First, let me say I am grateful to all of these researchers, maybe one of them is correct? But for now, there is no agreement though in many cases there are large overlaps in theories. Listed below (in no specific order) are recent news stories/statements from people or groups researching Morgellons. These are all recent, within the last week. I think I see a trend and I think some are getting very, very warm in the hot or cold game …

Dr. Staninger – Is Morgellons Contagious?

According to Dr. Staninger’s findings, the answer is – no. It is a toxicological condition mostly affecting the skin; a contamination from exposure to advanced nano materials and according to Dr. Staninger we are being exposed to it everywhere. It is in our food as GMOs, modified food starches, artificial EVERYTHING, preservatives…the list is huge and the unfortunate truth is many of these terms for these nano foods are cleverly marketed so as not to reveal what they really are, for example, low fat and instant.

Clifford E Carnicom – Morgellons – A New Classification

As such, it appears that we are dealing with an "organism" that transcends the structural existence that has been defined for life itself.  The Morgellons condition appears, by the best information and analysis to date, to be an orchestrated synthesis that crosses the lines of the three established Domains of life on this planet.  It is very difficult to envision, at this state of knowledge, that this "organism" (for the sake of discussion) is the result of any "natural" or "evolutionary" process.  This hypothesis, if accepted, forces us to consider the very real prospect of deliberate and willful indulgence in the arena of genetic engineering.  This could certainly explain, at least in part, the deliberate and willful lack of disclosure and honesty on the issue to the public.   We may also ask what was the motivation for the "ordained" mis-diagnosis of ‘delusional parasitosis’ that was promoted so negligently and that has now failed so prominently?  Disclosure and full honesty will reclaim their rightful positions in the end, regardless of the machinations of our own species.

NanoTransformation – Stealth Virus-Fungus-Bacteria GMO Connection

This video gives a brief overview of what we call “Vifungeria”, a virus-fungus-bacteria that is created through lateral gene swapping in the colon’s biofilm. Biofilm already offers viruses, fungus and bacteria, (along with any other “critters” sharing the biofilm) a mucus communication platform.

We identified one of the big vectors are nematodes carrying GMO bio-pesticide designed to infect insects. Scientists and the CDC already recognize this as having mutated to infect humans and not just insects. Now, insects themselves have become a major vector, likely insects that have been infected with nematodes carrying a mutated bio-pesticide as well. As many of you know, we developed Morgellons after exposure to GMO bio-pesticides from GMO nematodes in a muddy lake bed. (Thanks a lot big pharma).

Marc Neumann –

This section isn’t quoted because these are my words. If you listened to Marc’s appearance on God’s Learning Channel this week then you heard Marc state that Morgellons is a natural fungus being used in conjunction with pesticides (and as a pesticide itself) on crops. This fungus feeds on protein and keratin (as it’s designed to break down an insects shell) and it gets into and under our skin and hair and begins to break down our protein and keratin. I’m sure Marc could state this more clearly so forgive me Marc if I am understating your theory. However, this is close to what was conveyed in the program. Marc stated that he will be publishing a new paper this month on Morgellons and I look forward to reading it.


Comments on: "Morgellons – Many Researchers, Many Theories" (1)

  1. I have this Morgellons problem since 07.I was in an hotel with my two dogs and asleep.The next morning I was sick and notice a needle mark on my hip and right above my bladder,stomach wall just under the skin a 1inch lump,I called the paramedics. They felt it as well.After being taken to the hospital The said there was something there but would not take it out.So I did and this vile contained a black fluid but unfortunately it had leaked some out into the stomach area. I knew someone had done this to me and at the time I was going threw ID thief end result I loss thousands in my home and business for the next few months I tired to figure out who did this to me,bad idea may08 was taken to hospital some sort of mite infestation had 15 bites,was in hospital for 14 days,right after that I had fibers and sand granduals and things coming out of my skin.My Doctor said I had high livers emzymes. My body was yellow and I thought I could hear frequency sounds an x-ray was taken of my head and there just above my right ear was an an 8 millimeter foreign body. I was told I that I was in some kind of experiment and that my gene had been altered my skin was acting like a plant.I was being attacked by plant eating mites, also bird mites were a constance problem for me. every apartment I Would move into would become a mite central water mites rust mites and predatory mites And fungus. I was on antibiotics all year. I was in the hospital after eating out with acute plant bacteria in my lungs. My DNA has been altered I know this for a fact. My head and skin will drain black fluid, mites will attacked my ears and my long hair is now 1inch on my head and still falling out. My skin is forever mutilated, the Doctor that was helping me in San Diego told me she couldn’t be my Doctor anymore that I was being moniterd she didn’t say by who.But maybe I should move to another state.I tried to have this 8milimeter device removed in San Diego and was told if I didn’t stop talking about it that I would be confined to a mental hospital my right ear and head just above ear drain black fluid, small amounts but the mites love this stuff my ear is always infected.My boyfriend is infected also, the small dog.I have moved to Raleigh,NC and my new apt is consumed by 3 kinds of mites.rust mite and the Caenorhabditis elegan they show remarkable similarity of genes with those in humans aso lab created,medoidogyne hematorid small root knot nematoids small worm makes leasions in plants could account for leasions in skin also lab created,trombidiid mites phloseud mite nymphal makes wax caeculisoma mite in mildew,rust,fungus. Erythraeus hercules berlese lab created makes little white cocoons will use your clothing for cocoons could a count for colored fibers in skin lab created,Erythraeid mite,A predator mite in my apartment on walls ceiling and me lab created.this one is sold over internet for crop garden control with no restrictions from gov. very popular, carries bacteria and fungus.cheyletidae the dandriff mite,on all of us not lab created. The Erythraeid mite eats all of the mites I have listed,he is very hardy and is ammuned to common pesticides. The university of NC State has noted this mite in NC for past year they do not know how or why its here but under investigation. This mite is our biggest problem, My boyfriend is drooling blood can’t sleep at night and very concerned I have hole in my leg that wont heal I have several in my skull and what is very interesting is every where that the Doctor has noted a scar on my skin,is an organ that is showing on cat scan a legion, my health is deteriorating and I will have to move again my boyfriend is going back to San Diego to live as he feels he could get better health care there.I don’t know what to do anymore. Sincerely, Carol

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