I think we can all relate on how this “thing” gets into our clothing. This is a must read article written by the NanoTransformation folks.

Click ==> HERE to read the article.


Comments on: "Cotton Nematode Parasites in New Clothing" (15)

  1. Great article! It’s interesting that they mention it’s safer to buy cotton from South America—I’ve also noticed less of a problem with clothing imported from there, but I’ve wondered if I was imagining that.

    I see these fibers (or perhaps, rather, the nematodes) all the time in my home, in my car and at my place of work. It seems that they become less prevalent at times–in particular, after treating my car with dry ice overnight, the fibers disappear for a good while.

    I’ve also found The Gap to be as bad or worse than Old Navy–no surprise, given that their suppliers are likely the same and that almost all of it comes from China. Last fall, I was checking out some cardigans at a Gap outlet and the fibers were flying off of them like crazy!

    I’ve finally given up even considering buying this stuff. As a longtime vintage collector I tend to purchase a lot of older clothes anyway–and I have less problem with old cotton–but it does seem that even the older cottons–or certain acrylics– can get contaminated with this if I don’t wash items immediately after wearing. I use 7th Generation, Oxy Clean and Citric Acid—wish I could use the Dr. Bronner’s but I have a cat and menthol is particularly toxic for them.

  2. I did buy bamboo sheets and I can say for sure they were far less bothersome than any other sheets that I had. Every fiber in my home was infected, some of my linens were over 20 years old!
    I went to BB&B yesterday and I have been crawling the walls ever since! It’s me though, I know that because I am still semi okay in my usual spots.
    I agree with the quarantine til washing idea. I have always done that traditionally but I must have slipped up somewhere.

    I cannot go to WallyM anymore and even Targeeeaauu gives me the creeps.
    I read every label like a crazy woman, try finding stuff not made in China!!
    Good Lord! Will this crap never end??

    • Walmart is Morgellons central, all that cheap crap made in China, no way. The moment I walk in that place I feel it. I wouldn’t go in Walmart if my life depended on it.

  3. Where can I find the article please? When i click on the link it says it has expired. I would like to read it as I too feel like something is going on with the cotton that I buy, especially cheap stuff. Or does that even matter?
    Thanks for your help

  4. Antoinette Janine said:

    Thanks for making me laugh, I loved the WallyM and Targeeaauu comments. I’ve been checking my sheets in the morning and I find crusty little things that look like teeny sesame seeds. Under the microscrope they look like yellow pods with white hairs coming off them. These are cotton sheets that have been washed in Dr. Bonner’s so many times since this ordeal started a month ago, I thought the thingies were coming from me, not the sheets, but now I wonder. They are cotton and I bought them at Ross. Hmmm. I have used Diatemaceous Earth around the house and on the mattresses as well. It has worked wonders for killing mini-bugs around including what I’m pretty sure are Collembola (found in bathroom), teeny gnats and those mini-black wasps.

  5. I am beginning to believe IT is in the water not the cotton. I have bought 500 count Egyptian Cotton Sheets that are just fine upon inspection. I wash them seperately and they come out infected with the cotton balls/cocoons which I have read are nematode eggs. I have tried nearly everything to disinfect. First washing with bleach super hot water with borax and detergent. Second washing I use Dr Bonners peppermint soap and let it soak about 45 minutes before allowing it to complete the wash cycle. Still the cotton balls and or fibers. I have disinfected my dryer as well. This is why I think it is in the water or the pipes perhaps. We are moving soon at which time I will disinfect everything I am taking with enzymes this time (Kleen Green). By the way even U.S. cotton is produced using GMO seeds and BT microbial pesticides so it does not have to come from China. You are right about bamboo, the cotton cocoons do not seem to stick to bamboo as they do cotton. Beam me up Scotty…

  6. The organism is an evolved version of heterohabditus bacteriaphora which is sprayed at the rate of one-billion per acre. The nematode is symbiotic with its bacteria which laterally transfers dna with any cells of the invaded victim invaded by the nematode. The offspring uptake the new dna and effectively evolve every generation.

    See my original report at written in 2007 and see original evidence of disease video at

    I recently discovered these nematodes are pervasive in the environment, clothing, car and home etc. They are activated, made active by water or wetting them and freeing them up from whatever they are upon, at least freeing up head end as head and tail ends move differently altogether.

    See for yourself Ilike Joe was symptom free and disease free for nearly three-years I got re-infected after steaming carpets at home. I used hair waxing products and shaved other hair off before to rid myself of the disease. This time it is worse and I am peeing them out and can feel them in my internal organs especially kidneys.

  7. I wanted to read the article and it has been blocked!!!!

  8. I am addressing an extreme concern of the pathogenic virulence of the bio engineered strains of microscopic Nematodes carrying agrobacterium & other bacteria being used as an insect insecticide on cotton crops, as well as sold in Home Depot for insect control which have also become lethal pathogenic to both animals and humans, and is being implicated as one of the causes of the emerging epidemic of Morgellons disease.

    Herewith I present the circumstances of the implications of these bio engineered strain microscopic nematodes carrying bacterium causing illness:

    My x-husband bought Lady in Red live nematodes for insect control from Home Depot 4 years ago and put it in the attic to control insect pests that had gotten in the attic like fungus gnats, sprintails, spidermites, thrips and collembola. I am still battling to eliminate these microscopic bio modified novel strains of nematodes carrying toxic bacteria. When the other insects were eliminated, these microscopic nematodes attack humans and animals. Prickling the skin and delivering a bacterium to the skin that sometimes opens the skin in soars and let the microscopic nematode nymph penetrate the body. These nematodes with the bacterium they carry is one of the many causes of Morgellons from bio engineered pathogens released in our environment, without adequate testing, for profit and greed, and not regulated by any government agency causing havoc to human and animal health. Also, these nematodes carrying agrobacterium have been applied to eat insects in cotton fields as another insecticidal option, but these nematodes lay eggs in cotton that have contaminated many cotton fabrics that peopel buy and wear, as well as contaminate other cotton fiber by products like TUF paper towels distributed by Walgreens. THESE BIO ENGINEERED STRAINS OF NOVEL ORGANISMS CARRYING BACTERIUM ARE EXTREMELY PATHOGENIC TO HUMANS & ANIMALS. ….literally.

    My x husband bought this bio engineered modified strains of microscopic nematodes 4 years ago to put in the attic to eliminate fungus gnats, spidermites, springtail/collembola. When the nematodes got through eliminating these insects, they got into the house via holes in the a/c ducts and started to attack me by prickling my skin delivering its infectious agrobacterium toxins to my body, and penetrating into my body. Consequently, I developed Morgellons Disease. Morgellons is a combination of exposures to bio engineered pathogens released into the environment.

    Also, my next door neighbor works for Industrial Chemical Corporation and administers agricultural insecticides / fungicides to agricultural field in Tampa. I have suspected him as well, as I have seen him pumping canisters in the morning before he goes to work of bio insecticides / herbicides and insect insecticidal
    I am still fighting these nematodes. I have spent thousands of dollars in alternative medicines, insecticides, etc. trying to eliminate these from my body and home / attic to no avail. Still have them causing the prickling and bio bacterium toxins on my skin / Morgellons condition.

    Read the following scientific articles and websites of the extensive bio engineering of these nematodes, how they attack prey, and hou is eing utilized in the agriculture, cotton, even on home and garden applications. Read and reference the 3 websites below

    • I have miissed many of these posts, must have forgotten to click follow.

      While reading the Cornell paper I noted that these nematodes can be mixed with other pestisides/fungicides as they are impervious to over 100 combinations. I wonder if we could contact a researcher to find out which ones that they are NOT compatibale with?

      Also noted that they did not fair well in below 20 degrees.

      This could even tie in with the Bovine Digital Dermatitis study as the cows are no doubt in or near the very fields that are sprayed.

  9. I am throwing out all of my cottons tonight. They are causing new lesions on my back and yes I feel the crawling sensation. once the infection takes hold it infects your other clothes too. We are in a horrible mess aren’t we? I have had these clothes treated with borax, and tea tree oil and let them sit in the machine for 6 to 12 hours and you just cannot get rid of these bugs. Throw them all out, burn them or whatever you want. This is really serious folks….

  10. Kathleen Epstein said:

    Hello MCS & Fellow Sufferers,

    I have been reading MCS’ most helpful blog for several months now and this is my first reply to any of the posts.

    I have had this disease since Dec. 2011 when I and my 14 year old daughter were infected with “scabies”. Our Dr., in practice for over 30 years, diagnosed us even thought the presentation was signifigantly different from even the most simplistic descriptions from the information available on so many medical websites.

    My daughter improved almost imedately, althought to my dismay, she is now showing signs of this disease. I on the other hand became the star in the most terrifying over-the-top science fiction horror movie only those with this condition can understand.

    “Scabies” turned into several kinds of intestinal parasites, then into some kind of winged insect that flew out of my pores, nose & mouth.

    Small white gooey pieces that all have the same color (bright white) and shape came out from everywhere as well, and then proceeded to grow in my environment-eating in particular anything wood.

    Black specks, wierd mood swings, sleeplessness, weight gain then loss, my hair changing texture and of course, finally, the sores that result from fibres poping out from under my skin.

    I bought a microscope pretty early on and have seen from my skin every color fibre imaginable even though I had not worn any clothing remotely resembling these colors in recent memory.

    I describe these things in relation to this post as I had been a dealer in modern and vintage clothing and textiles for many years.

    What I have seen happen to my now worthless inventory…including very rare vintage items I had collected and preserved for decades…has me convinced that a part of this disease is indeed related to a parasite that not only infects cotton and some other fabrics or fabric blends, but humans as well.

    This parasite invades primarily cotton and of all cotton, the stuff made in China is the worst affected. The parasite I believe comes from newly manufactured items and once in contact with other fabric, infests it as well.

    From my observation trying to salvage my inventory, this parasite transforms itself into the fibers it infests-it literaly takes on the texture and color of whatever it is infesting and then grows linerally, or in a long “thread”. This thread is different in that it has a distinct doubble helix shape, or an inter-twined mass of these doubble helix threads. The doubble helix threads are so perfect in shape it is freaky.

    I have also seen these doubble helix shapes in my outside and inside environments, yet here they resemble spider webs in consistancy and color. Pesticide spraying?

    I live in Northern California in Sonoma County where there are acres upon acres of vineyards. I have seen, in the middle of the night, on several-what-the-hell-is-that-persistant-motor-sound-discovery outings-small caged tractors; the drivers decked out in full HASMET suits and gas masks…white clouds spewing from their small loud slow vehicles.

    Pesticide spraying is illegal here, supposedly.

    No one has mentioned these obvious sprayings in the paper or online, what is being sprayed or who is spraying. (ALL vineyard owners at the same time?)

    Are we sparying with the same pesticide/parasite in the U.S.?

    A certain source of this parasite is of course the cotton that comes from China. I have no doubt in my mind from what I have seen and experienced that this is definately one way this parasite has been introduced to so many unwitting victims.

    The quality of the cotton is a factor (manufacturer), although even high-end articles of clothing or other cotton items can be infected if made in China.

    As I have already written a short novel here, I will share my initial failures and subsiquent successes at treating infested fabric on another post. Suffice it to say for now, if you have washed something more than twice, see white fuzz on black or colored fabric, black fuzz on white, clear, translucent “threads” or fabric that is unusually static-y or has a lot of “loose” threads no matter its age, it is most likely a gonner.

    PLEASE throw these things away! Do not donate them and infect even more people with a part of this potentially fatal disease!

    TRY: Dr. Broners Pepperment Soap (Thanks Mr. Common Sense for that enormously helpful tip!)

    Kleen Free (Have not yet tried Kleen Green, but have ordered some), either in an eight part H20/KF solution in a squirt bottle or about 1/3-1/2 cup in a medium sized wash load.

    Straight Amonia (1-2 cups) per medium wash load.

    Bleach and Borax have been neutral to ineffective as far as I can tell at this time.

    Organic or soap made with the least amount of chemicals and fragrance seems to be slightly more effecitve than more widely available and sadly less expensive alternatives.

    Still unsure about the role of dryer sheets but have read that other people have had success with Bounce.

    Dry in dryer until DRY. Time or heat temp is still a variable in my experience.

    Often spraying the identified parasitic threads with the Kleen Free in a squirt bottle solution and plastic zip-lock bagging until dry (leave outside in sun) will work.f

    Even spraying on some things and air-drying works. Though this approach is damp, it has arrested/killed growth in some articles.

    No guarantees, but so far I have salvaged many of my personal use things…lost 1000 times more in inventory not to mention all the time, money and finally my vocation.

    I have not been able to work from fighting this disease, and I will not continue in this field-a lifetime passion-so long as this parasite remains at large and not easily eradicated.

    Good luck to everyone in this fight! Don’t give up! I pray for us all.


    • Kathleen, thank you for this. I had seen the webs that initially look like spider webs. They must be using this extensively as I live n Canada and the year I became infected; 2005; my deck/patio and car was covered in the stuff.

      I spent fortunes on Kleen Green/Kleen Free and Dr Bonners. Nothing has worked and I finally gave up, ignore them. I now notice high end, very expensive 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, inexplicably tore (against the grain) after just one year of use. The same regarding towels; only one year old getting holes in them.

      I have thrown out tons of clothing. It seems to be good for a year and then I discard. Synthetics also seem to support these organisms as well.

      When I move next time I intend to tent any furniture I have which I bought recently and difuse it with menthol crystals as well as any clothing that is worth saving. None of the recommended laundry protocols have worked for me. has very good instructions and helpful hints on how to difuse clothing and furniture. The crystals come from mountain rose herbs (if memory serves me) I believe MrC has written about these crystals as well.

      I often wondered if someone working with fabrics had noticed these as well. I think that is has taken up residence in my scalp as well and nothing in 7 years has killed them. Also, I have often thought people working with these fabrics must be getting this

      Regarding the laundry directions above; do they actually work for you? I gave up as it is so expensive to get these things in Canada and I can no longer hold a job that pays above minimum wage.

      Thank you for your post.

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