Evidence of a Microorganism Causing an Unexplained Dermopathy

Dr. David Conroy MD, LLM
ISBN 978-1-57808-673-3/ January 2010/ ca.140 pages, pb/ US $ 69.50
[DVD* included]

Morgellon’s Syndrome is the name given to a cluster of symptoms including pruritis, erythematous dermatological irritation, and excoriations. The defining feature of Morgellon’s Syndrome is the spontaneous exodus of fibers from the epidermis in affected individuals. The vast majority of the medical community believes that persons presenting these symptoms are delusional and are therefore suffering from a mental illness. For the last two years the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States have been investigating persons afflicted with what the CDC term an explained dermopathy and Morgellon’s Syndrome for the presence of an infectious aetiology.

This book demonstrates evidence of a new microorganism infecting a person complaining of a dermopathy and fibers spontaneously exiting the dermis who was diagnosed with delusional parasitosis. The organism is likely a fungus that lives beneath the epidermis with the ability to infect common fibers including cotton, feathers and hair follicles.

  •  Why the Investigation was Started
  •  Materials and Methodology
  •  Evidence not Recorded on Videotape
  •  The Phenomenon of the Disappearing Hair Follicles
  •  Particles Entering the Eyes
  •  Particles Exiting the Eyes
  •  A Substance that Transverses the Optic Globe
  •  The Irregular Iris
  •  Particles that Exit the Feet
  •  Particles that Enter the Feet
  •  The Microorganism Mobility—An Internal Propulsion System
  •  Green Feet Illuminate the Role of the Epidermis in the Life-cycle of the Microorganism
  •  Coated Hairs under the Microscope
  •   The Microorganism Possibly Growing on a Piece of Cocaine
  •  A Summary of the Observations
  •  The Structure of the Microorganism
  •  A Model Accounting for the Observed Phenomena
  •  Is There a Cure?
  •  Future Considerations: A Microorganism as an Etiology for Delusional Parasitosis

* includes video files.


Somebody I was chatting with over Skype pointed this out to me, thank you …


Comments on: "Morgellons Syndrome – Another New Book Just Published" (11)

  1. Mr Cs,
    This looks fascinating. Did you read it yet?
    This is right where I am as far as interest.

    Pamela Mae

  2. Haven’t read it yet Pamela, was just alerted to it. I’m pretty curious myself. It looks promising, however, I did notice this quote

    The organism is likely a fungus …

    Does that mean the Author doesn’t really know what it is? Probably, otherwise it would be an astounding claim to have pinpointed the cause of this nightmare. Still, I think from the content list anyway this book probably does shed some much needed light on the subject … and of course, I think he is probably saying DOP doesn’t apply here (which we all know of course). I plan on buying it, the question is how do I do it without my wife killing me? Already my suppliments add up … 😉 he he

  3. I wonder why people who have read this book have not commented on his theories in the morg forums. Do you know when it was published?

    I also wonder why he didn’t wait until he had an absolute identification of the fungus, or whatever, before publishing.

    At least there’s a genuine MD who is interested in writing a book about it! That’s progress!

  4. Sorry, I see that nobody has read it because it hasn’t been released!

    • Ann, the book is brand new, just published as of Jan 2010, in fact, I think you can only pre-order it now, so nobodies had a chance to look at it.

      I would love to read it, and definitely will, especially these chapters …

      • A Summary of the Observations
      • The Structure of the Microorganism
      • A Model Accounting for the Observed Phenomena
      • Is There a Cure?
      • Future Considerations: A Microorganism as an Etiology for Delusional Parasitosis

      Also, did you notice this chapter …

      • The Microorganism Possibly Growing on a Piece of Cocaine

      Remember this post …

      Annually, according to Peruvian forest engineer Marc J. Dourojeanni, coca growers dump 15 million gallons of kerosene, 8 million gallons of sulphuric acid, 1.6 million gallons of acetone, 1.6 million gallons of the solvent toluene, 16,000 tons of lime and 3,200 tons of carbide into the valley’s watershed.

      I still have not ruled out Toluene as somehow playing a role in all this mess …

  5. The part that mentions “The Microorganism Possibly Growing on a Piece of Cocaine” — Falls right into line with the theory that Morgellons is a bioweapon used in the “war on drugs” that has escaped containment and become an epidemic.

  6. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Fusarium Oxysporum and Cyanobacterium???? Someone I know spoke about the spraying of Fusarium Oxysporum that she found on the skin of her patients, and the random spraying of DRUG CROPS.
    Sister to Common Sense

  7. julie kurtzman bott said:

    I just found this. Has anyone read the book.

  8. itchy scratchy said:

    i can vouch for the notion that morgellons affects cocaine users. my morgellons subsided when i stopped using.

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