Merry Christmas Everyone !!


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  1. herehoping said:

    Merry Christmas everyone! : )

  2. Merry CHristmas! Does whoever created this webstite have an email because I have some questions that really need help with

  3. Back atcha here! Hope yours is happy, safe and free of m strife.
    Merry Christmas all!
    Like Tiny Tim said “God Bless us all, every single one!”

  4. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Happy Holidays, I am anxiously awaiting for the this DECADE to be over with. The year 2010 will be the year of peace, healing and bringing us all together as one.
    Five long years of this has been a bit bewidlering and overwhelming.
    My focus is staying in the stillness, in the now and now focusing on one person at a time. That is all we can do is impact one person at a time.
    May this Holiday bring you health, wisdom and comfort.

    YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS…A DOG my family thought I needed a DOG to keep me company.

    Thank God he is short haired and a Lab mix already house broken.

    I have been feeding him dynovite, Botanicals, herbals and a good Spice Bath. We named him Magic and he is an outdoor dog. He really is quite sweet but he keeps trying to hump the chairs on my patio. LOL. He is fixed….thought you may laugh at that one.
    OMG life is so interesting.
    Love to All,
    Sister to Common Sense

    • herehoping said:

      Dogs are Wonderful! I truly believe my dogs help in my well being. GOT to have the Dynovite and a good nutritional diet for them.

      But, come on sister…..outside dog? Let him come in……

      Merry Christmas sister. You are one of my many special blessings for God.

  5. Merry Christmas!
    Hope 2010 will be the year that we’re all free of this!!!
    Stay strong everyone.

  6. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Dear Hopeful,
    I am a hopeless sucker. LOL
    It is you that is such a Gift from God.

    Well ,he is named Magic and is lovely, he is in my home now and I have no itching and crawiling, I have inspected every inch of his lovely body.

    We got special beds and I sprayed them with ESP Spray. He is fun and sleeping like a baby. It is 40 degrees here and I couldn’t possibly keep him outdoors all the time.

    You are so heart felt and sweet, Herehoping, special too special for words to me.
    So Much Love,
    Sister to Common Sense

  7. Hi Sis!

    Magic has got you wrapped!!!! lol

    A great book for dog lovers “a pack of two”….Sis you may like this book!

    U too Herehoping! u probably read it already !

    mel : )

  8. Someone once said Dogs and Cats are angels with fur. And it’s true!! My dog died recently and I’d give anything to have him back. Please enjoy Magic!!!

  9. Sister to Common Sense said:

    I am enjoying him itotally as is my husband, he is just what my home needed. He is 3 years old, was ready for Euthanisation and some wise soul caught him in time.
    He is fun and funny and loves to give love.
    I rode my bicycle yesterday and he stayed with me all the way.
    I never thought I would have another animal, but never SAY Never.
    He sits, rolls over and plays dead when I say “Bang, Bang” He is magic and I guess I needed a bit of that in my life.
    I will most certainly keep this character, My husband said, “this animal was chosen for you by the ones who love you.”
    He is already becoming part of my life and my family.
    At first I was overwhelmed, as he settles into my home and our lives, I am overjoyed. When I get a moment I will post a photo.
    Thanks for the words of wisdom from all. I really did need something to brighten up my home and my family.
    Sister to Common Sense

  10. Joe Keleher said:

    Happy solstice, Christmas, New Year and all of the other seasons celebrations! Joe

  11. Happy and blessed holidays to one and all.
    Got to keep getting better this new year!
    The past is gone, and the future is ours.
    (Not that we will forget…)
    With mr cs et al, hope and healing is today.
    By the way, thanks for the recent link to dr. hildey’s new website.
    It is a blockbuster.

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