The main point of this blog is to offer comfort and confirmation of what we are all going through and hopefully somehow between us all, find healing. For those readers that are improving, making progress, and feeling better this post is the place where you can share with others what products, supplements, diet, and cleaning techniques that you are using that are helpful.

However, give this some thought before you post. This thread will be read by people months, maybe even years from now looking for help, so be detailed, list brand names if you wish, when time of the day you take it, with or without a meal and so on. Of course, cleaning techniques that are useful should be listed too. You might even spell check before posting so this is a top quality post.

The two protocols that I did that helped me the most are listed here, however, I am not making recommendations just sharing what I did. The one thing not listed in the two posts below is exercise. I am finding that very helpful. But as with everything, whether it be supplements or exercise, I start way below the recommendations.

  1. Extensive Protocol HERE …
  2. Poor Mans Protocol HERE …

This could turn out to be a very valuable post for those who come along after us, so let’s make it count. Please do not post things that require prescriptions as I do not want people trying to buy drugs out of country to self treat. Let’s focus on the healthy non-toxic things a person can do, if your diet is key to your success by all means post it for us.


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  1. Joe Keleher said:

    I follow the protocol designed by Dr. Klinghardt (via Dr. Shelton) to eliminate neurotoxins (if interested in the specifics, Mr. CS was good enough to post a link) along with suggestions made by Dr. Amin.

    I try to keep clear on bringing in what is good for my body, mind and soul…while eliminating what isn’t good. Things I’ve tried to move towards include: clean air & water (I gave up steady employment and moved to get away from the coal burning power plants in the Four Corners area), positive people, steady spirituality, organic foods, exercise (for body and mind), and appreciation for all I have (seeing/knowing I am thriving and letting go of thinking I am just surviving).

    I also have a foot bath, sauna, and palm massager. These I see as helpful in the removal of toxins (although I haven’t come across any solid proof of footbaths actually eliminating toxins…I do believe they assist in elimination). I use the palm massager to assist with lymphatic massage (I self-massage for lymphatic drainage…to save money). Yoga is also helpful in getting the lymphatic system to work.

    The cost of getting toxins out of my system has been extensive (and without insurance coverage for the mostpart). I know it is expensive…I wish it wasn’t.

    I’m glad I’ve taken the steps I have. I also think sharing what I have found along the way helpful. I really appreciate the work put in by Mr. CS (along with the input from many of you) and Explore! medical journal for publishing my account as well as my research.

    Happy Holidays to all of you and yours, Joe

  2. I went to a seminar once. It was put on by a guy that now is a visionary leader in the area of Conscious Language. Anyway, he used to be a herbalist, till he switched careers. So he still believes in herbs, organic eating and all that stuff. While he sells mostly seminar stuff he also sells the stuff he REALLY believes in from his old career.

    I ordered a bottle of “Thought Freedom” and a bottle of “Fungi-Gon” from +1 (828) 258-2220.

    The ingredients are copitis & spilanthes root extract fro Fungi-gon and
    Black walnut liquid, wormwood for Thought Freedom

    I took a dropper a day of each. Immediately my nasal passages cleared up and has stayed that way.

    I also ordered a bottle of the mineral supplements and took a capful of liquid a day. It tasted awful but I think it helped.

    Taking the droppers a day was a turning point for me. I could feel it helping.
    I also take Anu water and use ESP products and a probiotic called Jarrowdopilus.

    When I am on track I have very few symptoms if at all. When I am off track (eating lots and lots of sugar) I have a lot of symptoms.

    The cedar/sage spray that the grocery store called “Traders Joes” is most excellent for cleaning my hardwood floors with when they start to feel buggy.

    These are the things that have helped me signifantly. Good luck to all.

  3. I had really hoped alot of folks would have chimed in by now, that to me says not many are making progress which is definitely not what I had expected or hoped for.

  4. Hi everyone,

    I am currently taking most of the supplements on the MCS protocol, Magnesium made a big difference. I am getting better. Most of the nervous system issues are resolving and there is marked reduction in fiber / lesion production. Digestion is better, no more burning stomach after starting DE. Some days you win other days it seems like a step back. As long as you keep moiving forward you ARE winning. In addition I have found the following very helpful:
    Cat’s Claw herb 2 x 180mg 2x day
    Opaline Dry Oxy 3 caps 2x day
    Cider Vinegar Caps 2 x 530mg 2x day
    Coconut Oil 1 teaspoon 2x day
    Lecithin Caps 1 x 1200mg 1x day
    Colloidal Silver 20ppm (homemade) 3 tablespoons 2x day
    MSM caps 1000mg 2x day
    Vitamin D3 2000 IU a day
    Diatomaceous Earth 2 Tablespoons in flavoured water at bedtime (biofilm)
    Alfalfa Tabs 5 x 550mg at bedtime
    Shower with coal tar soap (high in sulfphur)
    Soak in Epsom Salt bath 3 x week

    Hope this is helpful.

    Best regards and healing,


    • Excellent, thank you everybody, and Rob, I just ordered a round of Opaline Oxy, haven’t done that in about a year but am going to pulse that again, by the end of 2011 I hope to be absolutely 100% free if this mess. I have a new protocol I am going start soon, based on my others but with some key tweaks. I’m glad to hear some are making progress. I’m very glad to hear the Magnesium is making a difference, I think that has been VERY key for me. Are you using the CALM brand?

      One thing, beware of too many epsom salt baths, I stopped doing them, you can over do those.

      Anyway, again, thank you to all who have posted so far ..

    • Can you give us an update? Has all this worked? I’ve tried it all….I don’t do the Diatomacious earth anymore, as Staninger said it could clog the kidneys, but, I have no proof. I don’t know if that is true. I do interfase and NAC for biofilm. The German Scientist Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, who spoke at the morgellons conference said that NAC is good for biofilm, in fact, that was his number one pick. Ummm – good work CS as, I was already taking it.

  5. I am following the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and it does work, along with garlic capsules, thieves oil in green tea. I try to watch my ph, use sulphur soap and Selsun Blue for shampoo and body, add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to my laundry water.

    This website has given my life back to me. Many thanks, MCS, and all others who contribute solutions which work.

  6. Some helpful hints, to add to those shared on this god-sent website.
    Don’t panic. Anxiety delays healing. People are getting better all the time; it just takes time–it may have to run its course, depending on stage of infection.

    Kroeger herbs: Wormwood combination and Rascal each 2 caps 3x/day (both cheap);
    Oreganol brand: Oregamax 2 caps 3x/day, and Oreganol 2 drops under tongue daily (or a couple x/day)–potent antifungal, anti-everything;
    Rhodiola rosea 100 mg/day to start for brain fog, fatigue, mood, and to prevent mitochondrial damage (used pharmaceutically in Europe for various conditions);
    Good food-based multivit, 1-2 fish oil caps 2x/day (molecularly distilled), co-Q10 100 mg 2x/day, probiotics, vit D, magnesium.
    Add red-yeast rice 2 caps 2x/day (per Dr. Staninger’s website, as I recall).
    Avoid sweets. Avoid or limit breads. (Be aware of connection between what is eaten and how one feels.) Eat fruit & veg–wash produce thoroughly first; quality proteins, including eggs. Pumpkin seeds.
    *Some drs./practitioners believe that a gluten-free diet is essential to begin healing.
    Drink plenty of tea! Lots to choose from, especially peppermint tea daily. Avoid soda.

    Wash clothes separately. New white plastic bag for each load of clean laundry, then use for dirty clothes and discard.
    Clean towel daily is a must. Clean sheets OR minimum clean pillow case laid on top of pillow daily. Can dust lightly with Gold Bond medicated powder if needed.
    Add cup of borax to laundry or use cup of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap. Use Bounce dryer sheets. (If available, look for the one that says “removes lint and hair”–seems industry already knows something…)
    General cleaning with natural products containing essential oils to prevent reinfection.
    Also Detol soap or bleach for bathrooms. Get rid of carpets! Discard clothing or items that appear contaminated that are unable to be washed.
    Clean frig with baking soda, or replace if older unit.

    Use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap (or eucalyptus) diluted with half water as hand soap or spot treatment for itching/lesions.
    Seabuckthorn oil products for skin and spot treatment for itching/lesions. (Try Aubrey, the facial toner is great and gentle for itchy eyes, ears and nose as well).
    Shower daily with selsun-blue shampoo or teatree/peppermint shampoo.

    For lesions or to remove persistent localized under-the-skin movement sensations, can alternate rubbing drops of oregano oil (watch, it can burn–avoid the eyes), then teatree oil to cool down or Aubrey Seabuckthorn Facial Toner, then regular hydrogen peroxide soaked on a tissue (watch it can burn), then Aubrey Facial Toner soaked on tissue, each for a minute or two as tolerated. (When successful, will eventually produce unusual or fibrous material. May take daily treatments for a week or alternating for some months–take breaks, do not further irritate the skin.)
    Do not over-treat or soak for long periods. Slow steady progress is the rule.

    Condition is auto-infective. Another way to limit reinfection, remove all ‘wayward hairs’ from skin, face, etc. Morgellons infects the hair follicles and hairs. Use disposable lint rollers on clothing. Get rid of upholstery when able. Vacuum regularly.

    Have a support person who is aware of this condition to call as needed. Avoid talking to others as much as possible. This is much to ‘sci-fi’ to comprehend without a frame of reference. Be aware of one’s boundaries! Easy to lose control. REST is essential.
    REST is key to well-being and recovery.
    Take melatonin (up to 10 mg. at bedtime); good for sleep and hormones.

    To lower ‘creep factor’: REFRAME the idea of this mentally often and daily.
    Helps to view it as some sort of ‘fungal infection.’ When fiberglass curtains first came out earlier this century, people thought they had bugs and others thought they were nuts. This is similar, in that it is some sort of foreign material/germ/whatever–only now, due to modern industrial/agricultural biotechnology, it just happens to be able to grow in the body, and even incorporate your own DNA. That is why it must be fought by improving one’s own immune status, especially in the gut.
    Be advised: It is likely capable of transmission to others. Avoid direct contact with vulnerable people when symptomatic, even long-term.
    Many report hypersensitivity to computers; limit time. May try Q-link or similar product to help protect one’s own energy field (EMF).
    If sensitive to light, use candles for warmth and comfort.
    Prayer and meditation are highly beneficial if able. If not, ask others to pray for you.

    Know that one day, more will be known and there will be vindication. No need to feel shame, but privacy protection is a right. No one asked for this. Expect to get better.
    God bless.

  7. Sister to Common Sense said:

    This is a Letter written by a Woman in Florida I thought I would post it.

    Dear Mr Common Sense,
    I have been a long term sufferer of this Toxic Disease for 15 years. I will tell you all of my History in short sentences.
    1. Mayo Clinic- Doctors and every Dermatologist on the day I went there, told me after seeing me, after 2-5 minutes after a conference in the Hall they told me, I was delusional and doing this to myself.
    2. I have seen approximately 15 more Doctors
    3. One Doctor in Pinellas Park, Florida put a Pic Line in me and put me on IV Antibiotics especially 6 months of Vancomycin, Then
    Alendazole, Ivermectin and so many drugs I can’t list them all. I paid 1500.00 a month for treatment because I had no insurace from a pre-existing condition that supposedly doesn’t exist. Even the patients who had HIV Aids did not want to be near us in her office.
    4. For one year they diagosed me with Reumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and put me on so many shots and I kept getting worse and worse. There were day I couldn’t get out of bed or think, my speech was affected because I was so Brain Fogged I couldn’t think.
    5. Then I called a Doctors Assistant who was in New Mexico at the time and he sent me Catalogs of Horse Dewormers by an animal company I spent so much money to buy things.To speak with his assistant, was 350.00 for her to recommend nothing but garbage. It cost 1500.00 if up front if I wished to speak with the Doctor, She told me to go to Mexico for 18,000.00 and to get a second mortgage on my home to finance this. The lack of professionalism was horrible and they take advatange of the desperation that we endure.
    6. Another Doctor who didn’t know what I had put me on steroids and I gained 50 lbs.
    I knew what hell on earth was.
    By this time I was bald, broke, had beetles, fibers and strange parasites coming out of my skin and head. The follicles were damaged.
    I had spent over 50,000.00 until 1 1/2 years ago. Here is what happened:
    Someone in my town told me of a woman who formulated skin care. Her name is Trisha Springstead who is a Registered Nurse licensed in Florida and is Highly Educated.
    She had an office in Brooksville, Florida.
    I went to see her and told her my story and she was the first Medical Professional to hug me and tell me that she would do whatever it took to get me better. I was riddled with lesions and my skin was grey and tacky with a film that was disgusting, I was in Pain the worst pain you can imagine, physically and mentally, I never felt clean and when I wasn’t sleeping I was in the shower 10 times a day.
    She Validated my disease, Validation is so very important.
    It was then that she told me about ph, skin care and the chemicals in it and the dangerous in our Food Sources and our Environment.
    I did everything she told me (she wouldn’t tell me to take anything unless she had taken it for herself to make sure it was safe) She had more knowledge than anyone I ever met in regard to this disease.
    She was right it is all about Toxicity. She is also correct about how we need good protein.
    This is my protocol:
    1. A Non GMO diet
    2. I eat lots of good protein, I am not vegetarian because I need protein, I eat eggs, Chicken that is non-hormonal, non antibiotics, anything that is orange, darkgreen and fresh. I eat almond butter, sweetpotatoes, spinach salads, thick skinned fruits and 12 grain bread when I eat bread. I eat about 4 small meals a day. Orange Juice, Cranberry juice.
    3. I am on the Anu water 2 ounces twice a day with a probiotic with Jarrow in it.
    4. I am on Cell Food made by called Sea Alka and on their Magnesium and Calcium from Phytoplanktin and organic highly charged ocean Plasma
    5. I take Vitamin D-3 1000 mgs twice a day
    6. I used to take parasitin but have stopped this
    7. I take habanereo pepper with herbals from
    8. Most importantly I use New Hope 2, soap, balm, shampoo and serum, it is worth every penny as it lasts a long,long time. I can honestly say that it cut through the biofilm and now my skin is squeaky clean. If you look at the ingredients you will understand that she does not flinch on quality and is always improving on her products.
    9. I drink lots of organic teas ESSIAC and Pao de Arco
    10. I get out now, I can function now after years of isolation. This is due to knowing that if I isolate I get sick. My Faith is stronger and I do not curse this anymore, it happened for a reason and it showed me who my true friends are in this life.
    I am lucky to have a supportative family who do not have this. This has been my blessing.
    I am still purging but after 15 years I can say I have a life and am out of the darkness and at the end of this mess. Thank You Mr Common Sense and Thank you Trisha for caring and being a Professional Medical Person, humanitarian and a dear freind, I can never thank her enough.
    She actually loves us and we are lucky enough to be able to visit her and spend time with her.
    Her husband is also a dear and does not fear us, they are good people. I know in 6 months I will be 100%.
    If you would print this I would be grateful.
    Jan in Florida

  8. zara cybele said:

    I think the reason many haven’t posted yet, is that we are all in the process of refining and finding out what works for each of us and want to make our posts “count.”

    All I want to share right now is the use of the FAR Infrared pad that I purchased from Dr. Staninger. It’s been great for me. I had headaches for two months and the first night I slept with it, woke headache-free. They haven’t returned since.

    Experienced dizziness for a week using the pad and was told it was because I was detoxing (I was also on Dr. Staningers 10 day detox kit at that time). Was advised by someone who had worked closely with Dr. S to use the pad on my head for ONLY ONE HOUR. Did that. Dizziness cleared immediately. It hasn’t returned since. Also it helped me greatly with exhaustion. I love this pad.

    I actually feel pretty great lately. Have set the wheels in motion to begin working with a nutritionist who works with Great Plains labs to see what areas need pinpointing.

    • How are you doing now? I have been sleeping with that pad for a year and a half and roasting in that sauna for one year now. Still crawling. Buggy, aging like mad, picking off the little things we hatch, but, I am not spinning so many fiber balls (on the intact skin as I did and I do not have sores. Caught this from my mother, she has sores) I still have the hand tingling … peripheral neuropathy they call it. Went to the morgellons conference and have a name for the trilobite looking tiny things I can pick from my skin when the skin feels a sting. Amelia Withington spoke of a case history and I could relate. She said her patient had trilobite looking things and I do too.

    • zara cybele said:

      It’s been 16 months since onset. Started out with Far Infrared pad but no longer use it.
      I’ve had the Great Plains urine test and metametrix stool test and work with Nancy Guberti.

      I’m taking supplements for the specific weaknesses that showed in my results.
      I feel great and had no symptoms of itching till recently when I pet my dog (who has Morgellons and from who I have been separated from since onset of the disease) 10 mins. with her and itching came back, although it’s not bad and seems to be going away (this event happened about 4 weeks ago).

      What the testing did for me was address issues that would strengthen my system and some long-held health issues disappeared. The Morgellons is still with me though.

      I keep a close watch on the disease and can see it has invaded scalp. Hair is weaker and falls out more and I can see fibers in my comb as well as hair that has those ‘crystal’ looking things clinging to them.

      However, I feel good so I ‘m just going about living my life.

      As for the water source having fibers in it…yes it does. Check out:

    • I truly believe in the far infrared pad so I bought another one since I could not treat a very big area with just one. I believe that it actually kills them but not fast enough so they muliply inside of you, besides they move around. I can treat one area and they will move to another. i have to say though when I first started with the pad I had excrusiating pain because I was killing the older stuff but once I got rid of the old stuff, killing the new stuff did not give me as much pain but one has to stay on the pad till the pain subsides which can be for hours. But by killing what I can by the pad, I feel I am not as bad at all in the way I feel.
      When I did my first lab testing with my Dr. she said that I was low on Vitamin C, D, B and E and she also perscribed melatonin. I went on antibiotic and my White blood count went way down so we decided to take me off the antibotics and I started loading up on probotics and brought my bloood count up but not yet quite there but I think I will be soon I hope by my next blood test. In the mean time I feel that in order to get a real handle on the situation, I need to get my PH up. My ph was 2.5 when I first started checking my ph (according to Drs and what I read, if you drop below 5 you are dying!!) I have been working on my ph, but it is so hard because I have read one book and two different articles about acid vs akaline and some of the material is contridictory so you have to experiment to see on certain foods. Lately I have been flirting between 5 and 6 and have seen less symptoms and feel better. I’m hoping that my belief, that once I can get my body to stay in the akaline range consistently that the morgellons cannot thrive in that environment. So that means no sugar and I am even going to give up any fruits with the natural sugar because I have been doing the fruits and have not been able to get my ph up high enough and still feel they love even the fruit sugar. If I can get my PH up and stay there then maybe I will prove my theory. One can get the PH test strips from a health food store, they have different kinds or order on line.. Also can be found at a swimming pool supply but they are very expensive there. Some of test strips do not go below 5 but the ones they use for the pool does. (also can get those on line)

      On other thing I want to mention is that if you have a new scab on your lesion, scrape if off and throw it in the toilet bowl when the water is clean and still. If there is a mite or some type of parasite, it will take off and twirl in the bowl until it dies. Not all scabes will have the mite but I have seen plenty and it is interesting to see them scurry about. The old scabes do not do that but if I get a new one, usually there is some type of parasite which may just be a very small black dot.
      Anyway, just wanted to share the most important stuff I’ve found. I do the other stuff like everyone else but no one has mentioned the pain I get while using the pad but I know it is killing them. By the way, I have never itched (even with lice), very rarely had the crawling, but I have had the brain fog and blurring of the eyes on occassions.

  9. I am taking the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and am still on antiparasitic herbs (which for me reduce the crawling). I also take Glutamine, MSM, and NAC with C, Coconut oil (which has cleared brainfog almost immediately if taken straight on a fairly empty stomach), eating organic, very little sugar, NO alcohol and very little caffeine (gotta look out for those adrenals) and that is the bulk of what I’m doing right now. I plan to try to phase out the anti parasitic herbs to see what happens after I’ve been on Burgstiner for a month or two.

    Right now, I’m feeling pretty good. I plan to get a FIR pad and would like to get a sauna as well.

    On an interesting note: I have had gut trouble for years, pain that would put me in bed for hours sweating it out. Prilosec would sometimes help and the doc thought I should probably go on that long term (yeah, right). They even did a scope and only saw some mild inflammation. I tried 2-3 1,000 mg of Glutamine when I noticed that I had an episode coming and it WORKED! Have been using it since. It helps my husband as well who has had IBS for years.

    I really feel like God leads you where you need to go. I am so thankful for that. And thankful for your blog!

  10. What’s working. I usually don’t post until I am sure of what is working. But, I feel 80 percent better after two years. The things I started in the last 2 months: (Keep in mind I’ve done the other for a number of years…cat’s claw, oregano oil, etc)
    Now I started Alinia, fluconazole, Augmentin and started Agricept-L and Carnivora. I tried to go the non-prescription route, including a 4200.00 FIR sauna, but, my face began to feel so buggy that I could not function at work. The things above are the things I’ve added the last 2 months and feel like they are working. Of course, I do the PMP and Logo vitamin ideaology. And many probiotics and enzymes but all that did not take this out. I did think I was getting better on my Bactrim/Biaxin protocol which I bailed on after 5 months to do the Staninger approach but I fell back to infested again.
    Now, the skin poppage has slowed considerably.

    • Robin, the drugs started recently, are they new? I have not heard of Alinia Augmentin or Agricept-L. The latter sounds as if designed especially for agri type infections. Please advise thanks as I have had no luck with the non prescriptive, PMP protocols going into year three with this.

      • Dear Sharon, Sorry, I just now see your questions. Yes, I started on the
        prescriptions because it is exactly 2 years since this started and I am still
        crawling, buggy face, itching and pick the stuff out of my skin. I think what I am doing is working but I still have symptoms. I also added Bactrim and take
        Biaxin during my week off from Augmentin (penicillin), the Alinia is an antiparasitical. The fluconazole is for fungus (did a metametrix – had it) and the Agricept-L I got from the book “Awareness” by Carrie Bertrand (on amazon.) I am a person who never took drugs. I am not into these medications but I cannot work with this thing. When I am at work, I feel like a beehive. all buggy and like the blog by CS, other people are yanking at their noses. It’s a horror and I am not so buggy on the drugs. It would be sweet if everyone above who posted gave us an update on their progress…Thanks

  11. Sorry, I’ve tried everything everyone else here has posted. But I forgot to mention in my post that I went a couple of rounds with mebendazole. Which, I think helped, but this is a long slow process of purging this thing. I plan to do more mebendazole if I can convince my Dr.

    • Thank You Robin. I will have to get Metamatrix testing. I still get that face popping feel or that webs are landing on my face and arms.
      Does anyone know how to get rid of nematodes in your hair/scalp? I have tried oils, teatree, alcohol, enzymes, hydrogen peroxide,constant fine tooth combing, MMS, vinegar, ESP shampoo.
      I am starting to believe that they are in the water as the nanotransformation team wrote “It’s in the Water Stupid”

      • I really believe that if it was in the water, everyone would have it. Carrie Bertrand does say that she thinks it was in her water heater, though. As, in the book she says she had Morg, sold her house, and the people who bought it got it. Bad. I have tried all those things you have tried on my head. The head itches, hair stands up and does the wave, feels like a bug squirming..etc. They deny it is nematodes…both the morgellons research site and Staninger. They also deny it is strongyloids. Anyway, I feel that when I rub salt into my scalp, there is some relief. Also, suffocating “whatever” with something. My girlfriend came up with something that gives her day-long relief from head crawling. Many will balk as, it is not natural. I am at a point where it does not matter to me. She coats her scalp with a hair gel. “ion – curl solutions. ” She sent me 3 tubes. It works, brings relief, is not a cure. So far, nothing. The enzyme spray is good to help you get to sleep etc, but not a cure.

        • Robin, perhaps they have not been identified as nematodes because they are GMO. It is documented that they are used instead of pesticides in agriculture and golf courses perhaps in runoff they got into the water supply or our food for that matter. If there is not a common bio marker for the labs to compare against they cannot identify it. I think we have all agreed that “IT” morphs into different things. There is a link I would like to share with everyone. It is not a conspiracy theory all scientifically documented. There was a study funded by NIH and US AirForce please check out his link (though it has an unfortunate name, get past that and read about radar chaff and what they are making it out of which would account for the fibers. Anyone else out there notice huge aounts of spider webs prior to getting ill? Please see

          • Oh Yes ! Totally GMO. You are right. There is actually a good video out somewhere, and you see the goats, and the spider DNA crossing is explained. It’s a psycho world. It’s much smaller than those nematodes they throw on the golf course. That, is why, I think, no one can identify anything. One time a smart lady blogged that she knows that monsanto modified a parasite to kill the bowevils in the cotton fields. They needed something because they were having to spray the cotton fields too often. I guess that is why I am taking those antiparasiticals. Just a note, maybe all the natural stuff worked for others but not me. I understand that this is something “that got out of the bottle” It’s a matter of battling it and if Mr. CS got better, we can, some in different ways.

  12. NE Morgie said:

    Hello everyone,

    I want to link up with people who are experimenting with foods and Morgellons symptoms. I have had it since last October and I have tried infinite supplements and cleaning protocols. However, the protocols only gave me relief for a few days. I stopped all supplements over the weekend. I have been experimenting with foods for about a month now and I am finding that there are definitely some that bring instant relief, some that set off symptoms and some that do no affect the symptoms at all. I am interested in what people have to say about specific foods and their effect (the alakline raw diet has been best but I am finding that there are certain things that I can get away with and some that I cannot under no circumstances). For example, beer and wine set it off almost immediatly BUT over the weekend I discovered that bloody marys do not. Maybe its because of the vitamin C but regardless I was extremely happy about this!

    If you are recording your experiences with food I would like to connect with you. Also anyone that is interested in experimenting and sharing results.


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I hope you get a lot of replies. I can tell you there are certain brands of chips that I have to stay away from. There are white corn chips that would make the crawling go wild. As for Beer it’s catnip for Candida so that may be a part of it.

    • NE Morgie, you say you found that Bloody Marys do not affect you. Do bloody marys have tomato juice in it?? According to one article I read, tomatoes are akaline but I always thought that tomatoes were acid!!! I believe that the foods do make a difference because it affects your PH and I believe that people got this because their ph was off when they got exposed.

      I also believe there is a contagious stage and it is when the fibers are moving (alive). Once I defused my environment with the menthol crystals I no longer had them affect me in my environment. They use to bite me when I would use my computer so bad that I had to shut down my computer and not use it. I also sat in a bean bag chair one time and it was so full of fibers that I threw it out but that was before I used the crystals. I’ve progressed along ways from the nightmare days I had where I spent 90% of my time in my bathroom. But of course have spent alot of money on all kinds of stuff. Some were no help but others did along the way and at different points different things worked. Also feel the same thing does not work for everyone. That is why doing the testing is so important. I did the test with Great Plains but after that it was just follow ups with maintaining my vitamin count, White Blood count and I do the Ph myself. Most people test out for lymes, my test showed I have lupus but my Dr. said that I did not have lupus and I said : “no, I do not have lupus, I have morgellons”

      Yes, I think the food is the key to get the PH in balance. So that is what I am working on. And no sugar, even fruit sugar for me. Follow acid/akaline diet!

      • NE Morgie said:

        Hi Lyn, could you give some tips as to how to use the menthol crystals? I had the same problem with my environment but I found that daily spraying of borax, white vinegar and hot water helped kill them. I used to and still do get bit a lot in bed but I found that natural insecticides like Witch Hazel and Neem Oil help keep these things off of me. It is so surreal to feel them crawl on me from the sheets while my partner sleeping next to me tells me he does not feel anything!

        I dont know if I have moving fibers. I usually just find them on my feet or hands and they do not move. I have also found them on the tip of my hair but again they are dead/not moving. How can you tell if you have moving fibers? Is that the crawling feeling we experience? That is my worst symptom and Im working extremely hard to get rid of it.

        As far as testing, I am going to the ones of Great Plains Lab and one at Matametrix. Before telling me that I was delusional and that it was all in my head, my doctor found two vitamin deficiencies, vitamin D and B-12. She told me that the b-12 was probably happening bc i dont eat enough meat. I told her that I do but still didnt believe me. I am almost certain that these deficiencies happened because of malabsorption due to Morgellons. I am curious as to what the test will show (and I cant wait to show said doctor if it a malabsorption problem).

        Yes, bloody marys do have tomato juice in them. I think Vitamin C def helps in the fight. I found that fruits that have a lot of it having instant crawling relief. Papayas and oranges work great. I also stay away from sugar but I do eat fruit. Do you find that your symptoms get worse when you eat fruits? I heard bananas are not so good for this.

  13. Belinda said:


    For those of us who were not able to attend the conference -would you please clarify what you are talking about here?

    “Went to the morgellons conference and have a name for the trilobite looking tiny things I can pick from my skin when the skin feels a sting. Amelia Withington spoke of a case history and I could relate. She said her patient had trilobite looking things and I do too.”

    What is the name given to this trilobite-looking thing and who has named it?
    There are quite a lot of people chasing this thing; it has been seen in Morgellons patients in Germany, Belgium, and the US, and curiosity is running high. There is even some talk of setting up a lab, if needs be, to get a bead on this thing.
    Thanks so much; we need to make more progress.

    • Hi Belinda,
      What I mean by this is that I have continuously picked this little same shaped white
      thing out of my skin. Many are that very shape…like a little arrow head with a small bump…I really didn’t know how to explain the shape of it. There is no name for this
      thing, but at the morgellons conference, Amelia Withington did a case history for the crowd and referred to them as little trilobites. That is exactly it – that is the shape as, I have seen a trilobite. It’s a million year old fossil but, it is shaped like the tiny things I extract. On a good note, if you definitely have a good sample and one that you got from your skin, Randy Wymore is open to receiving samples. He said put it between 2 slides, and tape the slides together and put in a zip lock bag to mail. Anyway, on a plus: the morgellons research lab hired a new graduate forensic doctor. She was at the conference and does work with DNA. I know a girl who had sores worse than Cindy Caseys, and, she claims she is cured of this devil. I am taking exactly what she took and that is all those drugs already mentioned above. I am taking them since Dec. 16…and I still have this, so, maybe the path I am on is not the right one. I’m putting up the fight of a lifetime. I get my labs checked every 2 months to be sure the kidneys and liver are OK. I also started Carnivora, which is hyped by Marc Neuman. Carnivora is the venus fly trap stuff and my doctor says it is OK to take that along with my prescriptions. The morgellons conference DVDs should be coming out soon…I don’t know how good the slides will show up on DVDs, but I have to order them myself even tho I went to conference, as the Dr. Carlston Nicolas talked so fast and flew through the slides. He treats Morg. in Germany. You couldn’t get much from the information packed slides. By the time you read the title he was moving on. It was my one complaint about the conference. I think I was go next year again, as it was really nice, actually. And Texas was fun. Here are two articles from the conf.

      News from Austin Conference

      and from Tulsa
      I hope they work.

  14. belinda said:

    Thanks, Robin.

  15. NE Morgie said:


    Hello, I am curious to see if anyone experiences increased crawling sensations when wearing non-organic cotton. For the past month or so I have tried different diets and have found that a complete organic diet has almost stopped all crawling for me EXCEPT for when my bare skin is in direct contact to non-organic cotton fabrics. I noticed that I did not feel any crawling when I wore polyester. I havent tried organic cotton yet but I think Im on to something.

    Also, anyone have tips on how to moisturize the skin after using the Trader Joes Tea Tree body wash? I found that when the crawling is intense, using the tea tree brings me a lot of relief but it leaves my skin very dry.

    One last thing, when I first got Morgellons I was very depressed about having it and often felt despair. Now my outlook has changed. I look at this as a challenge to become healthier. It is unbearable at times but when you find a link between symptoms and environmental conditions or diet, it is a huge victory!

    Dont give up. Be strong. Keep trying.

    • Hi NE,
      I bought pure shea butter and mix coconut oil in with it. It’s a great moisturizer and all natural.
      Keep up the great attitude!

      • NE Morgie said:

        Hi Ayla,

        Thanks for the tip. I really like your site. I am also in the process of working with Nancy. Currently waiting for my test results.

    • This is an old thread but re dry skin, personally I mix a moisturizing Olay body wash on the wash cloth along with the drying thing like Denorex or Dr. Bronner’s which I’m using for the Morgellons. Also I use moisturizer after my shower. The only place I’m really having bad dryness is my hands. I have roughness and panful slits on the tips of my fingers which are mostly from cleaning things with diluted ammonia and 91% alcohol, I think. I used to use disposable gloves but don’t always now since I’m broke. I threw out my reusable gloves months ago because they seemed infected. Also I had switched from Dove bar to antibacterial liuid soap in a pump bottle for handwashing due to so much of my apt seming infected so thatisn’t easy on my hands. The weather’s been dry lately so I put out a bar of Dove and so far it seems OK nothing dripping onto it or contamnating it like months ago.

  16. NE Morgie said:

    Quick report back on using Orange TKO.

    Orange TKO is a natural disinfectant made from citric acid from oranges. A bottle of this stuff goes a long way as you have to mix it with water. One can make different concentrates. I have been using their general concentration as a body and clothing spray. I have visible white fibers, mostly on the tips of my hair. After using the Orange TKO I started finding fibers and black specks everywhere. I also developed two sores on my back. The crawling has diminished tremendously. I plan on adding this to my laundry to see what results it gives.

    Anyone also experimenting with Orange TKO? To the more experienced Morgies out there, it is my assumption that if something is working it should diminish the symptoms. I am worried about seeing more fibers on my skin but at the same time relieved that they are not inside of my body anymore. Should the number of fibers eventually decrease? What is most exasperating about Morgellons is not knowing whether something is doing good or bad.

    Orange TKO so far has been to me:
    Great for stopping crawling sensations (my worse and most intense symptom)
    Good at pulling out fibers (but I am seeing a lot of them)
    Not good at stopping sores (I had never had sores but now I have two)

    • Torpedolynn said:

      NE Morgie

      Hi I started using TKO about six months ago. I love it in my laundry, shower routine, enviromental spray. Kills wasp too…….. Here is my receipes.

      Laundry: 1 cap not cup of TKO Orange in the bleach tray. For in the machine Bio-Kleen Prenium Powder. Make sure it says Prenium. Medium load on hotest setting. Get a plastic softner ball and fill it with Dr. Bronners Pepperment Soap. Almost half way. Add that into the machine. Sure keeps my clothes hatch free.

      Enviroment Spray: I use this on my clothes before I shower, on furniture, carpets, draps, lamps. 24 oz of White distilled Vinagar with 1/2 cap of TKO orange. 12 drops of Witch Hazel, 12 drops of Rosemary oil, 12 drops of Pepperment oil, 12 drops of Cayenne oil tincture, 1 cap full of Dr. Bronners Pepperment soap, and 1 dropper full of Olive Leaf Tincture. Kills the bugs and deters the majority from me giving a big break.

      I have spray my hair on bad white specks days real lightly with a soulution of TKO Orange and has helped give a break from the specks. I think the specks you speak of may be making an exit trying to get away from the TKO? Hope so anyhow. If I am going out in public I spray my clothes a little more lightly with the Enviroment spray and then spray over that the solution of TKO orange to hide the vinagar smell. I hate the vinagar smell, but hate the bugs worse.

      Bedding I spray only once a day in morning with Wintergreen Alcahol and then burn Methol crystals in a closed room for 10 to 20 minutes depending on how much left of the wax is in tea candle. The lower it burns down the longer the time needed to cleanse the room of critters thinking of living in the room. I hold my breath to blow out candles and leave room closed for a hour or two. Then I vent it and make the bed and run a fan. If real strong I open windows. If the odor is so so I vent it into the rest of the house. On bad hatch days I do a strong burn and have to vent the room with windows open and fans later.

      Hope this helps you.
      IN Light Lynn

      • NE Morgie said:

        Lynn, Could you please give me some advise with the menthol crystals? I have read that they are good but im nervous about using them because I read they are highly flammable and toxic.

        Your name with “IN Light” gives me a ton of hope.

        THANK YOU!

        • I am not In Light but I want to answer because I just love the TKO cleaner. It’s great. I didn’t know everyone was spraying it on themselves though. I will try that. Also, the menthol crystals are OK. I have done them many times and the danger is is you use a candle. Just use a hot plate and plug it in by the door so you can reach in a unplug it after the 12 hours. Fill a ceramic bowl with the crystals. If it is too hot, the crystals will not last long. I go on about medium heat. You cannot go in the room with the crystals melting. It burns eyes and lungs. So, unplug them, open the door and let the room air out. You will not be able to sleep in that room the same night even if you air it profusely. So, plan to sleep somewhere else. They were a life saver ..

    • My mom has morg. I have it too, but she gets sores and I don’t. I started to get them, a year ago, and the following has helped me and my mom clear them up fast. I will also paste a link from the writer who I found this from. He goes into depth as to why this works. Suffice it to say it is a chitin-chitinase-cellulose fungus inhibitor. Read his blog but making it is really easy. Not as hard as he makes it sound. I do the following:
      buy a bag of pearl barley (uncooked) in the supermarket (next to the dry black beans)
      grind an ounce or two in a coffe grinder
      put in cup, add water to a little above the ground barley (half inch)
      wait 4 hours (keep it out of the sun)
      squeeze out the juice from the mixture through a guaze or cheese cloth
      Put the juice on the sores. Let dry. Stir mixture, apply again.
      This really speeds the departure of these sores and leads me also to believe that they are totally fungus related. Try it and please let me know how it works. I have told others and they say “aw, too much work” It really isn’t at all. Takes like one minute to make it – then the wait.
      wait 4 hours (keep mixture out of the sun)

        • Please scroll down when you get to that page…

          • hi Robin, I went out today to get pearl barley and could only find what they call pot barley. living in a small town you often do not get more than one choice. I hope it works, it only cost me a dollar in the meantime no loss. I wonder if it would be beneficial to drink the juice as well. i will give it a try. I had a lesion behind my ear that is nearly healed after alternating lavender and purification essential oil by Young Living. Though this is quite expensive if one has a large area to cover. Thank you for the post it was a bit of a relief reading the other fellows post as well.

            • Hey Sharon,
              Try the barley you have. This is a real sore cure. For some reason barley is an antifungal. Once I posted this on Mel’s site and someone told the story about, in the olden days, they would throw the barley in ponds that were overgrown with algae, etc. and it would clear up. Make the solution and put it on the sores, let it dry, add more. Just the dry barley from the store will do. Also, if you google it, barley water is a big drink in Europe. I had the same thought as you, drinking it. I grind it up and add it to my smoothie with the protein powder. When you see how great the results are with the skin, you will drink it too. I do.
              Did you go to the site where I got this barley info? Scroll down, on Lyme Chat to Nickthebuilder1234. Read his blog. He has a scientific explanation. Let me know how the treatment works. It works for my Mom.

            • Robin, i believe you posted an attacment a few months back regarding bio warfare typw microbes being researched by the military. I have lost it. Do you still have it? thanks.

          • Wow Robin, does it ever work!!! yes I am drinking it too and to think it only cost pennies per mixture!! i am going to put it into a spray bottle and sprtiz my entire body with it as I feel the fungus is widespread. Thanks for the info!!! it makes sense to figt chtin with chitinase. I read somewhere they use chitin in making several things but my Morgie brain forgets what. I will have to “do the Google” and report back. Another friend of mine tried yesterday as well and feels that it is working. Yea!

  17. NE Morgie said:


    Hello everyone. I am currently battling the hair symptoms of Morgellons. I have been able to successfully diminish crawling sensation by using Orange TKO in my laundry, The black and sparkly specs are mostly gone thanks to tea tree lotions and coconut oil. I have started to break out in sores that are very slow healing. I am coming up to my one year anniversary and I can definitely notice a pattern where if I overcome one symptoms others manifest. I have not noticed an increase of intensity of symptoms but just a change.

    I need hep with hair symptoms. I have long, full black hair. I notice at the tips of my hair a lot of very thin white fibers. If I shake my head, brush my hair or put it up in a pony tails I notice hundreds of these white fibers floating around. No crawling sensations, bumps or lesions on my scalp. How do I get rid of these hairs? So far I have tried: tea tree shampoos, coconut and Moroccan oil and white vinegar as a rinse. No results and the fibers are getting longer! Please help! Thanks

    • Hey NE Morgie,

      you have to cut your hair as short as possible. Invest in a fine tooth comb and use it several times a day. Get outside as much as possible. I have found no cure for the scalp issues but find whatever gives me some relief must be changed intermitintley. I find with short hiar it is easier to work in whatever oil or product hence saving a bit of coin as this can bankrupt you. I alternate between Morgone Sulphur Gel, Teatry mixed with olive oil and kleen green or kleen free enzymes as a shampoo. The fiberes will become less abundant but as yet have not gone away. I think it is a cycle of breathing them in and eventually they comeb back out through the skin. Robin posted a home made enzyme recipe for chitinase as someone thought this appeared to be chitin. Google how many things they use chitin for – boggles the mind. To make chitinase, get some pearl barley, white barley or pot barley (it has different names but basically the same I have been told) It is cheap you can buy it ib bulk food stores or in the dried bean section of the supermarket. Grind about 2 ounces in a coffee grinder or mill. Cover it witith about one half of an inch of water, cover and put in a dark place e.g. cupboard for 4 hoours or so and apply it to sores, itchy spots wherever you need it. You can drin it also. if nay left over refrigerate it. It does help heal the sores and sooth itch.

      • NE Morgie said:

        Sharon, thanks for your response.

        I love my hair and dont want to cut it…yet. I have seen it change over the past year (Ive gone from straight hair to curly, it has gotten lighter and thinner). It is not wiry or uncontrollable just full of these fibers. Im pretty sure im the only one that notices them. Im going to put the barley mix on my scalp and hair. Ill report on how it works.

        • NE Morgie, I forgot one important step – a thousand apologies. After storing for 4 hours strain the barley through some cheese cloth. I tried a sieve but it did not work as well. My dog loved the barley mulch that was left over. She devoured it as if it were one of her treats!

      • Sharon, you left out the part about squeezing out the juice with a cheesecloth guaze. Then, you only have liqued. Apply to sore, let dry, stir (it settles), and then apply again. Make a night of it while you are watching TV. Good luck

  18. Hi Sharon,
    No, my laptop crashed and I had to get a new one and lost alot of favorites. Sorry.

    • Hey Robin – any clue even what to google? i can kick myself for not saving it at the time. Parts of it have been nagging at me ever since. I suppose I could search the archives on this site??

      • Hey Sharon, ummm. I sort of remember the article…but can’t recall too much. Something that does stick in my mind is a science teacher once posted about a GMO parasite manufacted by Monsanto to climb on board the Boo-weevils in the cotton fields down south. Apparently, they were having to spray the fields an excess of 6 times in a short period and had monsanto genetically modify a parasite they could release and get the boo-weevils that way. In my mind, I think this is the cause. I could be wrong of course. I guess they didn’t figure it getting into the cotton, or, becoming very comfortable in cotton. Google monsanto, bo-weevil (sp?). Also, I once read a good article by Cliff Mickelson about this very thing. I think they have realized that it was not such a good idea to let this stuff go into the environment. Insects eat the bo-weevils, and it spreads. Some people have gotten this from cotton and some from insects….

  19. NE Morgie said:

    Hi Robin and Sharon,

    I tried a barley mix and it worked but differently for me. I soaked non-milled hulless barley for six hours. Then I put it in the blender with some distilled water and mixed it until it was liquid. It formed a creamy paste. I did not strain it and I applied to my skin the way it was. When it dried on my body the consistency was like a glue. I’d like to add that I have very few sores and moderate acne on my face. I used this barley mixture following the advice of Nick (the man that came up with the recipe. His blog entry was posted by Robin). He says that he believes that the Morgellons infection has a fungal skin infection component that needs to be treated in order to keep the fungal colonies from spreading. Ive read reports from people who have used this barley mixture that say that the most infected areas sometimes experience an allergic reaction right away.

    After I applied the barley I began to itch on my arms, back, chest and face. After minutes of having on it I saw tiny little black specks and fibers stick to the barley glue. These things were pouring out of me in the areas that were itching. I even applied it to my scalp to see if it would have any effect on my hair. After a half hour I took a shower. My most significant symptoms throughout my infection has been crawling sensations. I was able to reduce the crawling 90% by using orange TKO in my laundry and to clean and by also eating a strictly organic diet. I can still feel the crawling when I lie on my bed. Makes it difficult to sleep. Since last night I have only felt very, very slight crawling twice. The sores and acne look a bit better already.

  20. I have been spraying TKO orange on the bedding before making my bed Putting lots on my pillow case as scalp is a major issue. I use it in the laundry as well but so far does not seem to be working. i have sprayed a mild mixture in my hair and back of neck and this also brings out the black specs. i think i must be full of mold. i try to eat organic as much as possible but living in small town Canada makes it very difficult. We are going to start a diy organic greenhouse next year after we finish building our cabin in the woods. Sorry about leaving our some of the directions, i should have copied Robin’s directions fromearlier post. We should be drinking the barley juice as well i think.

  21. NE Morgie said:

    Sharon, the TKO orange took a while for me to work. I use it my laundry with OxyClean. I spray TKO on my body when I experience crawling sensations and im able to stop them for about an hour or so. I have to continuously re-apply. Im thinking about rubbing half a lemon or orange on my body to see if it will give me different results.
    Are you doing any body cleanses? When I first became infected I had problems with malabsorption and candida overgrowth. I take probiotics in the morning and I do a cayenne lemonade cleanse once a month. I use fresh organic lemon juice and capsules of cayenne pepper (usually two capsules). Before I made the switch to 100% organic I found that when I ate processed foods my symptoms became worse. I started making everything from scratch even if some of the ingredients were not organic. See if that helps!

  22. NE, I think the reason the TKO works is the concentration of limonine. Slightly up the strentgth for the body spray. If it is toostrong it stings abit but quickly subsides if you rinse with cool water. i made that mistake once of using too strong a mixture. I use TKO orange all the time now for cleaning as well. I ordered a gallon of it and just waiting for delivery. has anyone had problems with it being back ordered lately? They told me they could not ship for 2-3 weeks. Perhaps it is catching on inthe Morg community.
    Thanks for the tips.

  23. For anyone wanting to read what I think is the original thread on Chitinase, plus the directions on how to make up the barley formula, here is the link.

  24. Interesting recipe. Make a glue…I have the crazy scalp itching and black specs and granules and a little white thing, plus a soft looking tiny torpedo like a little larva. I shaved myself (down there) today as that hair was crawling and driving me insane.
    The lemon does work to stop the crawling. Good idea.

    • I get those larva like things as well. They don’t seem to move but are too tiny to really tell. Do they often have a wispy almost hair like thing coming out one end? I believe it is grows into a nematode. A fellow by the name of Andy Coyle somehow got a photo of one magnetized many times over, they are finer than a hair and seem to be feeding off his hair. it is on youtube, he has a website as well from the U.K.

      • Yes, mine have a little wispy hair like thing. It’s a white blob, like a little torpedo, with the hair and a different color on one end. I think they are expelled from our bodies using the hair as a stalk. Like an umbilical cord. They are coming from me, I feel, like, being spewed out a pore. It’s a real puzzle how this thing grows on you but they do. I brought one to my dermatologist who was humoring me at the time and she “placated me” by allowing me to drop it in formaldehyde and send it off to the lab for analysis. It came back “plant matter”
        I remember she called me and said, “Robin, it was just plant matter and must have blew onto you so, rest assured” Yeah, like, I’m in my bed with the window shut and these things are blowing on me continuously. She just didn’t want to hear me, none of them do. These little torpedos have a sticky little side leg that glues down,so you don’t see it. If you throw one in formaldehyde, sometimes it will float out. Very tiny little hair that sticks out. As well as the hair at the tip. And, I keep it to myself because stories like this send those people running for a straight jacket for me. My mother had this before I did and I thought she was nuts….so, they will not believe these “wild tales” until enough people get this. It does not seem to be spreading that quickly, however. I know 2 at work who have it.

  25. NE Morgie said:

    I used the glue on my hair. Tons of the white, red and even yellow fiber were on my hair brush this morning. Im wondering if this is a barley induced exodus or if they are replicating in mass. My scalp is incredibly itchy too. I barely have any of the white fibers at the tips of my hair anymore. Also, this barley glue helps with acne too! Second day of using it (I put it on my face like a mask) and my face is looking better. Robin and Sharon, do you use the barley mix often? Im curious as to what your results with it have been.

    • Hi NE and Sharon,
      I have done the barley for a year or more. It really makes short order of the sores. Here is something I would like you to read, it’s a short way down the page. It was posted on Mel’s site by Commonsense and it convinced me that drinking the barley was also a good idea: go to: and in the search field type in: Barley, Robin, nickthebuilder1234
      There you will find a great blog by Mr. Commonsense about this. Check it out, it’s partially down the page but you get a lot of good ideas from the thread about the barley cure.

  26. NE Morgie said:

    I just did a google search and found a few barley shampoos. Ill buy one and report on this soon. Has anyone tried barley shampoo?

    • Hi NE, I have used it on sores 9perhaps yours are not acne) mine start out as an inflamed pimple but then turns crater like (picture a volacano top). I get these behind my ears as well as on my scalp. The barley “juice” heals them up in no time. I also drink the juice that is squeezed from the pulp. I think it is fungal and barley juice is beneficial in many ways. Do the google. A commercial shampoo may be disappointing. If not you could perhaps apply it to your scalp before bed and wash it off in the mornng? I find sulphur soap used as a shampoo with a vinegar/watrer rinse works well for itchy scalp as well as a teatry olive oil combination left on overnight helps. I lay paper towels over the pillow case because it makes a mess. The barley “juice” is amazing for healing the lesions though. Again it seems that theother things that give relief need to be changed or rotated. This is also a characteristic of fungus. Also running a fine tooth comb as directed several times a day helps. The itching has got much better but I have to stay on top of it. If you live near the ocean or a salt water pool take advantage and go for a dip! I HAD to cut my hair. Then it takes far less time to go through all of these protocols. I must say I have learned some lessons suffering through this disease. Now get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

      • I was in Target buying Borax and noticed Biz powder which I remembered from yrs ago but haven’t used in yrs. I know it has some kind of enzymes and bleach alternative so was wondering if it might be good for M laundry or even baths. Has anyone tried it?

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