Morgellons Program (2 hours) on God’s Learning Channel

January 28th 8:00 PM CDT and January 29th at 1:00, 7:00, and 2:00 PM CDT

Featured Guests:

  • Rolando Arafiles, MD
  • Cindy Casey, RN
  • Randy Wymore, Ph.D.

                      Joining by Teleconference:                           

  • Marc Neuman
  • Ginger Savely, DNP
  • Amelia Withington, MD,

Patients: Bonnie Siegel of Florida and Sharlene of MA

The program will air for the first time at 8:00 PM CDT on Thursday, January 28.  It will then re-air on Friday at 1:00, 7:00 and 2:00 PM CDT.  As for TV channels, it depends on the viewing area and whether your cable or satellite provider carry’s GLC.  However, you can always watch the online streaming LIVE at


Comments on: "Morgellons Program on God’s Learning Channel" (3)

  1. Joe Keleher said:

    If I watched TV at all, this is something I would try to catch. I would like to hear what will be shared…but also would be interested in watching body language of a couple of the guests. I have a growing respect for Randy Wymore and think he is most likely to have answers from the medical perspective.

    • The good thing is you can stream it over the web and watch it on your computer, good thing too because I don’t think most people receive that channel. Interesting your comment on Body Lauguage?

  2. Sister to Common Sense said:

    I am most interested in what the Guests have to say. I also would like to see their skin and how badly they are affected or if it is interal only. I am also interested in hearing the sufferers Bonnie and Sharlenes stories.
    I have spoken to them in the past. So this will be very interesting.
    Sister to Common Sense

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