PS: This is meant as humor and no this kid doesn’t really have Morgellons. 

We can all use a laugh now and then though … I gotta stop blogging, I think I’m losing it 😉


Comments on: "Child with Morgellons Lashes out at the CDC" (3)

  1. That is funny.

    Pamela mae

  2. I really needed to post something here for any moms with kids that health is compromised. I came across a book which may be helpful. Superimmunity for kids,by Leo Galland, M.D. I have been at my wits end the past two months.This book has been my saving grace.
    Many of the suggestions in this book are supplements suggested in the poor mans protocol-even the same type of magnesium! all in safe doses for children. flaxseed oil, magnesium, vit.c and fish oil are some of the things that have helped.
    I also use new beginnings soap and just a little sulphur soap when bathing or showering for the kids. Then apply new beginnings cream(esp botanicals)
    No one knows the anguish but another mother to see their child suffering and having no doctor that can or will help.I feel as if i had to post this .The kids are still developing and we need to support their terrain. This book will show you how safely.

  3. Oh Mel, Thank you for bringing this up!! It’s exactly what’s been on my mind. I’m going to look for the book asap.
    I need more discussion about what to do for kids.
    I’ve been wondering about the far infrared, and the rest of Staninger’s protocol. Has anyone tried it? Anyone know if the sauna is ok for children?
    The nanotransformation folks don’t seem to have any info about kids, in fact no one does.

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