Sit back, take a deep breath, and open your mind to the unthinkable for a moment.

What if all of the thinking surrounding Morgellons and parasites is not only completely wrong, but entirely backwards.

What do I mean by this statement? Well, what if all of our symptoms are not due to the presence of parasites but rather due to the lack of there presence in our bodies? Only a fool thinks that they carry no parasites (sorry AMA didn’t mean to burst your bubble). In fact, all people have parasites but usually suffer no real harm. Over time a sort of symbiotic relationship has undoubtedly formed. Is it so far fetched to think this symbiotic relationship could actually be to our benefit? No, I haven’t lost it.

Dr Elaine Vickers, research relations manager at the charity Asthma UK, recently funded a study to determine what effect the removal of parasites would have on people who normally carry them.

Researchers believe that gastrointestinal parasites have evolved an ability to suppress the human immune system as a survival mechanism. Because parasitic infestation has been so common throughout human history, the human immune system has in turn adapted to compensate for this effect.

This means that if the parasites are removed, the immune system may actually function too strongly, resulting in maladaptive immune responses such as asthma, eczema and other allergies.

To test this hypothesis, researchers used drugs to eliminate hookworm infection in a 1,500 children between the ages of six and 17 who were living in a rural village in central Vietnam. This region was selected for its very low rates of allergies and high parasitic infestation rate. Two-thirds of all children in the area are infested with hookworm or other gastrointestinal parasites.

The researchers found that once the children were no longer infected with parasites, their rates of dust mite allergies significantly increased. This supports the hypothesis that parasites help regulate immune responses.

First, I want to point out that the researchers it seems easily cleared the children of worms, and we’re talking hookworms and other forms of gut worms. They didn’t have to take Ivermectin everyday for years on end as some are attempting for Morgellons (bad idea in my opinion). I would also like to point out (and will surely catch flack for this) that there is no evidence, I repeat, no evidence that parasites are the cause of Morgellons. In fact, most testing reveals otherwise (could this itself be a clue?)

So, a significant number of these children once cleared of their hookworm infections (and other gut worms) developed dust mite allergies (though the researchers should have defined “significantly” with a real statistic). Interestingly, up to 80% of people with asthma also have allergies to house-dust mites and other environmental allergens.

What if, and I’m only thinking out loud here, something in our diet has killed off the parasites normally found in our gut? parasites that play a positive role in our health? Maybe GMO pharming techniques work too well, that is to say, not only killing off the pests in the crops but continuing to do their killing in our guts by killing off useful parasites? As crazy as it sounds, it could be possible. We are introducing things into the human body that have never existed on earth before, perhaps these GMO concoctions aren’t so much the problem as the living things in our gut that they are killing off? Could the missing parasites have been the very things that would have gobbled up the fungus and molds now attacking so many? How’s that for an out-of-the-box theory?

I call this the backwards theory, “Morgellons being caused by the lack of parasites”, not that I’ll be swallowing a bottle of hookworms anytime soon …



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  1. aripekangel said:

    Ya know what, we have antibiotic resistant strains of diseases all over the place because of our misuse of Antibiotics in this world. It doesn’t sound crazy to me in the least bit.
    If we wipe out the good parasites in the natural flora of the body, the body could just be adapting to an invitation for the stronger ones to come in and take over. hmmmm
    NOW the below is a JOKE.
    Maybe that is why we named some Strongyloids.

  2. My thoughts exactly Trisha, perhaps we wiped out the parasites that were normal and even aided in digestion, these guys fed on fungi and molds and kept them in check. Now, not only do we have an immunue system that’s confused but the fungi and mold are completely unchecked, inviting stronger parasites and hungier mouths (to quote Will DuRant in a slightly different context).

    • This reminds me of something I read about Candida: the theory is that it is protecting you by isolating and surrounding mercury and other heavy metals.
      I guess the only conclusion we can draw for sure is that the systems of nature are delicately balanced in ways we don’t understand, and we should quit messing with them.

      It always seems interesting to me that morg sufferers do so many pesticides with only short term gains for the most part. In my family, we still have only very mild symptoms (knock on wood) and we never did any pesticide or drug approaches. This too has made me wonder.

      If you think about the Backwards theory and the Rotting Log, it seems that a rotting thing doesn’t have to give off a particular scent to attract decomposing bugs (like coffin flies) but rather lacks good bugs. Maybe it’s like little scavengers won’t come round as long as there are good little soldier bugs protecting the log.

      Another thought: Let’s say there is a pesticide being manufactured in the intestines thanks to bt corn, for instance. Then we could assume that virtually everyone has it. So what’s the difference between someone with morg and everyone else? Many of us have a seemingly clear link between a particular event and onset of symptoms. Not at all trying to shoot down your interesting theory; only thinking outloud also.

      One thing about the study they did: look at the mechanism used to kill the parasites. They didn’t just get rid of the parasites in the children magically, they used pharmaceuticals which adds toxins to the body and gunks up the detox organs, which contributes to allergies.

  3. Maybe we live too clean? I am eating some pro-biotics and a handfull of dirt right now 🙂

  4. aripekangel said:

    Speaking of Dirt. Does anyone remember eating mud pies when they were kids. We didn’t have all these Germ killing products when I was a kid, just good old fashioned soap and water, vinegar, comet cleansers I am really dating myself.

    The food was fresh and my Mom and Dad made us eat fresh spinach, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans. Things were different then. The seeds were heirloom and the soil was good.

    I remember planting a garden with my Dad and we used marigolds, geraniums and other plants to ward off pests, he never touched or allowed a pesticide on our gardens when I was a kid.
    Too bad he went to Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange and God knows what else, a man who never smoked and he died of Lung Cancer at 52 years old.
    Thanks Monsanto you really screwed things up for everyone, you gave us GMO’s and Agent Orange.
    What goes around will come around and the wheels of justice may grind slowly but ever so finely and in the end the people who messed with our foods and environment will reap what they sewed.

  5. sherry Taylor said:

    It is good to have an open mind, and anything is possible. As a litle girl living in the countryside we were dewormed once a year in the summer as well as the dog. We played outside in the dirt all day in the nice weather.
    I’m sure the immune system is involved..this seems different though..bugs popping out of your skin, causing pain..allergies and damaged gut flor may very well be a part ofit.
    It’s time for the medical system to help people with this…they have solved many hard things brilliantly..why not take this on too?
    Sincerely, Sherry Taylor

    • Sherry, you are right, I was thinking about this too, for instance, they were looking for allergies and therefore found them. It’s like asking a little kid if they feel sick, half the time they say yes thinking they should since you are inquiring about it. I’m skeptical myself, just throwing ideas out there.

      And ya, we offer a much more interesting challenge to the medical communtiy but they won’t touch it.

  6. Very nice out of the box thinking, I can at least buy into a piece of it, since the probiotics seem to be an integral part of the healing process. It sure seems to me that every sufferer shares one thing in common..poor diets prior to developing morg symptoms. Perhaps we have starved out the good parasites in our system. The other, although lesser, shared commonality seems to be that most sufferers were outdoors quite a bit prior to developing symptoms. It would make sense that whatever “kicks off” the symptoms is found outdoors, whether that be in the air, water, or dirt. Perhaps once we have mistreated our bodies enough, a certain parasite dies and a fungal infection occurs that attracts parasites that should not be attracted? Just thinking out loud, like the rest of the community, but bares consideration I think.

  7. Hey Nightmares,
    I have been a healthy eater, non smoker, etc. for almost 40 years, originally a pro athlete. Don’t go that route in your thinking – we were not all mistreating our bodies but were still infected at some point. So that is not the answer.

  8. I get the “backwards theory” what I would add though is the medications for killing off the parasites and hookworms also kill the friendly bacteria in the gut. So I think it’s not a lack of parasites it’s a lack of the wrong kind. A lot of people with this M affliction also have an overgrowth of fungas ie candida which means a low or lack of the friendly bacteria.
    Fun times this! We’ve all had to become our own scienctists and advocates! I’ve recently acquired these lovely freeloaders and I have had allergies including dust mites for most of my life and I used to have a problem with pinworms as a child and adolescent. I also had a lot of antibiotics which are known to kill off the friendly bacteria.
    Could you update on your current condition. I find yours is one of the helpful blogs.

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