In general, when one thinks of the skin parasites, they think of scabies and ring worm for the medical profession is well equipped.

Unfortunately, I have instructed the types of skin parasites that doctors know about anything. I had just had my annual Spring yard clean-up, when it happened. As I pulled a strangulating vine from a tree, I saw a cloud of dust descending on me. I disposed of the vine, decided to call it quits and took a shower no longer thinking of the cloud of dust.

My job is to manage stress and the use of hypnosis for the elimination of unhealthy habits. Within a month my life changed to the point that I am on the edge of anxiety panic attack.

Two days later, while visiting my mother, my friend, Fran, and I started itching all over. We immediately left home and took hot baths, provided the relaxation. But within a few hours we were both itching again. The next few days were horrendous and confusing as we get rid of everything that we could get to get rid of – against itch creams, Nix …

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Notice this quote from the above article …

I experimented with about 30,000 mg of garlic and found that the symptoms stopped. After a few days I thought I was cured and stopped only to have the itching and biting to return within days.

I’m not sure if this person means raw garlic, but never eat loads and loads of raw garlic cloves as you can develop botulism and die. However, the interesting thing of note here is that Garlic is rich in sulfur and if Morgellons is parasites you need to keep your protocol up for at least three months. I certainly wouldn’t take 30 grams of garlic extract a day. An interesting article anyway …


Comments on: "Skin Parasites That Doctors’ Don’t Know About" (4)

  1. That’s the stress doc guy, wonder what happened to him. He wrote an e book with a very intense meat heavy/protein diet. I read it last year when I first realized what I had. As I recall I think he was taking garlic supplements. According to him, he gave this disease to 6 people. One woman got rid of it with some kind of pine treatment in the tub. He did alot of research but he was very much into pharmaceuticals. He met with Dr. Harvey, Shoemaker, and some other guy in Maryland? I forget, it’s been a while since I read it all I was still in the very much freaked out stage at that point.
    It was an interesting read but I remember questioning the validity of some of his suppositions, what do I know?

  2. Lamb, did the diet work? Did you try it?

    On another note: what is the deal with that article? I tried to read it, but felt like I was in an alternate universe. I don’t at all mean to ridicule, it just seemed clear that the person’s first language was not English. But here’s the weird thing: when I googled “soothing the itch within”, I found that exact article, credited to Richard Kuhns, only the article was written in a way that made sense. This version above seems as though a computer, or a monkey or something took about one tenth of the words and replaced them with similar words that don’t make sense, and then messed with the grammer heavily. I’m just really confused.

    Anyhow, I’m finding this Richard Kuhns guy really interesting as I have pretty much found the same thing he mentions: If I eat only meat, eggs, vegies (lots of green stuff) and onions and garlic as well as my supplements, I pretty much avoid symptoms. But I can’t keep it up so I back slide. Then when I eat bread and grains, nuts (large amounts), dairy and lots of fruit, I start to get symptoms again. Not only that, but I am gaining weight because I am in this pattern of feeling deprived, then indulging, then having symptoms, then back to the restrictive diet again, and so on. (So far gaining weight has been a good thing in my case, but it can’t go in indefinitely.) I would love to know what is in his special diet, but don’t think I’ll spring for the book.

    • Susan, I knew I had read a similiar story, I’m sorry, it looks like this person just copied his story and changed it. There is a whole story on the “King Diet” some guy was selling way back when, I think this might be the same guy.

      There were a lot of very bad opinions of the folks behind this “king diet” business. I DO NOT recommend you buy this book, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. Yes. That’s the guy and that is the book. I didn’t buy the book but I was able to read it. I don’t remember how I found it,’s out there somewhere..
    I did try the diet in the sense of elimination. i stopped eating fruit, sugar and I tend to stay away from bread, cereals and all nuts.
    I say that as i just finished a bowl of organic pesto with some of my hubby’s famous garlic bread! Ha!
    I don’t indulge very often, we’ll see if I pay for that lunch or not!
    IMHO the dude is kind out there. He tried every drug on the planet. No thank you.

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