The NanoTransformation Team has announced the availability of their book titled “Got Body Bugs? How to Survive the Transgenic Revolution”.

The book is an electronic book (that means you download it) and it is 498 pages long. The creation of this book was and is an ongoing monumental effort. I can tell you for sure they have worked very hard on this research and I think it’s fair to say there is nothing like it available to sufferers. I know they have sacrificed much in it’s creation. The NanoTransformation team has provided an excellent resource and I look forward to reading every word of it. Also, the book will be updated in the future as they have much more research. I am very pleased that the book is now available as I have been waiting for it for some time now.

The book costs $69.00 but let me put that into perspective. On Friday I spent more money at Whole Foods on a bottle of Colloidal Silver, my probiotics, and a bottle of Kyolic 103 than the price of this book. So please, do not launch into a tirade because the book isn’t free. Be glad there are people willing and trying to help sufferers as they could have recovered and then simply walked away, and the same could be said about me. I personally spent thousands of dollars fighting Morgellons (before I caught on) and have received letters from people that have lost their homes after being financially devastated by this disease. So please, let’s keep things in perspective folks.

The book pricing information can be found HERE and with a subscription fee you can download all future releases of the book and you will have access to other premium information as well. I know many readers of this blog have already been helped by the wealth of free information and excellent videos on the site.

I had no role in the creation of the book but did get a mention in it which I am greatly honored by. So thank you NanoTransformation for that.

Congratulations NanoTransformation Team!! You can bet this Morgellons Sufferer is tremendously grateful for your tremendous work.

The best way to read this book is to follow these instructions. In your book viewer go to the menu at the top:

1) Select VIEW
2) Then select FACING

That’s the best way to read it and all the links work that way too …

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Morgellons – NanoTransformation’s “Got Body Bugs” Book Now Available" (41)

  1. Well said Mr CS. I will do my best to help others when fully recovered myself. I am looking forward to reading the book. The Kyolic 103 is awesome thanks. I am combining the NAC with MSM and Chlorella for heavy metal detox. Chlorella is superb stuff for this and I feel much better already. You mention purchasing Colloidal Silver. I have learned to make high quality 20ppm (google Silversol). I have stopped using it on a regular basis because it just wasn’t feeling right. I haven’t noticed any change by doing this. It is great when needed for chronic fungal / candida infections or with a nebulizer to treat lung infection. Also it helps to gargle with it for a sore throat. It is also great for soaking your toothbrush for complete sterilization. If your terrain is good, hopefully one wouldn’t need to use so much of the “killing agents”. Check your PH regularly and adjust diet with more alkaline foods. PH and mineralization seem to be very important.


  2. Ya, the Silver was for my son, he has a cold that has been hanging on too long, he’s already doing better now … Totally agree on the PH and mineralization

  3. Thanks for standing up for the nanoT folks—I’ve worried that they might get some undeserved backlash, too. They’re good people and their overall project is so clearly an enormous labor of love.

  4. MCS, I expected YOU to write the book!

    • He he, thanks Ann, it has crossed my mind, I’m currently going through a due diligence process as another company is looking at investing/purchasing my company, it’s been hectic. Plus, trying to provide relevant and helpful posts for everyone here on the blog (I know folks like to see new content if only to take their minds off things for a while). I was glad to hear the comments on the Kyolic 103 post as it was already helping some. Tonight we were working on three pinewood derby cars for cub scouts, it’s so much work.

      I think once I get this company stuff behind me I can begin to think about such an adventure, right now I have a real full time salaried job, a pretty successful software company on the side (commerical software product) and I maintain this blog and so on. My life honestly is really just a total blur.

  5. Anybody who ordered the book get the Mac user patch yet?

  6. I’m a Mac user, too. It seems like the book for Mac users is not available yet.

  7. lamb–I got the mac one today….

  8. Curiously, their website does not state who the authors are and there is no contact information.

  9. Ann, I think they have tried to maintain their anonymity. Under the circumstances, that is understandable.

  10. Got it …Thanks Still waiting on the protocol availabilty.

    It’s okay, there is enough challenging reading in the text.
    I am overwhelmed!

    Busy delivering your next Senator!

    Thank God.

    God Bless us all.

  11. I looked at the nanoransformaton site and was totally disgusted. Helping people? Where? People are suffering and dying. The ad for Nutrisilver? Been there, done that. It’s snake oil–very well promoted. These people are just trying to make money, profit on the backs of those of us who suffer. I saw the article where they say the CDC is not coming forth with anything on Morgellons. This from an unknown source? How unimpressive. I am so angry at this type of sh’t. If they know something, which I doubt, let the public know.

    • I knew it was inevitable before such a post came along. I correspond with the NanoTransformation folks occaisionally, you are entitled to think want you want to of course. I could have simply not approved your post but I thought I’d make a point.

      I did NutraSilver for a good while, it definitely killed off something major in my body and was a big help, though it was not curative.

      Also, I have already greatly benefited from the NanoTransformation book, a forth coming blog post is coming soon on that very issue that is going to suprise alot of folks, some stuff I thought they might be wrong on it turns out they are right on, and I didn’t want them to right on this issue because of the implications. To be honest, my worse fear was realized, I have a pretty informative blog post coming soon.

      Also, I have been told by sources with connections that nothing is coming from the CDC and these people know real information. The only ones not letting the public know are the CDC.

      It’s great that you have doctors treating you for free and that drug commercials don’t seem to run on your TV 24 x 7. Like I said in my post, a typical trip to Whole Foods costs me more than the price of the book. If you don’t want to know what they have learned, what helped them to recover that’s your choice. The NanoTransformation folks were very sick now they are well. They lost thier business and had to move into a hotel, I’m sure it was a living hell.

      You’ve said your piece on this and we’re not going to go back on forth on this. Good luck on your search. There is an incredible wealth of free information on their site, go to the “Morgellons TV” section. If you suspect the worst in people you are sure to find it.

    • Pam R, you are very welcome to hang around and join our community, trust me, I know, I’ve been there, you should see the cabinet of failed medicines, herbs and stuff I have at home, I really need to throw them out, it just gives my wife ammo 😉 LOL

      In all honestly, my wife’s been very good to me, though she doesn’t really believe in Morgellons she puts up with a husband that is .. well, partially insane … (pun intended but probably true from her perspective, he he)

      But honestly, stick around, you’re more than welcome

  12. Well said, Mr. CS.
    I have not got the book yet due to a computer snafue on my part. I should be getting it soon, can’t wait.
    You have offered quite a teaser regarding proof of your worst fear. I look forward to your upcoming post.
    Hope, Hope, Hope.
    Faith, Faith, Faith.
    Love, Love, Love.

  13. I got it but I can’t open any attachments or highlighted links, just the u tube videos. I am ambivalent about what I have read as the seem to have discarded everything and moved twice. How many folks can do that? Pretty much none of us.
    We know people have gotten better without having gone to such extremes, not that I wouldn’t love to walk out of here with my family, naked and a million dollars in my hand!

    I am sure that there are helpful things in the protocols if I can figure out to access them.

    I do think these folks are sincere but as I always say, we are not all the same.

    God Bless us al.

    • Lamb, in your book viewer go to the menu at the top:

      1) Select VIEW
      2) Then select FACING

      That’s the best way to read it and all the links work that way too …

  14. Tanks! I am not too computer literate and the whole Mac thing is fairly new.
    As always, I am in your debt Good Brother.
    God Bless us all

  15. I bought the ebook. It’s a wealth of information and it’s also very obvious how much time and energy went into making this book. It’ll take me awhile to read and view all the videos. There’s so much to learn, you almost have to make yourself read / watch it 😉 Time will tell whether the ppl that have read it will benefit.

  16. I finally got it. It’s great, will take a lot of time to go through most of it, so I just scanned.
    Mr CS, I concur with what they said about you at the beginning of the book.

  17. I bought the book last night and skimmed through it. Most of the material I have seen on other websites, but it is handy to have all of the information in one place. I cannot get back into the book tonight…I signed in but I cannot find the point of entry into the book. Can somebody help, please?

  18. Is this book actually downloaded and saved on your computer? Or is it actually read online?

    • I’m pretty sure the book in fully installed on your computer, you should have an index on the right hand side with a chapter list? I’m confused as to how you cannot find your way around. Also, you can simply use page up/page down keys to move and up and down.

  19. I can’t find it anywhere on my computer and there’s not much contact information on their site. When I go to their site and log in, it recognizes me as being logged in….but I can’t access the book (where’s the link?) and it’s not on my computer. I am very frustrated.

  20. You should have used the online chat window on my blog, I’m online, you mean you’re just trying to download it !!! I sent you an email with the link, not sure I could post it publically?

  21. Thank you for the link. I got in – but it gave me a new license number! So, now I have 3 license numbers!!!! It said, “Please register your license code here first. Then click on”continue” and it should take you directly to thhe book software, NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD.” So, there is no download…it’s all online. But you get a new license number every time you re-enter the book! I sure hope they’re not charging me each time I re-enter the site!

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  22. Somethings wrong in paradise Ann, you need to contact them. I downloaded and installed the book, now I just click on the book I have on my computer, I don’t have to go to their site ever anymore to read the book? Did you ever download it intially, something doesn’t sound right, nobody else has brought up this problem, I think you should email them, sure wish you WOULD USE THE CHAT MODE 😉 🙂 HE HE

  23. Hi Ann, I too get a new license number each time I re-open the book. I too hope I’m not being charged each time. I’m going to email them right now to be sure.

    My computer skills are pretty bad, so who knows what I’m doing.

  24. That’s it, I’m charging $39.00 for how to use the book lessons ;). But honestly, you should have downloaded the book to your hard drive, then anytime you want to read it you click on the file on your local hard drive, for instance “Got Body Bugs v12.exe” and it opens up. I gotta turn in for the night, it’s late here …

    • MCS, I didn’t use chat because I wanted to know if other people are having the same problem. Yes, Susan is having the problem, too. Susan, were you able to download the book to your computer?

      • It would be really helpful if they would post contact information in a place where it could be easily located.

    • zara cybele said:

      That .exe file will only work on PC.
      It’s the mac people that are having all the problems.
      I have to read the book online which leads me to wonder, if I cancel my subscription, will I lose my privileges to view the book? That is a question for the nanotransformation people though.

  25. Hi Guys, I’ve been busy emailing everyone who had book opening/downloading issues, we have our email posted on the Premium Members welcome page, so when you log into the site, you should be taken directly to that page, that says “welcome to the premium members gateway”. If not log OUT and then back in. The book access link is there, and our email for help if needed. I’ll put it in a more prominent place on the home page, too, just in case, tonight.

    Thank you and love to all the “pre-launch” family that were the first ones to buy the book, it did take us a moment to get the kinks out (like getting the mac version up) but you have all been wonderful and I thank you for your patience.

    I think I have emailed everyone who says they were getting a license every time they opened the book, you are probebly clicking on the “step one” link, instead of the book link, the first license you got should work every time you are ever asked for the code, so jot it down.

    Our contact info, which I’ll write out longhand here because of spam robots that search the web, is: nanotransformation at gmail dot com

    On silver: We tested it pretty thoroughly, and posted some videos and a chapter in the book about it. It is not a cure. It does help with secondary immune-issues, symptoms and infections, and there are cautions. Dr. Staninger now feels that people with the nanotechnology exposure vector should be VERY careful with silver.

    On the comments about charging for phone sessions or the book I’d like to remind that we are not charging very much, honestly we spent $500 for ONE 30 minute session with a well known genetic toxicologist, and shared in the book everything we learned. We spent well over $30,000 in research, consultations and product testing. I have three young kids to support and if I didn’t charge something I would not be able to help anyone at all for all the time that goes into the site and research, which is nearly a full time job on it’s own.

    We made sure that once you get the book, we will update with new versions unlimited, meaning, as soon as we know something new, you will to, your not going to have to buy again to get new research.

    I had to think very carefully about phone sessions and how best to help without putting more financial stress on my family, we gave our phone session clients for three months a complimentary book, and so far I’ve spent anywhere from 2-5 total hours working with each client on the phone or by email. Figuring in the book, that means I’m making about $5-8 an hour. If I didn’t charge, there is no way I could help one-on-one. (unless I win the lottery). Everyone has a slightly different healing process, so I want to be able to talk with people and assist!

    The bottom line on moving is that, if I knew THEN what I know now, I would not have HAD to move. Moving can speed up the healing process IF you live in a moldy house, otherwise the home & environment protocols are able to clear most homes and even deal with re-infestations. Moving is a “fast” way of dealing with it 🙂

    Not everyone in our families healed at the same rate, so we still had family visiting back and forth that were in the “swarming mode” and still detoxing, but I was confident enough finally in my home protocols at that point to have them stay, sit on my sofa, hang out in the bedrooms, sleepover, hugs, sure, no problem! Next day…protocols and my (carpeted and fully furnished again) home was clear.

    There are professional researchers sharing their info for free, remember some are foundations, receiving grants and donations to pay for their time and research. We are not.

    We want every single person who has this, to get well.

    We think from our research we have a pretty good idea of how Morgellons develops in the body, (we could be wrong, as could others of course) but if we or anyone else comes up with new research, you bet we will be sharing it and updating everyone!

    Morgellons research is ongoing, by many excellent scientists and researchers. It’s a very complex and multi-layered disease, and different in each person depending on the types of toxic mycoplasma exposure, bio-nanotechnology or vector points they have had and thus the types of vifungeria organisms that have gene-swapped and mutated.

    One thing we know for certain, we are not wrong about Natural, non-presctiption drug methods to heal the body, outside and in, and get the home, car and life back in order. My kids just had a slumber party last weekend. Unimaginable 18 months ago. You can do it guys!

    I received a letter yesterday from a man who has not bought the book, but has read every article on our site and followed all the free videos and free video protocols we have up. He has been totally clear now of any symptoms for several months.

    Finally, I’d like to thank Mr. Common sense, his site was one of the ones WE visited during our healing process that inspired us & offered hope. He puts a ton of love and time into his site as well, and if you have not read the “poor man protocols” research he has up, you need to go take a look.

    I love all of you, we are doing our best to keep digging for more answers and information and share what we know. Please feel free to email me if you need to get in touch with us.

    Love, Solar Angel

  26. They closed the site, did not let us download the book, and kept our money. Enough said.

  27. Hi Ann, I had no problem downloading the book. Perhaps if you sent a message thru this web site they would assist??

  28. Paul Kumnick said:

    How can we get a copy of this book?

    If anyone has it please upload it for all to recieve.

  29. Hi..anyone know where to get the book? The links to nanotransformation are not working 😦 Please help..

  30. Darn, I just wrote out my post and it didn’t go through and now I have to rewrite it. I hate when that happens.

    Basically I just stated that I paid for the book and the link didn’t work for me. I tried contacting them and did finally get a response through their comments section, but still no link that worked.
    Then they wrote a note saying they were “passing the torch” to Dr. Staninger. Since then, I haven’t seen Dr. Staninger release anything. Can someone help? Why does it seem that once people get well, they forget about those of us still dying of this? It sure seems that way with some, not all of course.

    So basically what I am asking, is what the hell happened? The disappearing act, the videos Nanotransformation had up on cleaning the home? The 4 part chalkboard lecture they had only has part 1 and 4, etc. If they aren’t going to sell the book, which I would pay for again if I had to, at least someone could upload it so we can read it!? I keep going back to their YT page and hope they turn up. Can someone please fill me in. Thank you, S

    Still suffering in Cali, Kevin

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