Morgellons Island (Fantasy)


If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing lately I have been busy working on a secret project I call “Morgellons Island”. It’s a special place where we can escape from this living hell we call Morgellons. If you look closely you can see me standing on the beach waving. Upon arrival at Morgellons Island your clothes and all your belongings will be promptly burned, however, you will be given a swimsuit of your choice. Don’t worry ladies, we have one piece suits as well. Entire families are welcome. The island has abundant coconut groves, healthy reefs for fishing, and plenty of sunshine for our Vitamin D. The light you see in the sky isn’t the sun, but rather it’s a combination far infrared beam and cloaking device. This device not only aides in our healing but keeps the outside world from discovering our location.


The island is bigger than it looks, here are some huts we have ready on the back side of the island. So, get ready, and your make reservations now and get one of these Morg free huts while they’re still available ..

Everything is pristine, there is no pollution, no overhead airplane traffic, no man made chemicals, and no wireless devices bombarding us all day long. There is no electricity, no television (or drug commercials), and no communication with the outside world. Within weeks of arrival your Morgellons symptoms fade and you are healed. Sounds good doesn’t it?

I’m sorry, I’m not not trying to be cruel, I just find myself longing desperately for a place like this …


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  1. Mr. CS, please accept my reservation for the first available hut!

    What a great fantasy! 🙂

  2. Very nice!
    thanks- I am there!

    Pamela Mae

  3. I too long for such a place. Sometimes visualization is better than nothing. Nice thoughts.
    See you there!

  4. so funny–and so needed! I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how this disease has compelled me to finely hone my fantasy skills—just as a way to cope at times. So this is PERFECT!

  5. Joe Keleher said:

    Finally a place for me to combine my interests of Morgellons’ healing and mermaids! I’ll take a simple hut with a view.

    • Mermaids huh? Now that’s a delusion I could handle, is thier a diagnosis for that?

    • Hey Joe Keleher! I wrote a story called the Pirate and the mermaid. Its a combination of adventure,romance and spiritual revelation.
      It was written to bring joy and rest to our souls.
      Like Mr Cs has done with the fantasy island.
      Thanks again Mr Cs.
      Perhaps you would enjoy reading it,maybe yes maybe no.We all think we write like well known novelists..hey..

      • I would enjoy reading your story Pamela, if that works for you somehow. Let me know.

      • Oh cool, I have to try and get it from a friend.
        Thanks for the response,I think you,Jade, and Joe would like it..
        Maybe I will put up a page on Morgellons focus
        Okay now you gotta know..this.
        In addition to the Pirate and the Mermaide story my grand children and I play a game.
        Its called’The Adventures of Epa’
        I willl not let the children use handheld devices in the car…We start our story time.
        At first they all went oooooooooooooohh when I said ‘All devices away!’ then I said ‘I will start a story -it is about a Mermaid and a Pirate’ each of you need to add the next part.
        I start with the ground work’characters ,scene etc. and then say next’the child next to me adds some part to the adventure.And we go around the car.
        You know who has loved it the most? THE BOYS!!!
        The story has gone all around the world,had many changes in characters and ends up in some pretty precarious situations.
        Im trying to figure out how I could post and have everyone add their own little part?(G rated of course)
        Want me to try?
        Could be fun.

  6. This looks gorgeous. Count me in as long as I can
    add some dolphins!

    Here’s a video clip about Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks that can help bring us all there…

    YOUR POTENTIAL TO FEEL GOOD (I love the music in it)

    • Love it jade, just wanted I needed too, anything to keep me from letting the anxiety creep into my day, thank you !

      • Here’s another quote about life force and desire to go with our fantasy island:

        “Desire summons Life Force. If we must continue to be alive, we must continue to have new desire. You are not willing to let yourself outrageously want because when you outrageously want something that you haven’t found a way of getting, it is too uncomfortable, and the risk feels too great. We’re wanting you to hear that there is no risk at all! Fantasize and watch what happens.”

        — Abraham

        Excerpted from the workshop in Chicago, IL on Saturday, April 24th, 1999 #368

  7. Nice!!! I am so in! Oh and it is pet friendly I hope!

    he he

  8. Sister to Common Sense said:

    There is a place in the Keys called Little Palm Island that have no cars, just bikes and boats and no chaos.
    I can nures the wounds
    Sister to Common Sense

  9. I had to come for one last look tonight! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the waters sooooo turquoise 😉
    Nite all! Sweet Dreams!

    Pamela Mae

  10. Joe Keleher said:

    There is no known cure for the mermaid thing (I’m calling it Mer-gellons). Pamela Mae, I’ll bring the paper and pencils so we can start a writers group out on the island (we’re bound to get bored of limbo, surfing, and all of the sea food).

  11. Kinda like my son and his wife and the Wonder Woman thing.. funny.
    Yes fact Joe and Mrs Joe I am going to start a page with Mr Cs approval where we are all going to write an adventure…
    How fun you should say that! Hang on -I am working on it and we will start on our grand writing adventure..
    everyone will be able to take part in it..
    should only be a couple days..will be back with it-K?
    Pamela Mae

  12. Heaven on earth!

  13. Hey Joe and Mrs Joe!

    Did you see the Pirate and the Mermaid story segment?
    Mr Cs is hosting and sent emails so we can all write our own segment – I started the story ! Now its up to everyone to create their own part!
    Have fun!

    Pamela Mae

  14. In Celebration of summer I just reposted this.
    I love going here..its so peaceful.

    Pamela Mae

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