Mel from HowICuredMorgellons is holding his monthly conference call on February 18th. If you have never listened to one of Mel’s call you really should. However, please respect the purpose of the call which is to talk about his protocol specifically which can be found here So, if you do call in and aren’t doing Mel’s protocol you should probably just listen in.

By the way, I spoke to Mel on the phone a few weeks ago for about a half an hour, he is a great guy. And guess what, Mel is no longer on meds and he is totally free of Morgellons. This month marks the one year anniversary for Mel’s site. I love to hear Mel talk and could listen to John talk for hours on end. The call isn’t free but it’s worth listening in and this one’s going to be good.

From Mel’s site

We look forward to the next call on Feb 18th at 9:45 am (Pacific time), 12:45 pm EST.

February marks the one year anniversary of our website. PLEASE JOIN US to review and celebrate what we have learned, and to share your questions and concerns.

I will give an update on my current health status, share important insights about our website, and an introduction to the evolution of our protocol. John Burgstiner will pick up where I leave off and share information with us about John McCain’s new pending legislation that threatens your health freedom. Pam Crane will share with us some interesting patterns that are emerging from the Great Plains lab testing.

Dial (712) 432-3100 and enter the conference code: 388191

Hit 4* to mute your phone to avoid background noise, and if you have a question, just hit 5* and we can address your concern.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


Mark your calendar …


Comments on: "Mel’s Morgellons Conference Call – February 18th" (5)

  1. Do we have any idea of the length of call? cost of call?

  2. MSalle, the call usually goes two hours (maybe less?) so it would be your cost per minute I guess, my long distance is so cheap actually. However, you can disconnect once everyone starts asking a lot of questions, I can’t do it this time as it’s during work hours which really bums me out.

  3. Thank you..I will use a calling card, which has cheap minutes.

  4. Hi MCS,

    Good News!

    Mel will be moving future calls to the evening so it will be easier for many of you to participate. He made a commitment to A2Z (who is hosting the calls)for six conferences, but after that he will host them himself in the evening.

    I am not sure if this is the last one or not, but we are definitely getting close.

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