10 ) Morgellons sufferers are mostly in Texas, California, and Florida. (they are everywhere, all 50 states)

  9 ) Morgellons sufferers have lesions. (As many don’t have lesions that do)

  8 ) Morgellons sufferers itch like crazy (Not all itch, many do not, they feel the crawling but do not itch)

  7 ) Most Morgellons sufferers test positive for Lyme. (“big” myth, testing for “banding” is very questionable).

  6 ) Most Morgellons sufferers are former drug users. (Yawn)

  5 ) Morgellons is a skin disease. (myth, it is systemic and can be devastating)

  4 ) You cannot die from Morgellons. (myth)

  3 ) Around 16,000 people have Morgellons in the U.S. (major myth, multiple by 30 or 40 or even more)

  2 ) Morgellons is self inflicted and simply a case of Delusions of Parasitosis. (myth)

      and the number #1 Morgellons Myth ….

  1 ) Morgellons is an internet disease. (anyone that believes this can stay in the home of a suffer I know for a week)


Comments on: "Top 10 Myths About Morgellons" (39)

  1. Interesting… where did you get this list? What’s actually pretty frustrating is what’s written about morgs on wikipedia. It basically says morgs sufferers are delusional and seeing how these days, whenever ppl want to know anything, they go to wiki first and believe everything they read… when I told one of my best friends about me having morgs, even while I was talking to him on the phone, he was already wiki-ing it so I had to slip in a disclaimer rather fast, “oh, btw, don’t believe anything you read on wikipedia about it”.

    seeing how ppl take what’s on wiki as a fact these days,

  2. That list is mine, it’s my top ten pet peeves about Morgellons that when I read them I go through the roof. Forget Wickipedia, it’s run by activists and those with agendas (some of them salaried). In the page about springtails on Wikipedia they even claim the researchers themselves that found the springtails in humans in Oklahoma were in-fact also suffering from delusions. Rediculous. But, information is power, and the powerful control the information. Ask Neils about his battle with them, they control the definition of Morgellons and there are folks making sure the right message is conveyed.

    I’ve been wanting to publish this Top 10 list for sometime now, these are the things I truly believe (and know) are myths but they are infact basicaly the opening paragraph of every Morgellons article you see written by those on the outside by people that really know very little about this disease.

  3. The people that control the media are buying time. Most folks don’t want to accept the possibility of some strange new disease and are easily bought off by the disinfo. The people in control know this thing will eventually go exponential and then everyone will know. What’s the agenda? Why are they hiding it? If it was a result of the agro or pharma industries the implications for large class action suits would be enormous. On the other hand Clifford Carnicom’s research disturbs me greatly.

  4. The only thing I might slightly disagree with O Wise One ( meant with great respect!) is that alot of us do test positive on the 41kda band which is the main positive band for lyme’s. It is the band for the bubonic plague which can run in your ancestry according to Dr. Staninger! Bleeccchhh!

  5. Dear Mr. CS,
    Love this!
    Find thes so true…

    Would you like a couple more here are a couple myths:
    1. If you stop scratching and use a cortisone cream it will go away.
    2. Its just nerves and the crawling and tingling is because you are upset.
    3. Your inability to sleep has nothing to do with what you are going through.

    Blessings …I love this
    Pamela mae

    • We should do a Top 20 list of Dermotologist’s diagnosis without so much as an exam, they have amazing powers you know, scared to death of you yet able to pin point the cause from across the room.

      • also don’t forget how they can diagnose DOP without any creditation; we would be jailed for doing so. also if they recommend a shrink go for it as they actually do all sorts of tests and observations before making a diagnosis. Dr Schaller in Florida has been curing many chronic diseases such as Lyme, Babesia and probably the more common Bartonella which is even more serious and easy to catch from fleas, flies, mosquitoes (I know becuase I have it)

    • What about the people that do you have a drug addiction, and feel like they have bugs crawling under their skin, and then they are supported by the idea that they too must have Morgellons. Thats dangerous. Its putting fear into people. Especially when they have a family. And this disease has no information right now. Please inform me of the symptoms, and to what extent we can know that this is Morgellons and not some other skin disorder or irritation? People who are addicted to meth amphetamines have delusions about bugs crawling under their skin… And therefor they direct their problems the wrong way, say its Morgellons disease, its not part of my addiction, and then freak out on their families who want them to quit, because they cant stop examining themselves. I just feel like the symptoms are vague and broad and self diagnosis is often destructive.

      • Ben, you are buying ionto the myths. I doubt if any folks that post regularly here were meth addicts. Though there are similarites in how it effects the nerves.

        There is more and more literature coming forward so to say there is none is incorrect. We as a group have had to study our condition and find relief if not cures because the professionals we went to could not find anything.

        There are some docs now taking a different tack and doing there own studies such as Randy Wymore, R Stricker, and others.

        Just as in the early days of Lyme Disease and AIDS, there had to be pioneers.

  6. I loved this. GOOD timing for me too because I needed the laugh I got from the link in #2. I have seen a couple of doctors ONLY because my husband wanted me to, and both my daughter and sister who also have it wanted me to go…not for a second did I believe I would get anywhere, knowing what they think (and even if they believed me, what magic pill could they supply), but at least they were respectful. Yesterday the dermatologist “respectfully” gave me a prescription, which I read up on before having it filled:

    Orap (pimozide) is a class of medications called antipsychotics, for schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses, such as paranoid psychosis or a condition called monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis which may help people who may have a delusion or hallucinations that they are infected with parasites; blocks the effect of a chemical in the brain which is thought to affect thinking, feelings and behaviour such as believing something is not true, unusual suspiciousness, hearing or seeing, or sensing in another way, something that is not there (hallucinations).

    So no, I did not fill it, and yes, I am “off the hook” and now will continue doing my own healing.

    Thanks for posting this!


    • Hi Val, good to hear from you. You know, I have over the years heard alot about Orap in connection with Morgellons, see this link.


      The one thing I would say is that your doctor ran all kinds of tests and then examined your skin with a scope and did parasite testing before prescribing Orap to you 1st right? /sarcasm

      • Yes, of course that is right: lots of tests and a skin examination and parasite testing, hahaha!

        On the good side, I wasn’t expecting anything productive and thought of it as an exercise just to please people I love. But oh my gosh, I feel for all the people who have absolutely no idea what they have and are demoralized on top of everything else.

        Before I left his office I gave him an envelope about the so-called CDC investigation and Staninger’s Morgellon’s report and her credentials. I asked if he would read the papers at his convenience and at least “consider” there might be something going on, and that conceivably in the future there might be others with similar symptoms to mine. He added some notes to my file, I can only imagine what; I’m sure this convinced him that he had found the perfect medication for me.

        Thanks for that link; it actually has some very interesting articles…in a forum (on the second link), someone mentions Orap has “some really nasty side effects including sudden death…” Oh well, these things happen. :o)

        Thanks a lot for your feedback,

  7. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Great 10 Morgellons Myths. I can also add that I have been contacted by Brazil, Peru, Greece, England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Venezula, France, Germany, So while were at it, it is an international, global disease.
    Sister to Common Sense
    PS Hawaii has really been emailing a lot lately

  8. Joe Keleher said:

    It amazes me that the people who best qualify to talk about Morgellons (those suffering) are often the ones least listened to. It reminds me of the Monty Python scene in one of the movies where a pregnant woman about to give birth asks her doctor, “What should I do?” He responds something like, “What should you do? You don’t qualify to do anything!” Anyhow, that’s how it strikes me.

    This is a great list. I think I would definitely add the myth of “Morgellons is new”.

  9. How thoughtful of your ignorant and arrogant dermatologist, who once took an oath of compassionate commitment to his patients’ well being, and to first do them no harm.

    I hope you gave him a big hug and kiss and invited him over for dinner and a movie…

    Oh my God, if You would, humble such people.

  10. Perelandra said:

    Doctors are subconsciously embarrassed because they know THEY and their allopathic approach to health are the third leading cause of death in America. They are becoming, indeed in many cases (such as this) HAVE become the patient’s worst enemy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allopathic_medicine
    There has always been a schism between the holistic and allopathic approach to health, but it’s been hushed up fro the most part. The 2 camps’ different treatment of Morgellons has blown that polarity out into the open.
    We will continue to see bad behavior from the mainstream medical establishment and its shills while innocent patients suffer (unless they wisely become THEIR OWN medical researchers and doctors.)
    Thank God for the internet, and for the brave voices here!

  11. Glad to read this. Someone’s telling the truth. What ever these bugs are, they’re real. I’m filled with them. They’ve gotten huge. I feel like they’re killing me. I’m very weak this morning. They’re winning. Breathing tight and shallow. I have over a thousand photos and videos of them on me.I hope to show the doctor’s undeniable evidence about what is in me. I hope others don’t have to go through what I have. I’ve had two nerve blocks to control the pain. They’ve attributed the facial pain to shingles and phn. But the bugs have been here since this started and i’ve documented everything!

    Good luck, everyone.

    • What aabout a web site to view other’s videos, and pictures? I have a video of my legs in stockings and everytime I felt an itch I put microscope at that area and there were menatodes, red, black, yellow, blue all wound around and coming through stockings..But I read they are using bacterial substances in fabrics so maybe they were on the stockings. I put the knee his in a zip lock bag. Anyway the video is like watching paint dry but I felt it validated my having parasites

  12. Please go see a Doctor or naturopath who is familiar with Morgellons and is already treating people with these symptoms. See the morgellonsfocus site for info.

    Most people get the GI Effects DNA stool test by Metametrics. Have you tried Mr Common Sense’s PMP II
    protocol or taking garlic capsules and changing your diet by avoiding GMO food and sugar? Stay calm, breathe slowly. You can make improvements by working on yourself from the inside.

  13. i started feeling symptoms about two weeks ago…i absolutly hate bugs so this is like a living hell for me…I have a 7month old first child and i’m so scared he has it also…this is my worst nightmare like a dream i cant wake up from….i don’t kno wat to do! I give people who have had this disease for years so much credit for putting up with it for so long…its the worst possible thing i swear and it”s even worse when you are so helpless and there is no end in site!

    • oh and also my son was on similac formula which was recalled and all they said was that it was impacted…great way to avoid saying what the real problem is…impacted could mean so many things…i looked it up and it was infested with bugs and larva! He has been miserable ever since and very consitpated sick and constantly spitting up…i cant believe this is happening!

    • Organic baby food only!!!!!!! No soy if you want him to be a boy..look up what Dr Mercola has to say about soy and GMO soy especially it boosts estrogen. If you must use tap water boil it for 2 minutes before using it for cooking or washing ones hands, brushing teeth, etc.

    • take heart Court it does get better. Get in touch with Pamela Mae to find a doc who is somehat literate on the matter. My Morgie brain at the moment does not remember her web site. Anyone??

  14. belinda said:

    About the numbers of cases growing …..

    Two people in my town had it in 2008
    and I met two more (who do not know each other) but got it here in 2009, and were told by doctors “we do not know what it is”,
    that means 3 things.

    1. if doctors are saying that they do not know what it is, that indicates they are discussing it amongst themselves.
    2. If they are discussing it amongst themselves, there are at least 50 people who have it in 2009.
    (re: 1 &2 –so said a doctor I talked with last week).
    3. This also means that the infection rate is 480% PER YEAR.

    At this rate, this is going to be much harder to ignore or cover up for much longer. As for the CDC, I really do not believe that the public is going to stand for any whitewashing of the topic.

    I want to ask posters here:

    has anyone had a punch biopsy of their scalp taken and examined by a medical entomologist?
    and ditto for the white things that come out of the skin of hands, face, etc?


  15. lyndaincanada said:

    When I went to a very well-respected derm, one of the first things he did was ask me to take my clothes off and stand there! After that he then proceeded to prescribe an anti-psychotic…If he believed I was delusional, why the clothes off! It seems to me – his mind was sicker than mine ever was! Humiliation on so many levels…

  16. lyndaincanada said:

    Has anyone else experienced dramatic weight-loss during illness, yet dramatic weight gain during healing? I am 99% cured of skin related symptoms now and am elated about that, yet still suffer from isolation issues due to bizarre weight gain, inflammation and muscles atrophy, and joint pain. Why? Anyone else experiencing this? I eat much less than when I was dramatically thinner…could this pathogen have affected the pancreas and my insulin regulation?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Yes, that would be me. I lost a lot of weight when I was really sick. I’m thin by nature so I looked really bad when i lost that weight. Now I’m back around 180 which is my normal weight, my weight no longer fluctuates like it did back then.

      However, the inflammation, yep, big time, still have that.

      • Yes Lynda, initially I had huge weight loss and no appetite followed by moderate appetite and HUGE weight gain. This is why we say this disease is systemic, not just a skin ailment. I have major inflamation issues, currently my ankles are swollen beyond belief and hae terrible joint/muscle pain at times. Do not isolate yourself over this. Get out into the sunshine! Be kind to yourself.

        • lyndaincanada said:

          But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? (I guess that is the question we all ask – on so many levels….) Why the weight gain? It must be systemic…but how is this symptom related…must be isulin regulation disruption somehow? Hmmmmm…anyone figure out how to combat the weight gain? Mr. CS – Re: inflammation – I found Catsclaw immensely helpful as well as taking two ‘arthritis aspirins’ at night and in morn – I can actually walk right in morn when I remember to take the aspirin…also when I remember to drink more water – it seems to flush out the toxins that cause the inflammation…water water water…
          Also taking the iodine seems to have really sped up and maintain the healing – anyone else taking iodine?

          • Hi Linda,
            Perhaps your thyroid levels have been affected. At least that would be pretty easy to rule out with blood work. I already had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (autoimmune) before this started, so my mind tends to go there, and I get it tested regularly.
            I also lost weight during the time that I was trying to figure this mess out. I thought the weight loss was due to enormous amounts of cleaning and stress. After I got on protocols that worked for me I got back to normal, even gaining weight.

            For me it feels like toxins (maybe even from die-off of ?) have something to do with the added weight gain…when I do a lot of detox stuff things get a lot better.

            • Well, there you have it Noreen… BINGO!

              Hormonal disregulation is one of the common denominators in Morgellons patients, and it can manifest in different ways depending on where you are in the course of your journey and what major challenges are being faced at the time.

              All right, having now witnessed the suffering, struggling and recovery of many lives that were derailed by this disease, I will attempt to offer you some insight into Lynn’s question of “why the weight loss and gain?”.

              Early on as the bioterrain is progressively compromised, various infections and infestations can place a cumulative burden of toxicity on the body’s organ systems – in particular digestion and detoxification systems… and of course immunity. The body’s response is escalating inflammation and endocrine disruption leading to hormonal imbalance.

              Stress alone could account for the weight loss many experience during this time, but poor diet and poor nutrient absorption can compound the problem. In addition to toxins and mycotoxins generated by pathogens and fungal overgrowth, weight loss releases more toxins (including heavy metals) that were formerly stored in fat cells.

              Many of these toxins are xenoestrogens. They bind to cellular estrogen receptor sites and have an estrogenic effect on the body, suppressing thyroid function and increasing insulin production which further fuels inflammation.

              By this time, digestive integrity has been compromised and the sufferer’s “leaky gut” is continuously turning the body into a cesspool. Outnumbered by pathogens that are competing for the body’s energy resources, having energy seems like a distant memory and depression, anxiety and hopelessness join with the terror, invading like a dark cloud.

              Sound familiar? This is the point at which I met Mel Friedman, and at which many people show up at his and/or this website. However, as Mel and Mr. CS have proven and many others will testify, there is hope!

              Reclaiming your life is not easy but it is simple. It boils down to restoring integrity to the bioterrain. This is the bottom line of survival during these challenging days when we are all exposed to ever increasing toxic burdens and drug resistant threats.

              Back to the weight issue… some people experience weight gain rather than loss, especially if their diet is heavy in high glycemic carbs or refined sugar.

              Thyroid suppression usually rears its ugly head at some point, slowing basal metabolism and bringing with it most or all of the telltale signs of hypothyroidism – weight gain, low basal temp, hair loss, dry skin, mood swings, fatigue, heart palpitations, insulin resistance and immune suppression.

              Any good Naturopath will tell you that these signs are much more trustworthy than blood tests in assessing thyroid function. They might do a thyroid blood panel, but they listen to the body when the symptoms don’t match up with the tests. They also look at other critical factors such as magnesium or iodine deficiency, adrenal fatigue, or autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s which are also common in the Morgellons population.

              Hope this sheds some light on some of the issues surrounding weight gain and loss with Morgellons. Like Noreen suggested…. detox detox detox!

            • Thanks John, for the complete explanation in tying this together. It seems, at least for me, that when these things first start cropping up the standard medical approach is additive, and to address individual symptoms, which doesn’t work in the long haul.
              I’m hopeful that this health ‘crisis’ for me is just that. And it will serve as my 100,000 mile check where I can holistically address many of the things that come to bear on my health and come out better on the other side!
              -wishing that for everyone here!

  17. hello,
    does any one know if joel did his story for the abc.
    my wife & i hav e had this desease for 7 years of hell.
    we could write a book on it. the stages , changes, cycles,
    effects on the body & inviroment. the fibres, hair like things,
    glitters & black specs, that come out of our bodies
    the dust & tiny dandruff like flakes that come shed constantly
    from our bodies & it is nearly impossible to be rid of it.
    and unfortunately. researchers are going down the wrong path.
    it is not a fungus, although the fungus can co habbit with these things.
    we saw the adult stage of these things, back when we first contracted it.
    they are like a tiny strait stick. or a 2mm fine hair, tan to black in colour,
    with a slightly darker head, imagine a really tiny burnt matchstick.
    these things move by flicking, if they land on you or your cloths or
    even through your shoes, they will penetrate right through a shoe,
    into your foot. i saw 1 go into my hand, they just seem to melt into
    your skin, within a second, & they are in,
    & not as 1 st reported.. it is not just a irratating skin condition &
    harmless, adults once in you burrow deep & settle along or in the bones
    & dont ever leave,
    all the things that come of us, is different stages of there life cycle,
    that keep being produced coming out & reinfecting ourselfs & others.
    by ingestestion, breathed in, or semi adult. burrow in through the skin
    without you feeling it. but happening constantly
    over time the more they reproduce, the more you get infected, & overun.
    the immune system gets compremised,
    then comes fatiuge, aches, pains. joints sieze up. fevers, itching,
    crawling feelings restlessness, depression, brain fog.
    they are not just a nusance. or a skin desease
    they eat cartlidge, destroy joints, eat away flesh under the skin
    leaving big suncken old briuse type scares on your body. maily legs & arms
    they block small veins & capilaries. & take over areas of your body, buid
    up thick layers of skin, holes they make show up as freckles or small moles
    they get into the head, cause head aches, tooth aches, ear aches, even
    borrow into & out of the eye ball.
    into the jaw bone, gums, & live in your tounge, they are a horrid evil curse
    they are found and thrive in meat, especially meat on bone
    there are stages that are mpossible to kill, or get rid off.
    i could go on & on but i wont. im sure the do have a uniquice spiratite associated with them, like the one associated with syphalis, which also burrows in & eats cartledge and destoys joints & eventually disfigures & leaves one crippled.
    p.s you hardly feel them go in.. when you feel a sharp prick, check the area, thats them comming out. normally white tiny balls, which if you check is a tiny mass of 100s of dust size minuture fibres. when they fall off you. those tiny balls eventually break up & get air born by even the breeze you make walking. & settles with the dust. or stuck in your clothes, eventually back in you or others
    around you

    • givait do you smoke? How is your diet do you eat a ;lot of sugar type foods? how old are you and what type of work do you do for a living? Also who had symptoms first you or your spouse?

  18. Jackie cooper said:


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