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  1. Is anybody watching this? So far it’s been grate, Cindy Casey was very good I thought (so where there others but I thought she did our cause lots of good, commercial break right now), more to come ….

    • herehoping said:

      Loved it. Especially at the end when he spoke of trace minerels our body needs. I think they could/should spend more time in that regard. That is exactly what has made myself 99.9%. Much thanks to you MCS.

  2. herehoping said:


  3. I agree herehoping, I listened to the whole show, Marc Neumann’s theory was very intesting, especially about this fungus eating the protein/Keratin of insects, and now us, causing the lesion and crawling sensations. But yes, I agree, he was getting at the core issue of Trace Minerals, other minerals, Amino Acids, Protein … BINGO

  4. I was certainly glad to see this getting some coverage, although I wish they could have gone into more detail as far as the internal aspects of the affliction. I agree that Cindy did a wonderful job of stating our case, and would also like to sing praises for Ginger who doesn’t have this but has devoted so much time to it. I was not surprised a bit that 97% of sufferers also have lyme, and I think that it is very important for all of us to treat these secondary infections in order to try to heal from the symptoms leading to our discovery of the affliction. I sure hope that this inspires our government to give a grant of some substenance for research this time…at least 10 million and a facility for the research versus what we all know went on with Kaiser!

    Mr. CS, thankyou so much for keeping us up to date on this event!
    God Bless Us All,

  5. Dr. Staninger tests all her patients for Lyme (and were not talking merely a western blot) not a single patient has tested postive for Lyme. We’re all entitled to have our theories, but I just want it to be clear for the readers that Mr. Common Sense does not believe that Morgellons is Lyme Disease nor that 97% of Morgellons sufferers have Lyme. I thought it was a great special and appreciate Ginger Savely I just disagree with her on this point.

  6. zara cybele said:

    Could anyone go into more detail about what they said concerning trace minerals and protein?
    Unfortunately I missed the show because it wouldn’t run on a MAC.
    I wonder if they are going to get a copy of this to Netflix?
    Does anyone have the exact title of the show so I can look it up?

  7. zara, they didn’t give any specifics about the trace minerals, the host who is a doctor at the very end talked about the importance of trace minerals, and that when just a few are missing it can throw the whole body off, he also mentioned amino acids. Herehoping and I were just probably simulataneously jumping for joy because we know that is the true way to get better. I have a theory on why I got so much better so quickly (why the trace minerals are getting sucked out of our bodies). I should post it in a month or so. I think something big is about to break regarding Morgellons. I just need another month to verify that this is infact the case.

    Marc Neumanns theory is that this is a natural fungus, that is used in conjuction with pesticides (it might be hopped up on GMO’s but maybe not). He stated that they find it in the sinuses and eyes of most live stock now, and that is spreading with the wind. He also talked about the phorid fly’s being used as fire ant control (which they have a lot of in texas) and apparently they are finding lots of folks with phorid fly larva under their skin and them hatching out of people. (No surprise there). However, his theory could explain why it started in the southern regions and now has spread everywhere. Who knows, just reporting what he said.

    According to what Marc Neumann said this fungus lives on the protein and keratin in our skin and hair, no wonder that True Protien helps me so much (assuming he’s right, but it helps alot I know that), not to mention the fact that Sulfur is a key player here in getting better. That’s how this fungus kills insects by breaking down their shell to get into them and kill them.

    The show is being broadcast and being streamed when they broadcast it, there is no file that I know of. Perhaps will provide a download link once the show is done airing?

    I felt bad for Cindy, I am so happy I never developed the full blown lesions. After what Mark Neumann said I wonder what would happen if somebody with lesions would start taking “True Protein”? Would they go away? Perhaps ….

    Finally, for those of you that haven’t read my post I strongly recommend it, here are the symptoms of Cysteine Deficiency:

    loss of pigmentation in hair
    liver damage
    muscle loss
    skin lesions
    fat loss
    and slowed growth in children.

    Sound famaliar anyone? That’s all from the lack of an Amino Acid, a sulfur amino acid, which I started taking right around the time I got massively better, like I said, 2010 is our year …

  8. I know two (2) of Stanniger’s patients who DID test positive for Lyme.

    ….. and I ONLY know two of stanniger’s patients who had the Lyme test. One person had it done 2x at two separate labs and both were positive.

    The other one had it done at Igenix and was positive.

    The NIH has classified this MeSh to be associated with Lyme.

    I don’t think morgellons IS lyme, but it’s certainly can be a co-infection given the number of Positive lyme test from morgellons patients.

    Just like I don’t think Bartnella IS Lyme, but it is associated with it and spread by a tick.

    Borrelia has been found in more insects than only the tick. So it’s possible that other insects are passing Borrelia/Lyme and some new co-infections.

    • Hi Karen, all I can say I spoke with Dr. Staninger on the phone about this very issue, and it wasn’t that long ago. The NIH classifying this to be associated with Lyme means nothing, they have no clue as to what Morgellons is how can they possibly classify it? Honestly, I think that is irresponsible of them at best.

  9. I really wasn’t trying to stir a hornets nest…lol. I do think that there are secondary infections involved with Morgellons, but no, I do not believe that Morgellons is Lyme either. However, I do think that treating these secondary infections without antibiotics involves healing ourselves from the inside out, and this is why I praise the Poor Man’s Protocol so highly.

    There is so much information on this site Mr. CS, can you give me the link to your discussion of true protein? My diet has changed so drastically since the onset of this affliction, probably a good thing, since I am now healthier than I have ever been! I wonder if you have ever attempted writing down a diet that is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that are so important when it comes to fighting this? The supplements definitely are the turning point in my fight, but I would definitely like to try to gain more of the nutrients from eating habits.


  10. Ooops, I found the link as soon as I posted, so if anyone else was looking for information on True Protein here it is
    and here is the True Protein site itself

    I have definitely found myself eating eggs and tuna like crazy since the onset of this, evidently the body knows what it needs to fight the infection. I just wish I could stop craving chocolate…hehe.

  11. I went back and re-read your post on the True Protein. I see that cysteine is listed, but you mentioned above that you were taking a sulfur amino acid. Is that the NAC or are you taking something in addition to that? I am getting progressively worse and am anxiously waiting for your PMP II.

  12. herehoping said:

    I am a vet tech. Lately we have seen an alot of patients (dogs and cats) with cases of giardia, ecoli infections and ring worm. IMO the ecoli is coming from the pet food industry. What is really puzzling to me is that the cats with ring worm are indoor only cats. Also two cats today with giardia and they too are indoor only. The vets don’t give it much thought….but I do. Just wanted to throw this out there.

  13. I never had Lyme. When I got M, then I tested for Lyme and I had a number of bands positive. I don’t believe I have lyme, I think people with Morg. will test some bands positive. In a personal email from Dr. Staninger, she said: my patients who tested pos. for lyme tested neg. after 10 sessions in the FIR with the Blue Agave spray on them. She said that some bands could test pos. with an ancestrial history of plague. On another note, Cindy Casey RN told me in an email that she is short of her goal of 15K for the year for the donation to the Morgellons Research Lab. They are trying – as per the Mogellons media alert on god’s learning channel. If each person sent in a few dollars they’d meed their goal. I sent in my donation. I feel we need all the help and research we can get – no matter who is right. Lyme? Nano? Keep trying research teams !

  14. zara cybele said:

    Thank you Mr. CS for going into more detail on this. I ended up seeing part of the show on Youtube.

    I think a lot of people would like to talk diet. Matthew (nightmares do come true) mentioned it and I am very interested in this aspect.
    If you ever get the time and want to post something on diet, I’d be curious to see how people are dealing with Morgs on a nutritional level.
    What kind of diet you/they are on. Foods you/they think are essential and why.
    I’m trying to move into an anti-fungal diet, but also one that would make me alkaline. That nixes a lot of food.
    You mention you take CALM Magnesium to help boost alkalinity. My magnesium levels are on the high side of normal so I don’t want to mess with them. Wonder what other people are doing.
    Questions… questions.

  15. Sister to Common Sense said:

    my wife, Trisha, suffered a tragic auto incident this evening.
    I know she respected you all/ Please pray we do not know that she will make it through the night. I am proud of her and she has been a great advocate for all “morgellons” suffers.
    She is breathing very shallow and is an ICU.
    I know she loved you all, We will find answers to your questions, she promised that she would find a answer to all. Please pray everyone, even if you did not agree with her, she has been a good advocate and a good friend. I will email you with any updates.
    The sad thing is that she was going to see a patient and speak to a doctor for sufferers.

    Dr RW Springstead.
    I found this site on her email.

  16. Trisha is a good, good woman. I will pray for her.
    I love you Trisha!!!

  17. My prayers are with Trisha, just reading the post brought a flood of tears to my eyes. May God have mercy on someone who has done so many great things!

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