From Mel’s site – 

Hello Everyone!

We had a great conference call on Thursday! We recorded the call so that anyone can go back and listen to Mel, Pam and John offer advice, tips and pointers.


I listened to this all day at work, it was pretty cool. The first 5 minutes are a little slow going, but once John gets there and Mel, Pamela, and John get rolling it’s awesome. It’s really great to hear other sufferers talk about their situation. I forgot to post the announcement for this meeting, I will for the next one. Just remember, the calls are really to talk about Mel’s protocol so please respect that if you call in. If you are alone and isolated right now listen to this, it’s very encouraging, again, it starts off kind of slow, but worth listening too.

And Pamela, you cleared your car with the Menthol Crystals !!!! I told you so !!! That was so cool.


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