FAR Infrared Heating Pad

Taken from the Healing Grapevine site, now also on my blogroll …

A Portable Solution

The HEATING PAD is designed to suit various situations with its lightweight, rigid flat design. Far Infrared Heating PadIt can be your personalized heat therapist. You can take it anywhere. Enjoy the powerful MPS carbon fiber far-infrared therapy anytime, anywhere.

Localized Treatment

As a pioneer of carbon fiber far-infrared technology, MPS has found that a localized far-infrared treatment is as important as the whole-body treatment. In the past, we have learned that a localized treatment supplements whole-body treatment, therefore, both treatments are needed in order to achieve more complete results. Since a localized treatment does not involve perspiration, the user can extend the period of use. This allows the far-infrared to reach the deepest core of the problem areas.

A Different Kind of Heater

The HEATING PAD can be also used as a portable heater. In fact, it is the safest heater especially for young children because it is safe to touch with its ultra-thin Active Carbon Fibers™. Without involving any sound, flame, or heated air circulation, the HEATING PAD is the most pleasant personal heater. When used under a blanket, this small unit can let you enjoy a whole-body sauna as well.

Click Here for the Heat Pad Information ===> FAR Infrared Heating Pad

NanoTransformation Video’s on FAR Infrared

  1. Overview
  2. Part One
  3. Part Two
  4. Part Three
  5. Part Four (covers the pad)
  6. Solar Angels Skin Care Talk

See their Morgellons TV section for more videos …

I bought this exact pad shown above about two years ago through Dr. Staninger. I know it’s expensive but I have found it to be very effective. As a matter of fact, I have mine here at work right now and against the back of my chair and running. I do not make any money from any products I talk about. In the NanoTransformation video’s their pad (though made by the same manufacturer) has a different controller than the one shown above. Mine has the controller as shown above. These can get pretty warm, I never crank mine way up ….


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  1. Dr. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1

    What does “RIET-1” mean?

    • I wrote to Dr. Staninger, this is what it means …

      1st – Registered Industrial Environmental Toxicologist by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

      Recently they changed the title to CIET – Certified Industrial Environmental Toxicologist. I have been authorized by NREP’s Executive Director that I may use either title, since I was the first one to ever become certified in the world.

      Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

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