely? but have had a reduction of most of the horrible symptoms (only when we keep the house vacuumed regularly, the dogs bathed and sprayed and weekly general spraying of cedar, using ESP soap etcetera and no sugar or sweets – which is very hard for me ).  There is a serious relationship between this condition and sugar intake!   I think we haven’t been cured because we keep going over to his mother’s house and we are having a hard time doing all that’s required in the protocol because we both work full time and over time and are caring for his 84yr old mother.  My fiancé’ doesn’t have the symptoms as bad as I get them (intense itching at night and rash like reactions when I scratch the itch – I use Eucalyptus oil and cedar oil on my skin and that does the trick rather than scratch) during flare ups. 

Thank you Trisha Springstead for letting me post this. It helps the community greatly to know what so many others are going through. I wish this family the best, and there are so many others out there going through this with no help at all. It is my strong belief that the vast majority of folks suffering are unaware of what they are up against, have never heard the term Morgellons, and have no help available to them.

Trisha you have helped so many, I am very glad I know you.


Comments on: "One Families Battle with Morgellons" (5)

  1. How do I know if I have this, I have been suffering from something for 2 months that I was initially treated as scabies (perm cream). My derm said it was DP and finally I purchased a microscope. I successfully identified 3 different types of dog mites from skin scraping. But I suspect I have other things as well. At least, from what I have seen in my microscope.

    I feel a lot better right now, but I took 18mg of ivermectin 4 days ago but tonight I am starting to get bumps on my jawline and feel things crawl on my nose..

    What should I be on the look out for? What are the symptoms?

  2. Dear lost,

    I think you should get new hope 2 products immediately. Buy online at esp botanicals. You are fortunate enough to have found this website and are finding out what this is early on.
    My symptoms at the onset were itching crawling skin sensations, red bumps (bites) appearing like 5 at a time. crawling in my ears, nose, scalp, and eyes really bad. Hot red rashes that would appear and disappear..and major lack of sleep because the itching was so bad-especially at night.Also, i was going a little over the edge-because i couldn’t identify what this was for several years. I found that scabies cream and ivermectin only harm our bodies and make it harder for us to get well long term.Limit your chemical exposure. Clean with only nautral cleaning products.(kleen green or enzyme cleaners) Look at changing your diet to alkaline.Get on the poor mans protocol(find it here on mr. commonsense)There is a good sulphur soap in the protocol as well. Limit your sugar!! very important. It’s hard for me to do this too! Eat lots of organic eggs if you can.
    Use (mule team) borox in your laundry and bath. I use 1-2 cups for myself when i bathe. It really helps the itch.
    Right now for your red bumps-try to get a sulphur cream. I order sulfaderm online and put it on those red bumps-because the itching would get really out of control for me until i treated those.
    Also you need to treat the environment and any pets . Look into the menthol crystals for rooms that are heavily affected. You or any pets cannot be the rooms when you diffuse..If you have dogs try to use sulphur or neem shampoo to bathe them in. I use new ark naturals. dogs would do well on an chicken based organic dog food like natural balance or wellness and add food grade diatomaceous earth in. @(wolfcreekranch)
    You can also take the food grade DE. Hit this hard now-and you have a great chance at early remission. Mr. commonsense always says “do no harm” when treating your symptoms.Stay close here and at esp botanicals website.

  3. Very overwhelming…

    Thanks for the help but that sure sounds like a lot of stuff that I don’t know about.

    Couple of things:

    I think I had parasite for man years. I was bloated and sluggish and just not my usual self. Some would say I had Fibromyalgia.

    First symptoms really did appear to be scabies.. so a few permith treatments I believe did there job.. I treated the dog with promeris.. my child (who is with me part time, but hasn’t been here in my house 6 weeks) was also treated with perm..

    things seems to be going great, then all these bumps started and my dermatologist said it was DP.. he almost had me convinced. Being that I am engineer and have strength in problem-solving, I purchased a microscope of amazon and really the only thing I was looking for was sarcoptic mites, so I missed a few other things along the way. I successfully identified 3 different demodex mites (canis, injai, cornei) I was totally infested.. that’s what led me to take the 18mg Ivermectin/Stromectol and I have to tell you I didn’t feel like I had much of a choice with the amount of these pesky mites on me.

    Dog mites prefer the face. the love beards (shave) and scalp the best tho, a little different from sarcoptic. So for a few days I was asbolutely symptom free and my new derm (who I do like) told me to take the ivermectin again 7 days from my last dose. I honestly do not know what to do.. I have not talked to my derm since I began to suspect morgellons and to be honest, I am afraid to be told I am DP.

    So morgellons are typically found with scabies/dog mites and other parasites? I seem to have cured the other parasites and now have these ‘lint-like’ things that come out of face/chest mostly and when I look at them under the microscope they seem to be ‘blue fibers’.

    I am really afraid that:

    – I will contaminate my child (if not already).
    – That I have to give up my dog (we lost 2 dogs this year for natural causes)
    – That I will never find relief!!

    Please be specific as what I need to do to stop this now other than the ‘poor man protocol’ on this site.. there is too much info out there on the internet that is contadicting and I just don’t know what to believe anymore!

    Thank you in advance, I too now feel your pain.

  4. I am confused. I this your family Mr. Common Sense or someone else’s? Are you posting this letter from yourself or for someone else?

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