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Recognizing the Deception

During the second Gulf War the Turkish Grand National Assembly failed to approve a government motion authorizing the deployment of some 60,000 U.S. soldiers for military action against the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Denied access to Turkish territory, the Pentagon was forced to drop its plans to invade Iraq from the North, and instead redeployed its troops in Kuwait.

The troops in the North were Saddam’s loyalists as Saddam himself was from Tikrit which is far North of Baghdad. These Northern Iraqi troops had the advantage of witnessing what was happening in the battle to the south long before the battle reached them. The U.S. and coalition forces were making the Russian supplied military weapons look like toys. Indeed the Iraqi tanks were being decimated by our M1 Abrams tanks from miles away and the M1 Abrams were safely out of reach of return fire. Seeing this, the troops in the North took off their uniforms and decided to blend back into society rather than fight. The knew they were going to lose.

This is exactly what Morgellons Watch did, they shut down operations, however, they and their kin did not go away, they are among us, setting up IED’s all along the Morgellons highway. Why did they shut down? It is my belief that they did so because folks around that time were talking about tracking them down to find out who exactly was behind the site. There is no anonymity on the web. Hosting sites are paid for with credit cards, websites have weblogs which record IP addresses for all in-coming and out-going requests. Internet service providers assign IP addresses to individuals when they connect (even if they are non-static dynamic IP’s) and this information is recorded and logged as to who had which IP and when. And finally, information can be obtained via courts, even Presidents of the United States have learned they can be forced to submit to subpoena requests. The Morgellons Watch folks took off their uniforms and returned to society, our society.

However, even while Morgellons Watch was up and running there were certain folks running misdirection campaigns and even conning people on forums to divulge their personal information through various sleazy tricks to gather information on who’s who. Many of you old timers know just what I am talking about. Also, there were others who would recommend dangerous “cures” with the intent to harm (I could recite some of these outlandish suggestions but do not want some desperate sufferer to try such a thing). As time went on I became more and more able to recognize these posers and still see them today. They create user ids on various forums years in advance (and have many laying around for the future) and then they will post some misdirection knowing people trust a user that’s been on the forums for years and not some newbie that just registered. This is very much like a sleeper cell. I am not saying the CDC is behind this activity, I don’t believe that is the case at all.

The CDC Study – Misdirection?

Now, I have been told by folks and so have many other people that the CDC found nothing. I am sure the people who were told this earnestly believe and trust the information they were given. I even relayed on this very blog such un-sourced information, but will be much more careful in the future. However, the beauty of true misdirection is making those you are attempting to misdirect not only buy into the misdirection but also to make them carry the water and thus misdirect others unintentionally. Needless to say, I have become very untrusting when it comes to anything to do with information regarding Morgellons, just as you should not believe everything I say.

See this post for instance (click here), by a supposed participant in the CDC trial claiming that the CDC found nothing. Maybe this person is on the “up and up” but I see several red flags. For instance, claiming that Dr Michelle Pearson of the CDC called her many times over a weekend almost in a panic to see if she was clearing up? Now, to my knowledge, the CDC certainly wasn’t treating anyone. This makes it sound like they were secretly trying to cure people without the participants knowledge. Such a statement ends up spawning even more far fetched rumors making our community look even more “crazy” than it already is. So, one has to ask themselves, Does this seem credible? What possible motive could be behind this? Finally, and maybe this is sheer coincidence, the person signs their full name as "Anna R. Key" which I immediately recognized as "anarchy". Have I become too skeptical? Maybe, but I really don’t think so. I’m not picking on anyone here, this is but one example, I see things on forums every day that I call into question but never openly speak about.

So, my approach is to believe nothing I hear regarding the CDC study or for that matter much of anything else. I’m sorry I posted once before that I too have heard they found nothing because I feel we might be being used. I apologize to you, the readers for doing that. Perhaps the idea is to leak out the information that "we found nothing" and let it percolate through the entire community and then nine months or so later post exactly that; "We found nothing". This way the outrage and surprise will have been mitigated long before the announcement. We will all think to ourselves "No kidding, we already knew this …". Enough said on this issue.


Forget the CDC study and the rumors. There’s so much misdirection going on it’s not worth following. Even the misdirection that there are cover-ups makes us look foolish and more likely to be in need of psychiatric drugs and the accompanying diagnosis to go with them. I try desperately to stay away from conspiracies and all that nonsense but felt this post was needed. If you read some of the replies on the link above from the supposed CDC study participant you can see how careful and how “eyes wide open” we need to approach things.

Instead, let’s focus on getting better. And if "Anna R. Key" is legit, my apologies. I am certainly not saying this person is associated with Morgellons Watch. Nevertheless, I don’t believe 90% of what I read regarding Morgellons. I have great hope however for our future, I’m just very skeptical of most of what goes on, more so on forums than anywhere else.

We all have a responsibility to openly call into question nonsense, because nonsense hurts our cause tremendously and prevents otherwise interested parties from joining in so as not to be discredited by mere association. If I have offended anybody please accept my apologies in advance.


Comments on: "Morgellons – The Art of Deception" (5)

  1. Good call on the name…sounds par for the course.

  2. I agree with much of what you have said and not taking up for anyone but if you click on her name – you’ll see her page and can click through to see all her posts. At the bottom of one of the pages, another member has posted all the links this person mentions since apparently a new member cannot post links. There are a lot of pics on flickr, etc. and her daughter is sick as well. She may be using a funky name – but she does seem to be legit. She also states that they received no treatment at all from Kaiser.

    • Point taken, like I said, she may be legit, however, look at the direction of the thread, people are very sick, instead of spending all this time on conspiracy nonsense people need to focus on the terrain and start healing. The stress caused by such things makes people worse, the fear and isolation we have is terrible and without somebody to talk to one starts to believe anything and everything they read, there is a ton of “implied” stuff in her post, such as the CDC knew what the cause was before the testing began because they were apparently trying to heal people, so people freeze like deer in the headlights hoping and waiting for the cure, one that is never coming. The cure is to begin working on your health and right now, it works, it takes time, that is the message I wish more folks would convey.

      I don’t know how many times someone has told me they told a family member they had Morgellons and they googled it and told them they were nutz, it’s no wonder. I hope she gets better, I really do.

      The single most productive thing I ever did for my heatlh was to get off Morgellon forums, all of them. And while yes, I do see them via google alerts I know better than to fall for 98% of what is posted on them. Of course, this might just be the way I’m built, but for me, the forums were terrible for my health but it took me time to realize it. I can tell you on some forums in the past there were scams, asking people to contact them for various important and well meaning reasons, people did, gave them all their personal info, and we found out they were amoung us and not with us, then they disappeared with peoples personal information, Sidney and others that post here know of what I am talking about.

      I am no angel, I too have done things and said things I regret …

  3. On the LymeBusters forums there was a guy who joined our community, he was with us for quite some time, after quite a while he was stating he was very close to the cause (we have all thought that, that is not the bad part) and he offered us so much hope. There was an elderly lady, flat broke having spent all her money fighting Morgellons, she was about to lose her home. Well, this guy was actually driving down there to pick her up to come live with him. He was actually taking in Morgellons folks to live with him!! and this was all being played out on the forums.

    Well, it was all a fraud, none of it was real, they went to the extent of making up mulitple phony accounts carrying on in depth conversations on the forums to the likes which you wouldn’t believe.

    Turned out, it was all a ruse. I could go on and on about such things, my advice, be careful who you contact.

  4. I agree with you, there is so much disinformation. Sometimes it seems suspicious. I found a website recently that had several of our videos up on the site, using our keywords and titles, with suppposedly our “protocols” but it was was telling people to pour toxic (and VERY dangerous chemicals) on their skin directly. It really upset me because someone who did not know better would land on his site, trust it was us and follow his advice, possibly hurting themselves. Was it blatent disinformation? Or just someone with a twisted or desperate sense of what “healing” is? It’s scary. I worry about people reading things like that and actually trying it out of desperation.

    I’m not holding my breath on the CDC study right now, not because of any conspiracy theory, but just cold economic facts. If the CDC comes out with an honest answer, the economic implications for big Pharma, GMO foods industry, gvt. etc… are so broad that I doubt they have the courage to really go there. It strikes me as similar to Autism and the coverup going on there to supress the studies proving vaccinations cause neurological damage.

    The good news is that none of that really matters. You are right – focus on the HOW instead of the WHO, and healing happens. Sites like yours are helping to focus on the cellular and biological terrain. Everyone who does that, with determination, sees improvement.

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