See this LINK on Cotton. It’s a document called “The Deadly Chemicals In Cotton” and it takes a minute to load. Set your viewer to 100% for easy reading, even a cursory read of this document is enough to make you shake your head.

I often wonder if all of our toxic human activity is finally just breaking down the terrain of our planet (not in a “new age” Mother earth sort of way). Maybe we have caused sickness and dis-ease throughout the food chain, including the frogs, bees, and so on. Perhaps what we are all suffering from is merely a reflection, or rather a result of living in an even larger toxic terrain (the planet itself). And while authorities and research groups might be desperately searching for cause it eludes them because to can never be truly found.

However, that said, we can still take effective action to correct things as best we can …


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  1. Mr. CS,
    I’ve said this before: our whole planet has Morgellons. What I mean is that the changes we are seeing on a global level are the same as what is happeing to us. We are systems out of balance, thanks to very unnatural, human activity and toxins. And we keep pouring the toxins in. We cannot exist seperate from the planet, we have messed with nature, and WE ARE PART OF NATURE!!!

    Look, the good bugs are disappearing (bees, pollinators) and the bad bugs are multiplying (so many folks claiming lots of flies and gnats around). We tend to think of how this will affect us, as in “oh no, fruit will be more expensive”. But the whole system of nature is so complex. We are pulling cards out of a huge card house without any ability to see when or exactly how the whole thing will collapse. We have been so arrogant to think we know better than God, that we could cheat nature. We have majorly screwed with the natural order of things. Pesticides on crops result in stronger bugs, pharmaceuticals cause rebound effect (think nasal spray) and stronger bugs (think TB). It has always been intereseting that so many people with Morg say, “I tried the permethrin/lindane/whatever, and it seemed to work at first, then everything got worse.”

    If individuals don’t grasp the fact that technology has no abilibty to save us as long as we keep trashing the planet, then we can expect to watch things get worse and worse–for us all. The whole 20th century was one big party–petroleum and all that it enables–plastics, additives in food, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, easy transportation, cheap and luxurious living–has fooled us. We thought life was easier, that we wouldn’t have to work so hard at the basics. We thought elbow grease was something we didn’t have to apply anymore, and we’ve become soft. But it’s all been really, really unsustainable. The way of life we have known is winding down, but people will not wake up and see it. We need to find a new sustainable way of life. And it doesn’t have to be bad, but it sure as heck has to be different from what we have known before.

    This is the lesson of Morgellons. I am truly sorry to rant, who likes a crank? But is anybody really waking up? Or are we still waiting for a pill, and for our Government to fix our troubles?

    • Susan, so very well said, I think you should be writing this blog and not me, you put my thoughts into words better than I do. You know, the original text in my blog was this …

      And while authorities and research groups might be desperately searching for cause it eludes them because to can never be truly found ==> because to exist is to be infected.

      But I changed it, I didn’t want people to think “existing” is a bad thing, it is not, it is worth every moment we have here, and we must fight for it. But I agree, we are trashing the planet, here’s the funny part, I’m basically a staunch conservative politically, but when it comes to things like our food supply, and trashing the environment I would be considered I guess a liberal, but not the “protect the mother Gaia” type liberal, but rather they “Hey, it’s a really bad idea to dump your kitty litter in your garden” kind …

      Well said Susan, any time you want to rant go for it, if you want to write a blog that is one massive rant I’m sure the readers wouldn’t mind, it’s good for us to get it all out.

      • Mr CS, I no longer think liberal vs. consertative. I used to be a total liberal, agnostic, feminist, environmentalist, though I’ve never been very political. Now I believe in God, and know we were intended to live in harmony with nature. I believe motherhood is sacred, children are gifts, and in many ways I lean towards traditional thinking about things.

        In some ways the new “alternative medicine” ideas are not new because so much of what is foreign to western medicine is old in other cultures. Ditto with what we call “environmentalism”. It gets kind of weird when alternative medicine, new age spirituality, and environmenalism kind of converge. I am fairly new to Christianity, and I’m not always sure what to do with my liberal, new agey-friends, but I do know that western medicine is fairly bankrupt and that the planet is sick. Liberalism bothers me terribly now, and so does greed.

        However, there is a certain kind of self-interest that is healthy–the kind that makes you want to keep the kitty litter out of your garden, for instance. Why we are not seeing more of this can only be ascribed to the frog-in-boiling-water-complacency scenario, I guess. It’s strange that there are a few voices screaming “Wake-up! Jump out of that pot before it’s too late!” But still everyone dozes while the heat turns up. I guess in many cases, folks think the voices come from liberal hippies who want to ruin “our way of life” and take away “the American Dream” (which never included four dollar non-fat soy lattes, a tv in every bedroom or tons of cheap plastic crap from China, by the way.) As I said, we are too soft, and also grossly over-entertained. Seriously, that alone is a huge problem. If you have ever read Brave New World, which was written in the 1920’s, you will recognize our near comatose society in the pages of this book about a citizenry which is lulled into complacency with a special drug. Only in 2010 America, it’s tv. Apparently, it’s gonna take some huge cataclysmic event to get us off the couch and away from the corn chips and soda.

        • “It is almost a law of history that the same wealth that generates a civilization announces its decay. For wealth produce ease as well as art; it softens a people to the ways of luxury and peace and invites invasion from stronger arms and hungrier mouths.”

          – Will Durant

          PS: To my conservative friends my views on GMO and Pharmasueticals are “wacko liberal ideas meant to destroy business” so yes, the conservatives are frozen in time and unwilling to learn, while at the same time the left drifts dangerously close to Socialism, niether view is correct. I believe in Freedom, total God given Freedom, and less government, but that means man must live as a civilized creature, poisoning the planet for profit or big buisness is evil, every man knows this in his heart. He will live by the Word of God or be ruled by the sword.

          ‘ We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.’

          – James Madison

          • I dig that quote from James Madison. We are called on to govern ourselves.
            I recently read that liberals think politics and government can change culture, and conservatives know change must come from within each person. The latter is true–change comes from within, with God’s help.

            I like the first quote too. Only thing is, we have changed the rules of the game with our unwise application of technology. The “stronger arms and hugrier mouths” seem to be those of fungus, bacteria, etc., this time around instead of Mongols and French Peasants. The Chinese may surpass us as a great power, but they can’t be immune to the natural catastrophe that is brewing. I mean I don’t even think the folks at the head of the big Big Ag and Big Pharma are immune to the destruction they are causing.

            But there is always hope (and faith and Love!!!) And I get the sense, in my town at least, that there are ripples of awareness spreading.

        • Ok, I’m totally monopolizing. After this, I’ll be done for a while. But if you all go to “Fountain of Wellness” in Mr. CS’s blogroll, there is a video up called, “2010 Predictions From…Beyond”. It comes out of Sedona, and some of it is a little new agey. But some of the quotes atr very wonderful, like, “Energy follows thought” and “Do not give your precious energy to a dying past.” Very inspiring and hopeful stuff, and a great song besides. I hope you’ll check it out.

  2. ps You are right. The cause to these troubles, Morg, etc won’t be found because the very lenses we look through when we search for the problem–they are the problem!!

  3. When has the Government solved anything?

  4. It seems beyond hopeless. I think the contamination has gone too far for us to effectively reverse it, although we must still give it our best shot.

    “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” 2 Peter 3:13

    • “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” – Revelation 21:4

      What’s a little suffering down here guys, honestly, it’s hard I know, but we are tough, draw a line from the beginning of time to the end of time with a pencil (imagine how long that would be) and then go up to it near the middle and place a tiny vertical scratch on it with a pencil. That scratch is our lives, a puff of smoke then it’s gone compared to eternity, and we aren’t living for scratch are we? No, we are not, we are living for eternity. Heaven is not so much “a place” as it is to be in the presence of God forever. We have a job to do here, each one of touches many peoples lives, we are also preparing the way and hopefully making the path for future sufferers more bearable. We all play a part.

      • “What’s a little suffering down here guys, honestly, it’s hard I know, but we are tough”

        Such a cool attitude! I had already come to that conclusion. So I’ve got Morgellons… so it’s scary…. and the worst part is the isolation.

        But I am not just going to give up. There are things I still want to accomplish in this life. And the Morgellons has helped me define what those things are….and the important things are those from an eternal perspective.

    • Sharon, it’s not hopeless. But we do need to readjust our thinking and our ways. I’m not sure I even think of this as “contamination” anymore. I do think of it as a genie out of the bottle. And as the folks at nano-t said, the genie is not going back in. So I believe now that we have to make peace with the genie. This means doing the things we should have been doing all along: Eating whole food, staying away from petrochemicals, exercising, etc, etc. See? The “cure”, if there is one, is good, clean living. Ok, maybe it’s not that simple, I’m not cured yet, so what do I know. But look, what do they say about death–the rate is still 100%, no one gets out alive. Still, we keep moving forward. So maybe the morgs rate is also 100%? Maybe Mr. CS is right in the above, and “to exist is to be infected”? Maybe we can deal with that? You know, I’ve got more energy than I had pre-morg, and I haven’t had a cold or allergies in ages (I used to get so many colds before Morg). Maybe we could have Morg and be healthy? Does that sound ridiculous?

  5. It is true that catastrophes (Morgellons, death, earthquakes or whatever) make you stop and wonder what it’s all about and why we’re even here. I personally believe that God has a reason for everything – including my having Morgellon’s disease.

    • herehoping said:

      Luke 24

    • Ann, I read recently–can’t remember where, though it may have been Dr. Greg Emerson’s site which Mr. CS linked to a few weeks ago–that you cannot heal from an illness until you find meaning in it. I like that idea! A certain acceptance has to accompany healing, and this is not the same thing as giving up. But one absolutely has to move past the constant terror and the anger. As we all know, these mind-states make us more acidic, for one thing.

      I think it’s Bruce Lipton in his book who says that he was researching cells way back when and discovered that there were two modes a cell could be in–growth and defense. It could not do both effectively simultaneously. (Hopefully I haven’t completely mangled this info or explanation, but I think I got the essence right.) Anyhow, think about this–it’s true for cells, and it’s true for us as well! First there is our body; each cell is affected in a very real way by our attitude and thoughts, as evidenced by becoming acidic. So our body needs our brain to be in growth, moving-forward mode in order to heal (remember, your body is geared to heal always, it needs the right stuff put in and the wrong stuff taken out, but it wants to move towards healing.) If we are fearful or angry, well that’s defensive, and it may be appropriate for a while, but ultimately it impedes progress.

      And then this is so true of us spiritually as well. If we are growing, we cannot be doubting simultaneously. So if you are believing that God has a reason for your suffering, I believe you are accepting it on some level, and you are deepening your faith, and you are helping heal your body too.

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