Morgellons Program (2 hours) on God’s Learning Channel


January 31st 8:00 PM CDT

February 1st at 1:00, 7:00, and 2:00 PM CDT

Featured Guests:

  • Rolando Arafiles, MD
  • Cindy Casey, RN
  • Randy Wymore, Ph.D.

                      Joining by Teleconference:                           

  • Marc Neuman
  • Ginger Savely, DNP
  • Amelia Withington, MD,

Patients: Bonnie Siegel of Florida and Sharlene of MA

As for TV channels, it depends on the viewing area and whether your cable or satellite provider carry’s GLC.  However, you can always watch the online streaming LIVE at

To watch it live over the internet just click on the image that looks like the image below on their home page and say “Yes” if it prompts you to install the media player to watch it.


I’m sorry if you received an email from me last night about the show, the schedule was changed at the last moment and I had no idea.


Comments on: "Morgellons TV Show Rescheduled" (2)

  1. Joe Keleher said:

    I will not be able to watch this(no TV or ‘net at home)…but will be interested in hearing what is presented. I hope plenty is shared! Joe

  2. Kimberly A. Rymer said:

    I am thrilled to have a chance to actually watch a real program dedicated to this horrible and debilitating disease that I have as well as many other people in this world. I have never been so interested in anything in all my life as I am in this, for this is the strangest disease I have ever seen and can ever imagine anyone could contract. Thank you for taking the time and putting out the effort to give us the privilege of watching this program and making it possible.

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