I am not a physician, nor am I a clinical nutritionist. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice. I do not recommend any of this be used on children. I recommend all people check with their doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins. People with compromised kidneys or livers should always work with a doctor and always ramp up slowly incase of massive die off.

A few days before I downloaded and began to read the NanoTransformation book I was playing around the creation of a new protocol based on sulfur. I spoke about this new protocol in past blog and twitter posts and mentioned how important I think Sulfur is in my YouTube Video. This updated protocol is a big plan for me for 2010. I think sulfur is really key to recovering from Morgellons. In fact, I had emailed “Solar Angel” of the NanoTransformation team and we talked a little about MSM a few days before the book was released. It was funny on the timing of all this.

I had began to ramp up my MSM intake (not to be confused with MMS) when I read in the NanoTransformation book a quote something to the effect of “If I knew a giant storm was coming I will fill my shopping cart with MSM” and they feel it is key to getting rid of nematodes. I thought, “Aha, this is going to be interesting”. They have lots of information on MSM, a full chapter on it in fact. I didn’t have the brand of MSM they prefer but I’m not so sure it matters? I want to be careful and not publish information from their book in this blog post. They even have links showing where MSM is documented to be a good killer of nematodes, that kind of surprised me, but it shouldn’t have really. I have barely tapped into the book so far to be honest and need to read more.

Anyway, I ramped my MSM up to 1000mg with breakfast, lunch, and dinner with another 500mg tablet just before bed with a little food (you need to take it with food). That’s 3,500 mg a day. Guess what happened? I went from basically having no crawling (which is my usual state) to massive body wide crawling, including my eyes which hadn’t happened in a long time. Well, needless to say I was more than a little surprised and quite alarmed. I went back to sleeping on the leather couch, told the kids they cannot sit on the couch, and stopped hugging the kids. This crawling went on for about 2 and half to three days then pretty much stopped. Interestingly enough, just as I ramped up and the crawling began I had terrible pain in my lymph node on the left side of my groin which lasted about 36 hours (that didn’t make me stop taking the MSM though).

This all happened about a two weeks ago. I remember driving to work in the morning absolutely crawling from head to toe and thinking “This is it, my worst fear has come true, the worm people were right, it’s nematodes”. Fear was then crouching at my door wishing to devour me, I could feel a wave of panic trying to take hold. I happened to be listening to a CD at the time in the car on the way to work called “Scriptunes” that my youngest son was given when he joined the Upward Basketball league. Upward is a Christian basketball league, it’s very cool. Anyway, there was an awesome song “If we obey” playing at the time and all of a sudden I laughed out loud that “the thing I had feared the most had been realized”. I was shocked, I should be freaking out I thought not laughing? It was then that I knew God was forcing me to face this fear of mine and then the fear left me as quickly as it came and I began to sing along with the song like I was the one who wrote it, I was kind of astonished. Things like that never happen to me. After that I wasn’t afraid and knew that I could face this as well (if in fact, it was nematodes).

The crawling is over, I’m in fine shape, in fact, feel great and sleeping back in the bed now. I’m not doing the high dose MSM anymore but I am working on a new protocol that is based on Amino Acids and Sulfur products like MSM, NAC, my Sulfur soap for topical and so on … So, I will be doing the MSM again and long term, but I want to layout this protocol and stick with it for three months to see the effects. It’s really not much different than the poor mans protocol, but enough so that I think it will make a real difference.

So, was the crawling that I felt in fact nematodes? I don’t know. In truth, nobody has ever offered any proof that the crawling is nematodes. It could have been mites of some kind, could have been neither of those things, perhaps it was just MSM dancing on the end of my nerves. However, the pain in my lymph node is I think somewhat indicative of it being something akin to some kind of nematode. All I know is MSM had a profound effect on me. I had taken MSM before, but probably only 1000 mg a day at most.

Having had time to think about this experience here is what I have learned. The difference with my approach to Morgellons versus many others is that my improvements are lasting, not fleeting. I just read today somebody talking about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, I have never taken MMS) and they said it was really helping them, but as soon as they stopped it Morgellons came back with a vengeance. This does not happen with me I think because I work on the terrain rather than some magic bullet killer. I could take nothing now and often don’t take much of anything for weeks and I’m still okay. But obviously I’m not free of Morgellons. I believe I read somewhere that sulfur (not necessarily MSM) is the 3rd most abundant substance in the human body, so it is part of our natural terrain. I bet doctors never check for it’s presence or lack there of.


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  1. I too, upped my sulfur intake about three weeks ago and I have had serious “hatch outs” since then. But they are starting to subside with each day. I don’t know if this is the catalyst to my feeling less crawly but I am praying that this is so.

    This week will be most interesting.. report back later.
    God Bless us all.

  2. Lamb, I’m not suprised at all honestly, I had been doing the Sulfur soap and NAC (sulfur based amino acid) and the True Protien from egg whites (very high in sulfur content) and I think it’s not a coincidence that when I started doing those things and gave up on the “killers” such as oregano oil and things (which I do still fall back on now and again) I got much better. In this mans opinion, Morgellons doesn’t play well with Sulfur, I remember reading many accounts of folks who could stop the crawling with garlic intake, only it was impractical to eat enough garlic each day long term (plus that much Garlic can be dangerous and cause Botulism if you do).

    Anyway, a Poor Mans Protocol II will be born in a month or so and you can bet MSM will play a larger role.

    And lamb, I’m so glad to hear of you beginning to make improvements, I cannot wait to hear the joy in your voice when you make it over the hump, and you will.

  3. I’m real interested to see how this goes for you, MCS and for lamb. The crawl-fest sounds terrifying—sometimes I feel like I live with some (mild?) form of PTSD from when the crawling was so intense during the early weeks of this illness, so I know what you mean about “worst fears”.

    I’m not taking MSM orally, but recently tried a small sample of a mixture of MSM cream, Neem Oil, and Vit E. I put it on this patch of small, eraserhead-sized lesions—really, the only open, non-healing ones that I have–they itched persistently and I just couldn’t get the itching to stop. After one application, the itching stopped. After two applications, they started to heal up and fade. I haven’t applied it since, yet the skin continues to heal and the itching is completely gone. I’m waiting on some Vit E to make a larger batch of this stuff and play around with it.

  4. Mr. CS,

    Very interesting about the MSM. I have a question, though. I run very acid. During the day I can get up to 7.5, but my morning ph is always 6.0. When I take MSM it makes me even more acid. One morning I was 5.0. So I quit taking it.

    I know you can’t give medical advice, but is your feeling that the MSM benefits are worth the ph effects?

    I am pretty convinced that my symptoms are caused by nematodes… my worst fear also.

    However, for the past two nights I have been sleeping on top of my FIR heating pad (not Dr. Stanninger’s — mine is larger and flatter and does not get hot enough to burn) and there has been an incredible decrease in crawling and in morg hairs. I am thinking that the extended heat may be killing some of the nematodes, if that is what they are. It is also breaking up congestion in my lungs.

    I will follow your new protocol developments with GREAT interest! 🙂

  5. Sharon, that is good information, I have PH strips at home and this morning took 1000mg of MSM with breakfast and will take another at lunch, when I get home after work I will take my PH (which I haven’t taken in quite a while) and let you know what it is. However, I take Magnesium and drink OJ and my guess is I will not be very acidic, but we’ll know in a little while …

    Basically, I’m doing my Poor Mans II right now (starting today) and will post it in a month or so if I feel it’s working well for me. I have the pad to, I could turn mine low and sleep on it but I’m afraid too, but I do use it during the day quite often.

  6. My morning pH is always 5.0 or 5.5, I have been very acidic all of my life. I can get up to the 7’s during the day. I have noticed that I always feel better when my pH is balanced. I will rely on the buffer pH pills from Vaxa when I need to. I am still waiting for my mps heating pad. I do however take something called charcocaps at bedtime, it’s homeopathic for gas and bloating so I don’t know how that affects the pH. I have taken nothing but the sulfur, opaline and pH buffers this week as I am submitting my Great Plains tests tomorrow.
    Keep praying gang, that’s my best advice!
    God Bless us all.

    • Lamb, I really appreciate hearing that you are also very acidic. I was a little worried about my levels. I do watch my diet (mostly) but do not take buffer pills.

  7. I recently upped my MSM from 1000mg a day to 4000mg and experienced extreme prickly, itchy sensations all over my body. This lead to outbreaks of red nodules on my right shoulder and mid back. After showering with coal tar soap it subsided and I went to bed. The next morning the itching prickly stuff was quite subdued. I also did an experiment by applying strong UV light from a special flourescent tube (don’t know wavelength yet) for 1 minute to my left arm and back of my neck. Don’t know if it was placebo but the itchy prickly stopped on those areas for about 2 hours.

  8. Rob… I am told that UV/A UV/B is the best for those of us in cold climes. I am also thinking of purchasing some full spectrum lightbulbs, one of the gals at MDR gets them online from a bird supply place, sorry I don’t know the link. I am sure you can google it. I have started laying down in my boy’s room when it’s sunny in the PM, drives you nuts for a few and then gets better..
    My red exit marks are on my chest, my shoulders and my back, in between my shoulder blades.
    Stay with it, we may be getting somewhere.
    God Bless.

    • Lamb,
      The lamp is a Sylvania F15 T8-375BL which is 375nm UV/A. Will continue experiments and let you know. With the increased MSM I am itchin all over, wonder if this is just agitating things or driving them out?
      May God be with you in your healing.

  9. This is an interesting post. With many of us having started in birdmites or scabies forums, many of us have already taken sulfur or used it topically. I bought powered sulfur and made my own lotion (1:9 ratio), which is supposed to work for scabies (this is when I thought I had scabies) but stopped using it b/c it would dry out my skin and peel like crazy. I have also taken sulfur tablets (Hylands brand, 30x) but not consistently. I also have sulfur soap w/ 10% sulfur. What I’ve been doing for the last month or so is applying a combination of neem soap (20% neem oil), ESP soap, and sulfur soap lather to my skin after bathing and letting it dry. Then on top of that, I rub in coconut oil for moisturizing b/c the soaps alone is really tough on the skin and besides, according to nanotransformation, coconut oil is good for you. My body’s better with this regimen, although like so many ppl with their products, it helps but it’s not the cure. I’ll get on a stricter MSM and also sulfur tablet regimen and see if that helps too from the inside. We could all share in a month how we’re doing with sulfur 🙂

  10. Okay, I’ve been researching, it appears there are huge differences in MSM, I just did this test they recommend where you put 3 or 4 msm tablets in warm water and they should disolve to basically totally clear, well mine didnt even come close, loaded with fillers and who knows what else. I have Country Life and am pretty disappointed.

    This site recommends a certain brand that is supposed to be very pure, going to halt until I order this stuff, but it ain’t cheap.


    Also, Kornax has all kinds of Ionic Liquid Sulfur? Never tried this stuff, 2000 ppm and 500 ppm and more, see THIS

    This is what I am going to ORDER

  11. I am starting the MSM so, I need to do the test. I, too, will share in a month. About the soaps, I have all of those mentioned above. I had an experience which I put the Sulfur soap on and left it for a number of hours. I put it on thick. I wouldn’t recommend this. My back was sooo rashy and itching at red alert level. Where as, it was fine before.
    I always read but don’t post too much. Wanted to let you, Mr. CS know that we are following ! Thanks

  12. Sister to Common Sense said:

    The problem that I see is that sulfur soap is very drying and the skin needs other nutrients to heal.

    At anu water and at http://www.espbotanicals theyhave brought the prices down. Anu has been reformulated and the
    taste no longer has the HCLO flavor and is amazing.
    The New Hope 2 line has been upgraded and the price is 1 kit full price and the other kit half price.
    Since the anu has been used 7 out of ten, that stuck with it and with a probiotic with jarrowdopholus and a non gmo diet are in remission. The anu is now 1/3 off.
    We understand that people don’t have a lot of monies the generous people are are tryig to do our part.
    Sister to Common Sense

  13. I ordered 1,000 of the 1000mg MSM tablets ($90.00) from this site tonight http://www.msmpure.com/

    I will report my findings in a month or so after receiving them. If you read the info on their site they are supposed to be the purest.

    Sister, I’m filing that in my hip pocket for sure. I will be 100% free of this disease by the end of this year.

  14. Sister to Common Sense said:

    You will be 100% even sooner I pray, Mr Common Sense. I am rooting for you and everyone on this board.
    Sister to Common Sense

  15. Morgellon’s is an EXPENSIVE DISEASE! I am spending $400+ dollars a month in supplements, molecular silver, mms, special shampoos, special cleaners, etc., not including having to buy pricier fresh foods instead of cheaper processed foods. And then throw in the shipping charges for every little thing that I can’t find locally! And I’m not even talking about all of the furniture, books and things that I had to throw out when this plague first started!

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