However, by phone from Vancouver, B.C., last week (where he served as head choreographer for the Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony), Alberta Ballet Company artistic director Jean Grand-Maitre said Mitchell, now 67, has had a flare-up of Morgellons syndrome, a potentially debilitating skin condition.

The attack kept her from taking part in Olympic festivities, and may keep her from coming to Seattle. (It may also help explain why she didn’t answer Seattle Times requests for an interview.)

In her stead, the ebullient, Quebec-born Grand-Maitre was happy to discuss "The Fiddle and the Drum," and how his plan to honor Alberta Ballet’s 40th anniversary with a short homage to Mitchell’s life and music morphed into a two-hour thematic suite for 29 dancers — with projected backdrops of the tunesmith’s vivid paintings.

The entire article can be found in the Seattle Times HERE

We understand entirely Joni, wishing you the best, you are not alone. Many of us are so sick. They’re still calling it merely a skin condition I see (sigh).

Here is another post I did when I first learned of Joni’s condition, I think you should listen to the song, very moving and Joni is singing in the background, I chose this song because of the Morgellons condition.

Morgellons – Helpless …


Comments on: "Joni Mitchell Kept From Olympics by Morgellons Flareup" (2)

  1. This is so sad! It just shows you that this disease can eat away at anyone, famous or not, wealthy or not. I wonder how she got it, how she’s coping with it. What kinds of treatments and protocols is she on?

    Wikipedia on her says “As of early 2009, Mitchell is in the midst of treatments for the controversial condition “Morgellons syndrome”

  2. Here is an interview Joni Mitchell gives where, she mentions Morgellons twice, and in my opinion, gets blown off twice.

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