Working through PMP II

I am not a physician, nor am I a clinical nutritionist. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice. I do not recommend any of this be used on children.

I thought I would take a moment and share with you my thoughts as I work on my “Poor Mans Protocol II” (PMP II). When I initially took the higher doses of MSM I went from next to no crawling to massive body wide crawling for about 36 hours and for 24 hours I had a pretty painful lymph node, the one in my left groin area. Well, I have no more crawling or pain but I am experiencing some stomach discomfort, not terrible, but enough to make me back down to a therapeutic dose until the stomach issue subsides. I do notice more energy though.

At first I became constipated, now I am having massive bowel movements (no diarrhea) and the smell is just horrid, and that is unusual because usually my bowel movements smell like fresh rose petals. But seriously, the smell is just incredibly bad and yet my diet is the same. I’m doing less MSM now as I think I am suffering detox symptoms.


In practice, most people who use MSM notice very little at the onset, or may experience slight detoxification symptoms. These symptoms may include mild forms of diarrhea, skin rash, headache and fatigue. After one week, these symptoms usually disappear. Fewer than 20% of users of MSM may feel moderately sick in the first few days of using MSM. It may be small consolation to know, that the stronger the symptoms are, the more toxicants had been stored in the body and the more MSM was needed for its purification. If more moderate symptoms of detoxification are experienced, it may be advisable to reduce the dosage of MSM, and to gradually rebuild it once the symptoms disappear.

Here is what I think is happening, this is very unscientific and I need to do some serious research on this over the weekend. I’ve read a lot about MSM and it removing bio-films, again, no hard evidence, just quotes like this from various sites.

A good probiotic taken after meals can go a long way to helping those with fibromyalga. As can also MSM. Both are helpful in balancing beneficial flora in the intestines. MSM has the advantage of assisting in stripping away candida biofilms in the intestinal tract. Of course that is what the elemental miracle does best. Throughout the entire body!

Sinusitis – the inflammation of the tiny cavities close to your nose and eyes is often relieved by MSM. MSM reduces inflammation and mucus build-up.

Is this the smell I am smelling? This horrid bio-film being removed? I just don’t know.

I have read where sinus infections, especially chronic ones are the result of bio films in the sinus cavities, and it’s interesting that MSM is being reported to clear up long standing sinus infections. I then see comments where people are talking about MSM working well against bio-films. In fact, MSM works in breaking up mucus it seems from much of my reading.

I also recall (from when my fibromyalgia symptoms were so bad) reading about how people were using Mucinex to combat Fibromyalgia and with good success. I find that interesting. Look at the dermatological symptoms this site lists for Fibromyalgia. This site also talks about Mucinex, you can Google Mucinex and Fibromyalgia and find lots of information.


Dermatological: Various rashes may appear with or without itching: Hives, red blotches, itchy bumps or blisters, eczema, seborrheic or neurodermatitis, and rosacea. Nails are often brittle and of poor quality and hair falls out prematurely. Strange sensations are common such as cold, heat (especially palms, soles and thighs), crawling, electric vibrations, prickling, super-sensitivity to touch, and flushing that is sometimes accompanied by sweating.

Sounds a lot like Morgellons. Perhaps bio-films do play a major role in this nightmare (and that of so many others). I know the NanoTransformation folks speak very highly about MSM which rekindled my interest in it. Perhaps the most shocking thing I found out is that MSM is a waste product of the paper producing industry. It’s an organic compound that comes from trees but is only gathered through the paper mill industry. Yep, kind of scary I know, and there’s a large debate (as with so many natural products) on which MSM is the best, so I’m not even sure I have the best MSM at this point.

All this is to say there is real potential here, but it needs much more investigation, if MSM truly does eliminate bio-films then this could turn out to be not only extremely important but part of the explanation as why some have had such great luck with it. As for now, I’m on the fence and need at least a few more weeks, my hope is the stomach discomfort will subside soon.


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  1. Hi Mr. CS, I’ve been trying the MSM – not in very high dosages so, I haven’t had stomach problems. One story I do want to tell about biofilms…I had a plastic bottle of water. I refulled it a number of times and then forgot about it for a number of days. When I took it from my bag, I noticed something floating inside. I said to myself,”how did a piece of tissue paper get in there?” Well, on closer inspection I could see a 2 inch by 2 inch film waving in the water. It was not a piece of tissue at all. It was something you would see in the sea. A one cell layer of thin film. It had extensions on the corners. Anyway, my deduction is that somewhere along the line I may have contaminated the interior of the bottle (back wash) and sent in a cell or 2 of the biofilm makers. I was so happy I didn’t just pick that up and drink it… It was nasty and I see now that it doesn’t take too much time for the film to proliferate. It’s no slow process. In four days it was waving in the water inside this bottle. Now, I am sure I have biofilm and am going to up my MSM. Thank you…..

    • Hi Robin, remember, I’m not recommending anything here, I’m not a doctor.

      I did get up to 6 grams a day (6000 mg). I was doing 2000 mg with each meal, that’s 6000 mg a day. However, now I am doing 1000 mg with each meal until this stomach issue settles so I’m doing 3 grams a day. Remember, I’m only speculating here. The truth is I don’t know if MSM truly removes biofilms, I have high hopes, but only time will tell. As usual though, I ramped up slowly, I never start taking things in high dose right off that bat.

      I’m just sharing my experience as I make my way through this mess … It’s scary to see how close that description of Fibromyalgia is to Morgellons, how many people are walking around that have Fibro that have the same thing that we have, in fact, this biofilm stuff could really change my whole thinking on this issue. Perhaps some sort of GMO concoction is alive and well in our biofilms, and I think its hard for treatments to get into and kill things in the biofilm, the biofilm must be eliminated, all theory at this point ….

  2. I have been taking MSM off and on for years, and started to be serious about it again a few months ago. is the company I have ordered from for most of that time because I like their prices (no frills packaging, which probably helps). They offer both OptiMSM and Lignisul, in both “powders” and capsules. I take OptiMSM flakes, just because I don’t feel as though I need all those extra capsules swimming around in there and because it costs way less.

    While they feel as though you can build up to temporarily take a whole lot more than some other companies suggest (“to make up for years of deficiency”), they do have a lot to say about HOW to do it to avoid detox effects. They feel you should begin low, never increase too quickly, and stay at that dosage for awhile before increasing again.

    Part of what they say on their FAQ page about detox is, “if you take too much MSM, your body will release too much waste at one time for your kidneys and liver to handle. This waste in your blood stream can cause all kinds of problems ranging from flu-like symptoms to re-experiencing the effects of drugs that you have taken in the past. For example, heavy caffiene users may feel extra-jittery. The key to reducing or eliminating detox symptoms is to start on MSM slowly so that the waste in your tissues is released slowly and to drink lots of water so that the released toxins will be flushed out of your body quickly.”

    I increased my dosage but have now split it up and am taking 2 teaspoons twice a day. This is a lot, i.e., 8000 mg. 2 x a day but “at the moment” this seems to be going well for me, though I might change my mind later of course. I do like the idea of splitting it up because from what I now understand it seems as though it stays in your body for about 12 hours, and goodness knows I want it working through the night.

    Sometimes I forget to drink enough water though, and I am reminded again that that is very important to help flush out the toxins and because that way more of them will be excreted through the urinary tract than the skin, which is certainly NOT what we need!

    This company also has a Message Board, which currently isn’t doing much, but there is a lot to learn from the Archived Messages.


    • Excellent post Val, I think this is exactly what I have been going through, I’m not down to 3 grams a day and going to stay there, making sure to drink plenty of water and do my Liver CS or Milkthistle to futher protect the liver. I know that the pain in my lymph nodes indicated something big was killed off.

      Right, it stays in the body for 12 hours, by the way, I am doing the OptiMSM brand too.

  3. I originally started taking 1000mg of MSM a day. I ramped up to 4000mg and got a major breakout of itchy hard red bumps on my back and chest (scary nightmare) which lasted for about 48 hrs. After another week I ramped to 9000mg with the same reaction but not as severe. The headaches however have forced me down to 6000mg. I have also been taking large amounts of Chlorella, Vit C and 1000mg of NAC. Apparently Chlorella helps your body remove heavy metals and other toxins. I also experienced constipation but that has gone away. Yes, you can smell the poisons coming out of your body. Drink lots of water and/or green tea.

  4. Thanks everybody, your feedback has been invaluable and I think even more now I am on the right track. Rob, just a thought, I can’t take Chlorella, about 20% of the people who try it can’t tolerate it, perhaps you’re one of them and it’s Chlorella which is behind the headaches? Just a thought, I wish I could take it but after 3 times I realized my body didn’t like it all, I hear great stuff about it.

    Honestly, everyone it’s reassuring to hear your experiences, thanks for the feedback, I’m sticking with this because I do think it’s working on the biofilms, I got a message from Solar Angel from NanoTransformation, she had the smelly issues too from it, so far so good !

  5. sherry Taylor said:

    can you mix the powder with oil or water and make a paste or the skin?..or use the powder like a talc on trounble areas? Sincerely, Sherry

    • Sherry, there are many skin creams that have MSM in them, I think even Trisha is adding it to her New Hope line. See this link for a google search on creams with MSM in them.


      So, I would think you could add it, I don’t know what ratio’s to use but I bet you could make your own. However, (and I always say this) you cannot cure Morgellons via topical treatments. (I’m sure you know that I just always say that for other readers.

  6. This is a super fascinating topic.
    I would be willing to bet the “horrific smell” is a good thing–detoxing big time. Have you been bloated? Passing slimy stuff or mucous? Any congestion in sinuses clearing up, coming out? I am wanting to go back and read Pamela’s article on biofilms.

    Didn’t I read somewhere recently that people with mercury fillings should not do chorella because it pulls the mercury out of their teeth and into general circulation in the body? Can’t remember where I might have read it, and don’t want to start rumours, so I’d better do some research.

    Mr. CS, it really sounds like the biofilm, with it’s bacteria protecting/proliferating properties, and the gene swapping which goes on there thanks to gmo’s could explain so much. I think your terrain theory really gets to the heart of what is going on with increasing amounts of degenerative disease we are seeing in the general population. But biofilm takes it a step further. Looks like biofilms have possibly always lurked as a little understood aspect of fibromyalgia, chronic sinusitus, etc. Seems very likely that biofilms, gmo’s and gene swapping are at the very deepest level of what is going on in a Morgellons sufferer’s body.

    • Susan, I suffered with a sinus condition for many years. Allergies with bad mucous and chronic congestion. After offloading the fungus (colloidal silver) and using the sulphur compounds like NAC and MSM, I have 90% improvement and can breathe normally. Good point on the Chlorella and tooth fillings, I had all the mercury fillings removed. To the best of my knowledge you need things like NAC, MSM and cilantro to help mobilize the mercury out of your tissues while the Chlorella binds to this and allows you to excrete it. Perhaps this would also pull the metals out of your fillings 😦 . Need to do more research before recommending this.

  7. As a matter of fact Susan, yes, I did see mucus in my stool, I wasn’t going to mention that yet. Yes, I do think now this horrid smell is my body eliminating this mess. I have great hopes, my stomach is feeling better today, going to stick with 3 grams of MSM for another 3 or 4 days and start ramping up again.

  8. I just realized how nosey I must sound asking you about your bowel movements! My apologizes!
    Glad your stomache is feeling better.

  9. Just wanted to mention that I’m trying MSM now and experienced the smelly issues, too. So that must be a fairly common reaction.

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