Slow Fade

I was emailing with a friend of mine, Kathleen, and she suggested we need to make a post for new comers, those searching for hope and help who land on this site. By now there are ton of posts on my "All Articles" page and it can be overwhelming. I think Kathleen’s suggestion is terrific. There is so much advice I (we) can offer on this condition, and first and foremost to me is the effect on a family and to be honest, when you’re crawling like crazy, very sick, and very freaked out by this condition all kinds of bad decisions can be made.

I’ve been watching a persons video’s on YouTube who goes by (language warning, but if you watch the whole video you will see what I mean) InMorgHell and my heart breaks for her because I see in her myself three years ago, and that is the devastating impact on the family by Morgellons. No fault of her own, that’s the nature of the beast.

The video below, although about infidelity and not Morgellons is vastly similar to what can and has happened to so many of us, the tearing apart of our families, including extended families. Our decisions and how we react to this menace can cause more damage than Morgellons itself.

So, I’m going to take some time and see if Kathleen will join me in writing such a post, she has a unique insight into this because of something she does as a volunteer. We are in the watchtower and we have a responsibility, as best as we can, to help those that follow us (and so many unfortunately are going to follow) and to warn them of the mistakes, pitfalls, and traps we’ve all made in dealing with this condition. I think this is of utmost importance, so thank you Kathleen, we have no such post and it is an extremely important missing link.

It’s the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings.


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  1. That is a good idea. I don’t even know WHERE to find your index page.

    • Ann, on the right hand side of this blog in the verticle column you will see “Pages”, it’s near the top, if you click on “All Articles” it has all of the posts starting with the 1st and the top and continuing downward.

  2. zara cybele said:

    That’s a great idea. I would love to introduce myself.

  3. Would love to see an “All Comments” done the same way as “All Articles”. Was just about to click a “Recent Comment” from Trisha but it was bumped off the 5 shown. Don’t know which Article the Comment was about – so no way to find it.

    Think much feedback may be missed by readers who check in regularly due to this. Pretty please & thank you for all you do!

    • Sue, you can see all comments for a particualar post when you click on the title of a given post, but I’ll see if I can bump those recent comments to like 25 instead of 5 (or more). Great Idea by the way.

      PS: I bumped it to 15, the most it would let me.

  4. MCS, thank you so much! You are a Sweetheart.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Way cool Dude!

    XoXoXo to all funny Valentines..
    God Bless us all…
    hopefully we won’t be so “funny” next year!

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