This is my first YouTube video, I’m a little embarrassed by it but posting it anyway. It’s a little rough around the edges but I plan on doing many more of these. Next time we will get the lighting correct, my 12 year old son was working the camera and he did a pretty good job. The quality should improve with each video.

You’re only limited to 10 minutes on YouTube, at the very end it cuts off, I was going to show you a laundry basket sitting on the floor that I literally live out of. I live out of a single laundry basket for clothes, yep, it’s true, which means everything I wear gets washed every other day in Dr. Bonners, nothing can survive that.

Finally, I was never in a room I diffused and never slept in that room the same night, diffusing my car two times heavily did eliminate the crawling entirely from there and it never came back.

I am not a physician, nor am I a clinical nutritionist. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice. I do not recommend any of this be given to children.


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  1. Well done!

  2. Good job!

  3. I agree the video is well done!

    The other day I found this blog which has lots of great information! I started to take CALM Magnesium, and I’ll start the Poor Mans Protocol soon. I have a question. I ordered menthol crystal at Menthol fume doesn’t activate smoke alarm. Is it correct? Thank you.

    • Ken, no, the menthol never set off my alarms, never be in the room or sleep in that room the same night, to be honest, I didn’t do it often but it did help, the real battle is internal, after all, my wife and kids never felt a thing and that should tell you something right there. The idea is NOT TO BREATH in the menthol, it’s to kill mites if present. The menthol I would say is the lessor thing you should focus on, I was just speaking with someone on skype, we agreed, the battle is internal, cleaning up the environment helps. Once you get better you assume your environment is free of it, I would be the farm that is not the case, what has happened is that you are simply better and not affected anymore. Again, don’t focus too much on the menthol.

      • Mr. Common Sense, thank you for the quick response to my question. I agree with you that the main battle is internal. I was cleaning everywhere in my house. It’s better, but I still have tiny bugs. I have been vegetarian for 3-4 years now, and your tips for vegetarians in the video was helpful!

  4. The key is to not take more but less, I don’t think I take the recommended dosage on anything I take, I always take less than they say too. I don’t even take everything everyday except for the CALM magnesium … When I was overloading my body and taking to much of anything I lost ground, this was not an overnight thing for me, it’s not like taking anti-biotics and a quick kill. It was fixing my body and terrain.

  5. I thought the timing of this was funny. Over on LymeBusters I was glad to see Taratula38 posted, to be honest I knew she was having a hard time and worried she might have died from Morgellons, but she’s doing fine, and look at her comment.

    I had multiple issues including lyme and babesia. NAC is very very impotant in the fight against Morgs….

    Interesting her choice, the one product she mentions in the entire post. I really think in my case, the NAC and CALM Magnesium were 60% or more of the battle …

  6. Thank you.
    Please tell us about the double reverse osmosis water.
    Happy Holidays.

    • See

      Basically, by the time our water filtration process is done nothing but a water molecule is able to make it through. The is great, this is about as pure a water as you can have. However, it also means all minerals have been stripped out, along with fluoride, chlorine and so on, which can be good or bad. But all turbidity has also been removed (which are typically water borne parasites that everyone drinks every day). We had it built in, so the water to the Fridge is RO (reverse osmosis) as is the water to our little spicket at the kitchen sink. Our family only drinks the RO water.

  7. Great job… especially for your first effort!

    Can’t wait to see the next one…

    Happy New Year to All!



  8. I thought the video was great mr c. good gob!

  9. itchy_crawler said:

    Dear MCS,

    Thank you for all that you continue to provide for this community. A few months ago you were the featured speaker on Mel’s conference call and I wanted to ask about this specific topic, but it was scheduled at a bad time during my workday. I’m bringing up this question under this thread because it could make for a nice YouTube topic. Would you please discuss some details regarding the stage of this affliction when you made others itch? How long did it last? Was there any treatment that you used to combat this specific this symptom? Did you have very fine, near lint like strings floating about you? Do you feel something was carried on these lint structures that caused others to itch? I know that you’ve touched a bit on these questions in previous posts, so I apologize about asking you to repeat yourself.

  10. Touche!

  11. It takes a lot of courage for a morgs sufferer to come out of the dark and put yourself in the public spot. This is very commendable. Thanks for the info, the positive topics, hope…


  12. I just saw you video, I thought is was very informative. You mention that you were taking True Protein, is that egg white or egg protein. Can you provide the brand.


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