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We are the strong, we are not like those who see “Life as it is”. We see “Life as it Should Be”,  see this post to see life as it should be … "I come in a world of Iron, to make a world of Gold …"


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  1. Cort Coburn said:

    Merry Christmas to you Mr. Common Sense,

    I have been struggling with an illness that I’ve come to infer is a morgellons type affliction that I contracted through an avian mite vector. I’ve consulted with the good people at Nanotransformation, and I’ve also been to Atlanta where I was assessed by an assoc. of Dr. Susan Kolb. In fact, that assoc. suggested your blog to me. I”m also thinking of seeing Dr. Staninger if she’s still taking new clients. However, in my on- going efforts to get well, I’ve struggled find guidance on what is a critical obstacle to my recovery, workplace and automobile hygiene.

    I’ve found hygiene protocols for these areas on “bird mite” focused sites such as Shanspirations, but these sites generally focus on pesticide and chemical cleaning agent solutions. However, I cannot find advice on the sites, such as yours, that apply a holistic detoxification approach. According to their websites and videos, the Nano team and Dr. Staninger’s colleagues at the Healing Grapevine have had the advantage of running their own business enterprises and therefore controlling their work environments. However, like you, I work in an office, and it is at the office that I am continuously re-infested.

    I am hoping that, as an office worker, you may have helpful advice or that your other readers may have helpful advice in relation to an effective office and vehicle hygiene protocol.

    Thanks for any information you can give me.


  2. Here’s what I did. My car was once a big problem, however, I bought menthol cyrstals from Mountain Rose Herbs ( and used a diffuser for 4 to 8 hours or more in my car while it sat a home on a weekend. I mean I filled that baby with so much menthol vapor nothing could survive, just opening the door when finished nearly melted my eyes. Two times of that and my car was free of it, permanently. I also covered my car seats in thick black garbage bags (I should have bought leather interior).

    Now, as far as work goes, I bought in a wooden chair from home, it was and is the only chair I sit in, if there’s a meeting in a conference room I bring my own chair and the hell with what others think, you know what, no one’s even dared ask why I do it – LOL

    Conference rooms with leather chairs I don’t bother bringing my own chair, it’s just chairs made out of Material that are the problem.

    See my All-Articles page (look at the upper right on my blog) my poor mans protocol really helped me, so did my “It’s all about the terrain” post.

    Hope that helps, feel free to follow up with other questions if you have them …

  3. My motherinlaw is suffering from all of these symptoms. Two new Grandchildren thrilled her in last two years but now are a horrible stress to her because she is afraid of contaminating them because she doesn’t know what is causing these symptoms.

    We don’t know what to do.

    • Janet, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m not sure how old she is but it must be harder the older you are, especially if you are on all kinds of pharma meds already.

      On this page all of my articles can be found:

      This one might be good for you to read, to understand what she is going through and trying to help her.

      I know where she is, believe me, things got very bad for me for quite a while, I have three children and was absolutely worried to death over, didn’t hug or touch them for two years, ever.

      Now we are all fine. I’m am not a doctor or a nutritional expert, I just offer up what I’ve been through and my experiences.

      Of course, if you haven’t actually been to a doctor you should start there, but be careful, do not mention the word Morgellons and do not let her be really overly freaked out, some have been locked away against their will. Read my article on Anxiety, and fear, it can be worse than Morgellons itself, if she can get a grip on that it will help her tremendously, I just did a you tube video on things that helped me. The posts in red are good posts to read on my all articles page.

      If she’s much older it’s probably beyond her ability to really get in and fight this thing, eliminate sugars, that will help.

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