Okay, sorry, I read this and laughed my @#$ off this morning. I thought for a moment, “Aha, they are catching on!” but then I read this …

"If MgT is shown to be safe and effective in humans, these results may have a significant impact on public health," said Guosong Liu

And so it begins, don’t take supplements and vitamins, no, instead go to your doctor and get “Magnesium-L-Threonate”.  This is utterly ridiculous on it face, if you need magnesium, and most people do, there are perfectly fine Magnesium’s available on the market right now.


       Dumbest thing Ever !


Comments on: "Magnesium May Boost Brain Power" (3)

  1. Organic (chelated or gluconated) forms of magnesium like this one are absorbed most efficiently. However, most supplements contain magnesium oxide – not because it is cheaper (which it is)- but because it takes up so much less room in the overall formulation (add up the atoms per molecule… two in mag oxide versus around 17 in the case of mag threonine).

    Novel forms like this may actually prove to be better for targeting brain function, but are likely to be very expensive. Mag citrate is just fine for most applications, and even mag oxide does have some effect… just not ideal.

  2. The thing that gets me here is John is how they do this with all things. For instance, it’s not enough for them to say “Cat’s Claw” is effective at treating certain things, no, they have to take it to a lab, reduce it, find what chemical it is they think works, and then create it synthetically, patent it, go through FDA trials and market it as a drug. This magnesium stuff is just further preperation to take all our suppliments off the market, because only doctor prescribed magnesium really cures/helps. And after they do the blood test and say you have plenty of Mag and refuse you a prescription you drop dead from a heart attack because your body literally has none in it, your muscles, including your heart are starving for magnesium. This is what was happening to me, I nearly died from lack of Magnesium, something inside me was using it all up.

    • Interesting, Mr. Common Sense. It seems like a lot of those blood tests doctors do are often misleading… It wasn’t until I did a heavy metal challenge test which also measures essential elements in the body did I find out that I have zero B12 in my body tissues. Zero.. could not be detected. Blood tests seemed to look ok. I need B12 for the nervous system and IMMUNE SYSTEM function! Now that I’m on B12 shots, my acne is starting to clear up and I am feeling better… this would have easily been missed by most doctors…

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