So, you’re thinking about blogging, maybe telling your own Morgellons story, here’s exactly how I did it, and it’s easy. Sign up for a WordPress blog, it’s 100% free. To sign up for your blog click HERE. Some tips on how to go through the registration process are shown below starting with the first screen.


The first screen of the registration process is shown above.  You choose your Username/Password that you want to use when logging into your (soon to be created) blog. You also need to provide an email address, once completed, click “Next” … I think you need a number and a special character like @ or ! in your password.

Screen Two of the registration process


The BlogDomain is very import and will default to your user name. In the above screen shot I changed it to MorgieLand, thus the URL for the blog would be although I really didn’t create that blog so that URL is not really valid. Next, enter your blog title (which you can change later) and click “Signup” …

You will then be sent a confirmation email to the email address you entered and once you reply your blog will be created, it’s that simple.

The next thing you should do is login into your blog using the UserName/Password you registered with and go into the Appearance section of the “Dashboard” and choose a “Theme”, and they have many. Think of this as the skin for your blog, which will determine how it looks, you can change this at any time but note that it will effect the formatting or layout of your posts later if you do so (which is probably okay).

Creating your Blog Posts

The best way to create blog posts is offline with a free tool written by Microsoft called “Live Writer”. You can download and install it from HERE. It’s basically like using Microsoft Word to create blog posts. You write the posts in the “Live Writer” program then publish them to your blog when you are ready. When you install “Live Writer” I would say “No” to everything except the “Live Writer” program itself. You don’t really want to install all the additional things Microsoft would love to install on your machine, but “Live Writer” is a great blog creation tool. I use it for all my posts.

Of course, I’m a techie so it comes easy to me, but the instructions above are really all that is required besides some effort on your part to learn how to to create snazzy blog posts in Live Writer …

There are lots of settings in the Dashboard on WordPress that allow you to configure and customize your blog, including the widgets (which I use, those are the things on the far right hand side of my blog).

Good Luck

Mr. Common Sense


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