Comments on: "Worry not my Daughters, worry not my Sons" (3)

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post.

    Your quote below – Mr CS is my claim also, and on this journey I may not be perfect-but my heart is also to help as many as I can find health,be whole,and restored to the joy that they once had. I can only do my best,even though I give all that I am I am flawed and at best a learning work in process. No conspiracies,no blaming,no weird things that will hurt any one or do harm. Trying my hardest to be a good steward of what God puts in my path to be responsible for. The little sheep who are sick – lets help if God shows us how.
    Lets give what we have,ourselves to sheperd those put in our paths.
    Bless you my brother,
    Pamela Mae
    “I am not a Doctor or a Nutritional Expert. I recommend all people check with their doctor before taking any suppliments or vitamins. I am only a volunteer. I claim no cure either. No Factions. No Conspiracies. All are welcome if they are civil. I’m not interested in blame, only living a life symptom free..”

    • Amen Pamela, I couldn’t have said it better, I look forward to when you publish a cross section of results from say 10 to 20 sufferers so we can find out what is in common, it’s the lay people that are going to find the way, the experts are just too smart to figure this out …

  2. I love this site! Than you, MCS.

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