Comments on: "Searching for the Hope that is Tucked Away in You and Me" (2)

  1. Loved this.
    A reminder that when we,in the Morgellons community
    feel,unseen,unloved – set outside in the leper camp.
    God does see.He sees each and everyone of us.
    Sees with such love that one cannot even imagine such commitment.Loving us with such love that He gave His most priceless posession because of His feelings for us –
    His only begotten son.
    Morgellons person,sitting alone,crying from the pain of your sores and isolation- – – Do imagine a mighty powerful creator gathering your very tears in a bottle,and tenderly loving you with such a pure love that very light and energy of all heaven is holding you and comforting. You are seen.
    There is hope,and we will never give up.

    Pamela Mae

    • sherry Taylor said:

      Thanks Pamela that was lovely. There is so much to learn about the body and how it relates to the food and well everything. But if I forget I am not alone..that is sad..and that is a place I notice i go to when experiencing a disappointment and or setback.
      So thanks for the reminder. With much apprecieation , Sherry

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