I was alerted to this via the Healing Grapevine’s Twitter account. I am very intrigued by what I see but have never tried it. At least watch this through the first video and watch the guy test for ORP and Alkalinity, absolutely fascinating ….

Thank you Healing Grapevine and Dr. Staninger for creating these videos. I’m not recommending everybody run out and blow a ton of money on a machine. There is a lot of debate surrounding the massive markup on these machines that I found via some quick research. However, even the critics seem to agree, Kangen Water is good stuff. I’m going to see if stores like Whole Foods carry it by the bottle?


Comments on: "Kangen Water – Alkalinity and Oxidation – Fascinating!" (16)

  1. Wow! Very facinating!

  2. I’m very suprised there haven’t been more comments on this actually.

  3. Hi Mr. CS
    I was very curious aboout Kagan water and have known about it for a year or so. There was a posting on yutube where some young children with severe skin problems were treated with it in Japan and recovered comp;etely. I looked into the price and it was out of my budget. Anyway, I wonder if ANU water is Kagan water with MMS in it? That would be an afordable way to get it if so.
    Thank you for your fantastic posting. If Dr. Staniger is impressed then it adds credability to Kagan water and I would use it if given the oportunity.
    I just want to tell you that you have been my daily encouragement and emotional support from the beginning of your blog. Thankk you. My husband is a kind and generous man yet can not fathom this disease and gets angry if I bring it up.
    Blessings to you always,

  4. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Just a Note on the Kangan vs Anu. Anu has a positive ORP, the ocean has a positive ORP of 650, The Anu has a positiver ORP of 850. It also has an informational field that triggers the Cilia of the cell to open up and accept the minerals.
    There is a huge difference between the Anu and the Kangen and (or) Penta Water. The PH of the Anu is approx 8-8.5.
    Arnel Lindgren who invented the process is always working on increasing the informational field of the human body so that the cells will begin to communicate with each other, herx out the debris of the cell.
    Something that people don’t often understand is that cells operate on volts. The voltage of the water is safe but higher than any other water, this is why people will herx, for a few days.
    I personally take 4 ounces per day in the AM and my energy levels are higher than they have ever been.
    The people at Anu have brought down the cost on the 4 gallons.
    We are now working on a skin care system made with anu water in it and have tried it on 4 Morgs patients who had severe scarring from their wounds, I am still in the photograpy phase with this and it will be available to the public in the near future.

    Here is some information on the anu. I would be glad to send a Case to Dr Stanninger to try and show her just how many more minerals it has and how it changes the terrain of the body within 20 minutes on Darkfield. Anu facilities are in Los Angeles and I know that people would be glad to meet with her and her staff.


    Sister to Common Sense

    • Sister, the Kangen Water has a -300 to -800 ORP, I’m no expert but that sounds better than something that is highly oxidizing? I was very impressed with the akalinity tests that guy did in the video.

      To be honest, the first person that can put Kangen water on the selves of stores is going to be bloody rich. I went to Whole Foods, of course they have Penta but that doesn’t come close to Kangen water …

      • I have the jupiter machine which does the same as the Kagen an it is alot cheaper.I heard the Anu water is excellent for killing infections.

        • Jupiter dont make Kangen Water,it make jupiter water,that dont have any healing properties and is fraud,to call that water kangen water,John

  5. I found a fantastic list of bottled waters tested for PH and ORP, check it out


    Essentia looks pretty darned good

  6. Well darn it! Let’s throw Dr. Willard’s water in the arena as well, I find all of this fascinating. I am sure each one has it’s benefits and I bet they all are helpful to differing symptoms of this horrible nightmare. The question is.. ..how do we know which one is best for our individual issues before we start throwing money at another “hope”?

  7. Kimberly said:

    The reason you won’t find Kangen on the shelves is the ORP isn’t stable. It only lasts a few hours at best and starts to decline over the next day. My acupuncturist and I tested this various times with different storage bottles (glass vs plastic and dark vs clear) and unfortunately, the ORP is really what you need to have the most healing benefits from the water.

    I have a Kangen SunUs unit and even though I can get alkaline water in the 10 range I do not see the health benefits I did when drinking the Kangen water with the higher ORP from the SD501 with same alkalinity. The SunUs is said to be capable of -350 ORP compared to SD501’s -800 ORP. Quite a huge difference!!!

    So, not to put down the SunUs unit, but honestly if you need it for healing qualities you’d be best to invest in the SD501. I wish I had known that before I bought the SunUs unit. It really makes all the difference in the world. I did better bringing a couple of gallons of the Kangen SD501 home from the acupuncturist and drinking that for a couple of days than drinking my SUNUS fresh out of the faucet.

    I just ordered some Willard Water myself and am going to be using that with my Kangen water from the SunUs and see how that does. No matter how much water I drink, I always feel thirsty and I read that the Willard Water has helped that with someone’s testimonial.

    So, anyway, the ORP factor is most likely the reason you won’t find this bottled in stores. However, you may come across a health food store that has a SD501 unit that lets you fill your own gallon or container for a fee. I believe where my parents live in Montgomery, AL their health food store charges them $3-$4 a gallon or something like that. Better than not having it at all I suppose, but again, the ORP value doesn’t last so having to keep going and filling your gallons is a pain instead of being able to store up 10 gallons or so at a time.

  8. Kimberly said:

    I should correct myself and say -ORP doesn’t last. Any of the ORP I used above should say -ORP. -ORP is where the healing qualities happen and the higher -ORP the more benefit you have, but don’t jump to the highest level all at once. Work your way up or your body might not be able to keep up with filtering out all of the bad stuff and you could end up feeling very ill for a while.

    When starting out on alkaline water, please do so gradually and also the -ORP with it gradually. With these Kangen units, know that the flow of the water will also affect the alkalinity level. The slower the flow, the higher the alkalinity will be. Just do a comparison with some ph drops and you will see the change in ph when you do a fast flow or a slow flow of water through the system.

  9. I found a cheap portable Kangenizer. Does anyone have this or know about it?

  10. I have my SD 501 foe 2 plus years and I will not change it for a new car,or 100 others so call machines that last less then one year,made cheaply with the lowest grate of platinum,while enagic is the highest rate.IM very fortunate that I don’t wasted money on the subordinate garbage,like my own friends did and later put them in garbage,where they belong,John

  11. I have the Jupiter machine and it is excellent.

  12. Unfortunately both vids are coming up as “private.”

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