Lyme Biofilm


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  1. sherry Taylor said:

    wow Thanks Mr. CommonSense. i wonder if we can not reinvent the wheel but get help or learn from the Lyme community. I had a test early on which showed nothing. At the time I didn’t know the test was not valid and there is another one.
    My skin has taken a turn for the worse..and I’m afraid I must go back on the bactrim.
    My doctor knows nothing about this and Canadian doctors refuse to treat Lyme let alone Morgellons…They say Lyme stops at the silly is that? Their willingness stops at the border.
    Anway i’m frustrated with discovering these fiber like things all over my ceilings.
    Help…I can’t even live in a house.
    What to do?
    I feel like a leper.
    I had to spray my eyes with silver water during Valentines diner.
    I try to stay positive..but it’s hard living this way.
    The videos were very positive..i wonder if there will be a showing of that movie in Canada..vancouver maybe?
    I’ll see if there is a local Lme chapter here.
    I know Lyme was started by research after WW 11 by a germn scientist..financed by America. The birds transported it. They even actually sprayed it(infected insects) in Florida, Winnepeg and the St Lawrence seaway.(to see how well it worked).and Canada cooperated fully!
    Now we should to clean up this mess.
    What a travelsty, eh?
    Very Sincerely, Sherry Taylor

    Sincerely, Sherry

  2. Ya, and I didn’t even post this so much because I think Morgellons is Lyme but rather to show how hard it probably is for “things” to get into a kill things hunkered down in a biofilm. I think you have to rip the biofilms to shreds so the body can kill off whatever is hiding in it.

    My hope is MSM is biofilm buster, but I just don’t know …

    • Hi Mr. Common Sense

      I agree about the biofilm–I, as well as many must have many pathogens trapped in there. When I release a layer of biofilm, I am sick for days with whatever is being released.

      But I am wondering if you have any thoughts and/or you can help me here–I am at a point that I don’t know what to do…

      I eat a lot of protein but think my system is not assimilating it since my nails are literally being ‘eaten’ right before my very eyes…each day I see less and less nails..pitted, peeling into the middle of the nail bed and so soft that I cannot open anything without the use of a utensil. Actually I feel like many in this horrible sickened state of health–that I am being eaten alive.

      I was starting to see some hair growth again and had combed out a lot of the fungus out each day, that was covering my scalp and hair shaft but this took me over a year to do this. It has been a constant battle…now the hairline around the temples of my face is sore and rapidly growing toward my eyebrows…never had that one before…oh dear lord.

      I have had a lot of skin peeling too and thought I was getting much of the fungus out because of this, but we have had two days of nice warm weather around here and wham…I cannot get in my car again without being swarmed. All this spider webbing crisscrossing all over the top of my car is the sign that I have the spider ? mites again. To my disappointment, I am still an attractant, even with eating garlic cloves and a while back I started taking Kyolic garlic 103 immune support too. I even began taking diflucan, drinking pau darco tea, eating coconut butter–nothing is working. I have tried msm in the past but remember it not agreeing with me..[?]

      We all need sunshine and I am CRAVING the sun and this beautiful weather, but cannot get outside…am worn out with this with such a feeling of despair that with all I have been doing has been for not–I have just been spinning my wheels. My hope was that I was detoxing with all the symptoms I have been going through lately but really am still very confused about all this…my symptoms have been peeling layers of skin, red sore stinging skin, massive painful rashes from ear to ear; then skin would clear up and sometime later this process would start all over again. If I have been detoxing, then why don’t I feel better and why am I still being attacked?

      Besides spreading menthol all over my head, and offending everyone I come near, I have not had any luck with keeping these machine creatures away from me — my fear is that I will undo everything I just worked on all year….it has been so very painful too and I just can’t go through that again.

      Yesterday i showered, went out for an hour and felt the familiar swelling and tightening of my scalp and ears…shook my hair with my fingers and saw everything fly out again…came home and threw clothes into a bag and re-showered. Final rinse on hair was salt and baking soda which is somewhat soothing, but is not a deterrent for these mites. I have not had the good luck with baking soda, like some people have. Actually even the coconut oil is an irritant on my skin so have now gone back to olive oil / water, mixed with dawn detergent.

      Detox or die??? I don’t know about the timing of this…I think I need to increase the absorption of more minerals and protein–I take a mineral supplement plus am finishing up the Anu mineral water once a day so it must be that I am lacking protein…

      Please help if you can–I am about at the end of my rope here…do you or anyone have any ideas?


  3. Curious you state MSM may be a bio-film buster. Why do think this? I heard CO2 mentioned to film the bio-film in the video. Please share with me any theory. Thanks for all you do Mr Common Sense. Lymie

    • Lookup MSM and mucuosa or mucus, also, MSM is able to cure long standing Sinus Chronic Sinus infections, Google Sinus Infections and Bio-film, I do think there is something to MSM and biofilms …

    • sherry, pdidit,


      I could not help but to respond to your posts. Something that has helped me tremendously with keeping them off me is Diatomaceous earth. For the ceiling and walls I mix a ratio of 45% 91% alcohol, 45% water, 10% dish soap and lots of Diatomaceous earth disolved in this. Buy a chapin sprayer at lowes or a hardware store, spray bottles clog. Make sure to keep it shaken well when applying. Cover your ceiling and walls. You want it to be white ( means you have enough de in the mix ) Will stop them there not kill but stop them.It lasts for months. I put it on my body to protect me from my clothes that I can not get clean… good luck it works well for me if I apply a good even coat.

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