Okay, I’m about to cut the number of readers of this blog in half, but here goes. Now, while I am generally conservative I cannot stand the Republicans right now, or basically anybody in Washington. It’s like watching the Globe Trotters versus the Generals, it’s all fixed, they’re all on the same team and its them against the people. Just wait until you hear about the 2.2 million dollar skylight that went into a liquor store via the stimulus money (he delivers it so hilariously, I love his impressions of the snobby rich), meanwhile Morgellons got a measly 360k for it’s study, sigh … It appears all of us suffering from Morgellons are not worth 1/6th of a skylight.

Now, so many are closed minded I’m not one of them, I listen to everybody mostly because I’m beyond caring anymore what happens in politics anymore. Jesus didn’t waste his time on it did he? Remember, Rome controlled Israel during Christ’s time here on earth, yet He barely muttered a word about Rome other than things like obey your rulers, give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and so on.

If you know anything about Glenn Beck you know that he rails on the Republicans a lot, and I mean a lot. He’ll tell you both parties are corrupt, and “in on it”. Just the other day he had all kinds of photo’s of communists on the board along with pictures of Reagan and McCain. He would read off quotes and ask “Who said that?” and you would think “Oh, that had to have been Carl Marx!”  and overwhelmingly they were McCain quotes, quite funny actually. I promise not to make many posts like this as they only invite controversy, but this is truly funny … If politics bugs you my advice is forget about it, just vote for whoever you want and then get on with life, real change starts with us individually anyway and I know I haven’t done my part personally so how can I complain. Anyway, asking for forgiveness in advance on this as this is a little off topic.

Video Satire Here


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  1. Politics, ugh, only the most psychopathic rise to the top. Ever see a caring politician who wasn’t faking it? Most high level politicians are just middle management anyway. Who are their bosses?
    It will be up to us to heal ourselves and to help others. I find Bruce Lipton to be an amazing source of encouragement. All “matter” is energy, light is energy, thought is energy. Your thoughts or state of consciousness have a profound effect on your health and cell biology. Our food comes from sunlight. We are children of the light and God.
    Let’s do this.

  2. Amen and well said, and by the way, I cannot wait for spring, we’ve had no sunlight this winter and it’s not even Feb yet, ugggh !!!!

    I can’t wait to get my skin back into the Sun, my kids really need some sun bad …

  3. I like Glenn Beck a lot better in print. 🙂

    However, the message was sound. We have a corrupt government spending wildly on trivial, wasteful, and often harmful boondoggles with no concern whatsoever for the economic collapse that is impoverishing the citizens and taxpayers of this country.

    DH turned 65 last year. Was supposed to get a reduction in school taxes. But when he filed, he got a nasty surprise. The story we were told is that the State of Georgia can no longer fund the Homestead Exemption… so our taxes went up.

    I didn’t vote in the last presidential election. The lies, the manipulation, and the behind the scenes agendas have made a mockery of the whole political process. No matter which party wins, the will of the people… on illegal immigration and all the other issues that are important to me have been run roughshod for decades, and it is crystal clear that NO political party cares a hill of beans about my most critical concerns for the great country we once were.

    The Brown victory in Mass. was a positive sign that maybe the brakes will be put on the current out-of-control administration. But when the republicans regain power, the illegal immigration will go on, the pork will continue…

    I DO apologize for such a downer, but I have lost all faith in our political process. And with the huge idealogical divide in this country, I wonder if we are even governable anymore? We are certainly a house divided, which cannot stand as it exists now.

    And yep, you probably will lose half your readers. 😀

  4. I agree Sharon, but even you realize no matter who’s in power, things will continue on the downward slope, I doubt I’ll lose half the readers, it’s hard to imagine anybody putting their faith in Washington, my faith is no longer being placed upon or wasted on man. If we cannot laugh at the mess in Washington we are really in trouble. They are like little children.

    I remember a funny Simpsons episode where Bart was playing with a yo-yo in school and he put it through the fish tank glass and it shattered spilling the fish and water all over the classroom floor. Everyone gasp, he turned, faced the teacher with the string still connected to his finger and the yo-yo in the tank and said “I didn’t do it” …

    That’s how dumb they think we are, and honestly, all I can do is laugh at them now. It makes not a lick of difference what they do anymore as far as I’m concerned, I’m living my life just the same as I always do. The same goes for the CDC study, honestly, I could care less. This by no means indicates I’m hopeless, just the opposite.

    Let me tell you another story, I always heard it was true, it might not be but I still like it (but then again maybe it is).

    In the Soviet Union a bunch of soldiers raided a Church and bolted all the doors shut, then they stated that they were to execute everyone who believes in Christ that was in the church. However, when the crying started they gave everyone a chance saying “Anyone who isn’t really a Christian can leave the church now”. And most of the congregation left. It was then that the soldiers knelt down and asked for prayer and guidance as they knew they were in the presence of real believers because they were willing to die rather than deny His name.

    All this is to say and as I have told my children, if America does change and becomes socialist, or even communist, all is not Lost, God is in control, and the flames of True faith will spread even further than in our current state of wealth and gluttony where reliance on God has been lost on most …

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but in the end, in my life anyway, Morgellons just might turn out to be a blessing.

  5. “All this is to say and as I have told my children, if America does change and becomes socialist, or even communist, all is not Lost, God is in control, and the flames of True faith will spread even further than in our current state of wealth and gluttony where reliance on God has been lost on most …

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but in the end, in my life anyway, Morgellons just might turn out to be a blessing.”

    I have thought much the same thing. I am kind of detached from the craziness that is going on, and have made a commitment to live each day as fully as I can, and not sweat the things I can’t control.

    My faith REALLY took a hit when I came down with Morgellon’s, but now it is stronger than ever, and I like my perspective on life a lot better now. I know there are a lot of other people out there with our values, and I believe those values and their impact on our lives will grow stronger and stronger. I really liked your story about the Chinese church. 🙂

    I was talking to my Mom yesterday, and much good has come out of my sisters and I having this disease. We are incredibly close now–the most precious thing in my life, apart from my faith, is the new closeness that I now have with my sisters.

    I’ve also started creating beautiful things for my house. After I got rid of all the furniture, curtains, art–everything–when I had the bugs, I was left with a house that just screamed for beauty. It dawned on me that if I create my own art and my own bed coverings, curtains, etc. that I will eventually have a gorgeous house that TRULY reflects the things I love. And I am on a creative binge! 🙂

  6. Do I dare say this has been a delightful thread?
    First of all, I enjoyed the heck out of that clip. Had never heard of Glen Beck before today. I don’t watch TV, and I am so out of it. I mean, since I believe that mostly tv is a marketing tool, and I don’t want to buy what they are selling, we opted out a long time ago. Ditto for politics. Got quite a good laugh, and I thank you, Mr. CS.
    To Rob D., I’m with you about 100%.
    To Sharon, your creative binge brought a smile to my face!!!
    To find the blessing in this Morgellons business is the beginning of healing–I am sure of it! Because healing is not the same as “cure”–healing is bigger.

  7. Just very brief: I am a Republican. Obama scares me. When the Republicans call for their dues I tell them this,”When the Republican party comes back to their base and conservative values, I will pay my dues”. I like Glenn Beck and listen to him about every night. He sure digs the dirt out of their closets.

  8. I forgot. I am a Morgellons sufferer also. I don’t expect the government to ever own up to what it is. I have more faith in Randy Wynmore and those like him.

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