Just thought I’d share something from this post I read by Sherry


So it didn’t show anything we currently have in our memory banks..no surprises there..but the results of "Morgellons" depleted immune system, shot adrenals, and low nutrients… so the idea that you have to build up your terrain is very valid.

I intuitively, knew.. before I got the results back …and started putting ground seeds in my blender drinks…I’m low on fatty acids and l gutamine an amino acid (NAC is related). The stuff bodybuilders use to build muscle.

I’m just sayin’ ….  😉

Egg White Protein has a lot of glutamine in it, of course you can buy pure L-Glutamine from Jarrows, Whole Foods carries it. But remember, what Sherry’s tests show do not necessarily apply to you.

Also, for the record Great Plains Labs does find a lot of things in the Morgellons people it tests. I don’t want you to think the testing isn’t worth while, it is. I was talking with Mel from HowICuredMorgellons on the phone last night about the Great Plains testing, among other things. Pamela of Morgellons Focus is who you want to contact if you want to have this testing done.


Comments on: "Results back form Great Plains Labs (not mine)" (1)

  1. Hi Sherry,
    Was this still just your OAT(urine) if this was just your urine,I agree with Mr Cs. this is indeed good news also considering you are still also dealing with cancer(correct?)I agree with mr cs,the markers in the first round really are not too bad considering. (so this is a praise report,AND A YAY FOR YOU!on your healthy building of your terrain)
    I know you said the stool testing was not back yet.
    That is where we see the nasty stuff usually(as we discussed) Bacterias,yeast and what natural or prescriptive things will fight your Bacterial over growth or yeast/fungal overgrowth which is usually pretty rampant.

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